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Crystals for travelHi crystal lovers, this week I’m so excited to be here with The Crystal Healer, Philip Permutt, author of the Crystal Healer series of Books.


Disclosure: The link for this book is an affiliate link, meaning I may earn a commission if you click through and make a purchase.  Yay!




Ashley Leavy: Hello and welcome crystal lovers. Today I am interviewing the amazing Philip Permutt, of course, the crystal healer, as many of you know him by. I am Ashley Leavy of the Love and Light School of Crystal Therapy. Philip, I am so excited to be here at the Tucson Gem Show with you.

Philip Permutt: It’s absolutely lovely. I love it every year, yeah. Wonderful.

Ashley: Yeah, it’s a great experience, and you’ve brought some things to share with us that I’m really excited about. So, today we’re going to be talking a little bit about a special stone that you found, and that, kind of, works a little differently than most crystals.

Philip: Yes, this is–

Ashley: Thank you.

Philip: This is known as Doctors Stone, but it’s technically, Black Botryoidal Banded Agate. Black Banded Botryoidal Agate. Botryoidal Black Banded Agate.

Ashley: All of those things, right?

Philip: And, it comes from a place, Medicine Bow in Wyoming, which is a sacred Native American site. And it’s literally given up by the Earth. So, it comes from swampland. And the swamps just dry out in the summer, just for a few months, and they go and they literally collect them, so they take them all. And they use them in their own ceremonies, sacred ceremonies, and for healing. And the most amazing thing, one of the reasons why it’s called the Doctors Stone, is because it affects everyone differently.

Ashley: Okay.

Philip: So, everyone…I know that we will play around with it just before, and you were holding it, and it went to your feet.

Ashley: My feet.

Philip: That’s right. And your throat.

Ashley: And my throat.

Philip: And for me, it doesn’t. For me, it just goes around my stomach. And today, my shoulders, which is probably to do with whatever I was carrying yesterday.

Ashley: Yes

Philip: That’s one of the problems with Tucson isn’t it?

Ashley: Yes, always. So, these stones are kind of born of the earth, in this swamp environment and they rise to the surface.

Philip: Yeah.

Ashley: And people go and collect just what’s there.

Philip: Just what’s on the surface, there’s no digging.  Nothing.

Ashley: That’s pretty amazing. I mean, if you want to talk about ethically mined crystals, these couldn’t even be called mined, they could be called collected.

Philip: Yes, found.

Ashley: Found, yeah. And they have such a beautiful appearance. If you’re familiar with Botryoidal Hematite, they almost remind me a little of that in appearance because of the color and formation, but they’re so lightweight because of the Agate material itself. And they just have this way of when you hold, them feeling, I just feel this soothing, comforting warmth in those areas of my body that need that. And just holding it here, just for a few moments, I feel so calm and centered and positive.

Philip: And I’ve done this with literally hundreds of people who held the stone, and everyone just feels it where they need it. And it doesn’t matter if it’s something that’s physical– especially physical…it just picks out those physical things. If you’ve got an old injury or something, it just goes straight to it. Is those weeks spots… you know the phrase, “stress goes the weakest spot in the body?”

Ashley: Yes.

Philip: And it’s those spots it just picks out without being stressed.

Ashley: Yeah.

Philip: So even if you’re not thinking about it, it doesn’t hurt, it doesn’t ache, it’ll just find and work on those areas. And it just releases that stress. And it’s wonderful, but also for emotional stress, anything at all. So yeah, it really is unique in that way.

Would you say that this would be a good stone for people to work with who, perhaps, have a difficult time feeling crystal energy, because this comes through so clearly.

Philip: Yeah. I think one of the problems some people have is knowing…is recognizing what they’re feeling.

Ashley: Yes.

Philip: So it’s not whether we feel it or not, it’s just recognizing we do feel something. And that can be difficult when you start working with crystals because it’s just a different type of energy and it’s not something most people are used to on the day-to-day. Right? And because these just go for this stuff that you do feel, you recognize it. And it doesn’t matter what you call it or how you describe it, because everyone describes it differently. Like I was telling you actually if you took– if you gave everyone a crystal in their right hand to hold, half the people would say their right hand felt something, and the other half would say their left hand felt something.

Ashley: Very true.

Philip: It’s that, sort of, balance thing. And it’s a bit like if you took a sample of people for an opinion poll, and you took, whatever it is they do these days…I think in the UK it’s like 2004 people we now to answer the question. And, you get everyone to put their right hand into a bowl of warm water. And half people say they’re right hand is warm, and the other half will say they’re left hand’s cold. But actually, they’re all wrong. Their right hand’s wet and their left hand’s dry.

So, how we actually describe what we’re feeling is irrelevant. It’s totally unique to each person. And I think what happens is our brain, sort of, goes, “Ooh! This…when I hold this crystal, this feels a little bit like when I was a kid and I got a little bit too close to the fire and, Oh! It’s hot.”

Ashley: Yeah.

Philip: And the brain’s doing that and trying to explain what this totally new unique feeling that you’re feeling actually means.

Ashley: And that’s interesting because, in a lot of ways, the way that crystals work, we don’t need the conscious understanding of exactly what’s taking place, especially with a stone like the Doctors Stone, that’s just doing the work that it needs to do. And this is, it’s just it’s so lovely, I mean, obviously you would consider this to be relatively rare?

Philip: Very rare. Yeah, rarer than Diamonds.

Ashley: Yeah, because there are only so many that are birthed each year. But, luckily for everyone watching, you’ll have this available for sale on your website.

Philip: I will do by the time we get back.

Ashley: Lovely. So of course, the is where you’ll be able to find this. And you’ve brought some other things today that I’m really excited to see. This is amazing. This has been one of the highlights of my trip, to actually get to hold this, because we’ve chatted about it in a previous interview. But you’ve brought some of your favorite personal crystals for travel.

Philip: Okay, yes these are, sort of, the traveling collection. Some of them are with me the whole time, and some specifically wanted to come with me on this trip.

Ashley: Okay.

Philip: So there’s some difference between them. So there are a few…this guy here, I don’t really know how close you can get to it.

Ashley: Let’s see.

Philip: This actually is a skull carved from Green Tourmaline by the amazing Leandro De Souza, who’s one of the best carvers in Brazil.

Ashley: And if you can imagine, this is just an average sized Green Tourmaline crystal, but it has been so delicately carved into a little skull.

Philip: The detail is so amazing.

Ashley: With little teeth and all.

Philip: Yeah, and also growing out of a Quartz crystal.

Ashley: Just at the end there. And what is it that you–

Philip: Tourmaline, basically, is my go-to crystal for protection.

Ashley: Yeah.

Philip: So, just lots and lots of other things, but for protection, it really is my number one go-to crystal. And just the idea of this style, the skull, and the energy from the skull, and the protective idea of the skull. Also, the Buddhist idea of non-attachment, and just, we are just basically a skull or a skeleton.

Ashley: Yeah.

Philip: The rest is just dressing.

Ashley: Yeah. That’s true!

Philip: So yeah, he’s always there and the other one that always comes with me on my travel is this guy, who’s actually a piece of Turquoise. And he comes from Whitewater Mine which is almost in America.

Ashley: Yes. Well, just about.

Philip: So, the Whitewater Mine is an amazing place, because it’s on the border of Mexico and the US. And the entrance is in Mexico, but quite a lot of the mine is actually under the US.

Ashley: Oh interesting.

Philip: Yeah, so it is actually the same typical Navajo Turquoise basically, but for half the price – don’t tell anybody.

Ashley: And what’s really great about this stone is you find so much stabilized Turquoise, and so a lot of what comes out of the American Southwest is still in it’s very natural state.

Philip: Yes, absolutely, yes. And this is just literally tumbled. The thing about Turquoise is it’s also protective, specifically protective, for travelers.  And the American Indians like to use it for the idea of connection to the blue road. So you’ve got the blue road up here, and the red road which is the one we’re walking on. And the blue road is, sort of, your spiritual path, so it’s protection very, very much on that level.

Ashley: I love that.

Philip: And the other one, as well, that’s for protection is this cute little double-terminated, Smoky Quartz crystal. And Smoky Quartz is a really useful crystal because people that are around…you know some people don’t feel kindly to you all the time, and there are some jealous people, some unkind people, whatever…and Smoky Quartz crystals have the ability to send stuff back to where it came from. So, if someone’s sending you things like love and light and beautiful thoughts then you pick that up and you send it back to them.

Ashley: If not?

Philip: They get whatever they send.

Ashley: So that’s the crystal to have around while I’m driving in this Tucson traffic?

Philip: Absolutely.

Ashley: And what are a few of the other stones that you like to bring with?

Philip: This guy comes everywhere all the time. So this is a Colombian Lemurian Blade of Light crystal. And it’s a nice crystal as well. It’s small but really, really powerful so it can act as a mini master crystal. And when you’re traveling, and you carry crystals, you find that you just carry more crystals, and when you come to Tucson you get more and more crystals. It’s nice and small though, and it fits in the pocket so it comes the whole time. Yeah, and it will just go in the pocket, or whatever, and just keep it 24/7.

Ashley: That really packs a punch. You still have that energy of the Lemurian seed but…

Philip: Yeah.

Ashley: …miniature.

Philip: Yeah, and also, a lot of these crystals get put into crystals grids and various things, so every night I create a crystal grid from them and so it’s there, obviously as part of the grid or to activate it.

Ashley: When you work with grids do you typically find that you typically use the sacred geometry shapes for the base, or when you’re traveling do you just create them a little more free form?

Philip: Very freeform when I’m traveling, yeah, so, I can take this little as possible with me. When you’ve got space, and you’re at home, in your own space, and especially if you’re setting something up that’ll stay there for a while, then using the sacred geometry is brilliant. I quite like the flower of life; it’s one of my favorites.

Ashley: But it just goes to show even if you only have a few crystals, you can still create a really amazing grid.

Philip: Absolutely, yeah. And then we’ve got things…a selection of different Amethysts. This is interesting because you have two Chevron Amethysts, two banded Amethysts. They look slightly different, because this one’s from Zaire, and this one is from South Africa.

Ashley: So you have the really darker purple, almost Black Amethyst quality.

Philip: So the calling this Amethyst Zebra Stone.

Ashley: Oh wow.

Philip: Because you get that really, really distinct banding, like a zebra. Whereas the other one…ok so I’ve picked out a particularly good Chevron Amethyst

Ashley: Of course.

Philip: Yeah, you can still see this difference in color; it’s much paler.

Ashley: It’s a little softer, yeah.

Philip:  And again, small crystals, just when you’re traveling. You don’t have to, but it’s great. So, several Citrines, we’ve got three Citrines here. This one is for my gut, which is a great thing when you’re traveling and you’re always eating different food. We have a thing with water, as well, because I don’t know if you have different water in different parts of the states.

Ashley: Oh, yeah.

Philip: Okay, so we…because in UK we’ve got treated water, which is treated differently to the rest of Europe. And so, when you travel, if you drink local water, even though it’s ok and it’s not going to kill you or anything, it’s just the minerals in it are different and it can really upset your stomach.

Ashley: Absolutely. Here to, yeah.

Philip: So, and it’s not just water because, of course, you can drink bottled water instead, but  everything’s washed in water, so the salads and stuff and everything. So, you’re going to pick it up as you go around. So that just helps with that. This one…you’ll like that, if you look at it carefully, it’s a manifestation crystal. So it has a crystal growing straight up inside of another crystal.

Ashley: This is absolutely stunning. So, a Manifestation Crystal, like Philip described is when there’s a smaller crystal growing within a larger crystal. You might mistake it, almost, for a phantom, but it’s– you can see from the bottom of this one, if you’re looking straight up along the C-axis of the crystal, you can see the interior crystal growing in there, it’s distinctly different.

Philip: So, one of my problems with manifestation…well, what’s described as Manifestation Crystals, is…I come from, sort of, the old school, so a Manifestation Crystal is either a crystal growing straight up through another crystal, or completely closed.

Ashley: Yes.

Philip: And, lots of people describe Manifestation Crystals as other things which are probably Bridge Crystals or Interference Crystals.

Ashley: Exactly.

Philip: And that’s just because these are so rare. And, unfortunately, people try to sell things when they’re asked for them, rather than what they’ve actually got.

Ashley: Sure.

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Philip: So yeah. If you’re going for Manifestation Crystals, take your time and find someone who can actually provide you with a proper Manifestation Crystal, or at least say to you, “No…I haven’t got one, but this is what you’re looking for.”

Ashley: Yes, because they are very rare.

Philip: Yeah.

Ashley: And to find one in a Citrine is…good job!

Sacred Stones and Crystals Book by Philip Permutt
Disclosure: The link for this book is an affiliate link, meaning I may earn a commission if you click through and make a purchase.  Yay!

Philip: And this is the other one which is another natural Citrine. And this one is actually a creativity stone, so it has been batted around a bit. But whenever I do anything creative, it’s my traveling one. Because I have another one, which I think we talked about on one of the other interviews we’ve done, which is much bigger, sort of, hand-sized one, which is faceted, and that’s actually in one of my books as well, Sacred Stones and Crystals. And this one’s just a small version from exactly the same place, just tumbled rather than faceted.

Ashley: So you can still have that connection to that creative energy. I love that. And of course, while you’re curating all these crystals to bring back with you and share with all your customers, you need that good, creative inspiration. I love that.

Philip: I’m just going to mention Turquoise, but I want to talk about Hematite and Turquoise together, because that is the go-to for jet lag.

Ashley: Oh, that’s a good tip.

Philip: Now, we have this problem coming…going home actually. Coming here is not too bad because we come here, we arrive 10 o’clock at night, it’s 5 o’clock in the morning for us…we’re exhausted…we go to sleep…we wake up, and it’s in the morning, more or less. Going back though, we get back in the middle of the morning, and it’s earlier in the morning. So, yeah that’s just really, really good for jet lag.

Ashley: So, for a few days, maybe just keep those with you, until you readjust? Perfect.

Philip: And I’ve also got a Carnelian.

Ashley: And that’s an exquisite Carnelian.

Philip: It is! But Carnelian is the go-to for colds, flu, and bugs, and all those things. And, unfortunately, in Tucson, there’s this thing called the Tucson Bug that goes around, and it’s different every year. And most of the time, most people don’t get it, but when you do get it, it’s really, really bad. And that’s just because there are so many people here from all over the world. And not only is there every type of person, but there’s every type of bug.

Ashley: Its true, I got it two years ago, and it was not pretty. I think the second day I got quite ill, and it just made the whole rest of the trip very hard. So at any time when you’re traveling, this would be a good one? How do you like to work with this stone?

Philip: Just keep it with you; carry it with you 24/7.

Ashley: Yeah, yeah. You have Emerald? And Malachite?

Philip: Emerald is the go-to one for the Heart Center.

Ashley: Oh, perfect.

Philip: So, that’s good. And also the other thing that you pick up a lot from the desert just is just the whole chesty thing.

Ashley: Yes.

Philip: And throat…so Emerald is really good for that. And it also links in with the whole center of love, and sharing that. Perhaps the idea of trying, no matter how hard it is sometimes, to keep an open heart.

Ashley: Even when we’re tired and our feet hurt and we’re a little crabby, right?

Philip: And you’ve just been cut off by a truck, yeah.

Philip: And Malachite, Malachite…I always carry a small bit with me. And it’s really a go-to stone for sleep.

Ashley: Oh, wonderful.

Philip: So again, you’re in strange rooms, different beds, no matter how good you feel sometimes it’s just awkward. There’s different sounds, different lights outside and whatever else. It’s just different. And so it just helps.

Ashley: Yeah. That’s a really good tip. That’s something I definitely struggle with every time I have to sleep somewhere new, because it’s just not home, right?

Philip: Yeah, absolutely. Yeah.

Ashley: And we were talking about something before we actually started our interview, which is so interesting and I actually saw some of these a few days ago and thought it was mislabeled, but Philip has educated me on this crystal.

Philip: So it looks like Tourmalinated Quartz, but of course, that very phrase, “it looks like” suggests it isn’t.

Ashley:  Correct! So tell us, what is it, in fact? Because that was definitely my first guess.

Philip: It’s black Rutile, so it’s  Black Rutilated Quartz.

Ashley: And it looks almost identical.

Philip: Yeah, until you hold it up to the light. If you get just the right light on, then you do get that glimmer, that sort of, golden sheen.

Ashley: Just on the surface, like a little iridescence almost.

Philip: Yeah. And these, I found, are really, really good for tendons. So when I was unpacking the two or three crystals I bought last year…

Ashley: Just a couple….

Philip: Yeah, my arm went. And the tendons went. And the wrist, both sides, the elbow, and the shoulder, and the doctors gave me some painkillers and wanted me to take some steroids…I have no idea. And for some reason, I was just drawn to this, because for some reason I bought it, but I had never come across it before. And, it just really said, “Try me!” And I did. I taped them all over, to every single tendon that was hurting, and it stopped hurting. And it didn’t take it away all instantly, but it did almost instantly become a usable arm again, which is really good.

Crystals do this magnificent thing…whenever you need them, they’re there, and if you listen, then they’ll tell you what to do.

Ashley: And that’s the thing…I think so many people second guess themselves about well, “But I’ve never read that in a book before…it doesn’t say I can use that crystal for that.” I mean, what would be your advice about that people?

Philip: Go for it.

Ashley: Go for it. Yeah.

Philip: Don’t listen to me. Don’t listen to her.

Philip: No…seriously! Okay, so you pick up two different crystal books by different authors and they say different things about the same crystal. And that’s alright, they should do! Because, hopefully, everyone’s writing, or we’re all writing from our own experience. We’re writing about our experience with crystals, and we’re writing about our clients and our students and their experiences. And that’s it. And if we read something that someone else has written, we might think, “oh, I’ve never found that with that crystal” but that doesn’t mean to say it’s wrong.

Ashley: Right.

Philip: It’s just a different point. And one of the things actually is Citrine…I use it in my classes as an example, because Citrine basically works on the cells in the gut that absorb nutrients. That’s it, that’s all it does. But because of that, it’s good for weight loss; it’s good for weight gain if you need to gain weight after an operation or an illness or something, because there’s always that balance. So, it’s not a crystal for weight loss, it’s a crystal for you to be the best weight for you. That’s not necessarily a size zero or whatever because it’s very personal to each individual. Because you’re absorbing more nutrients, you’ve got more nutrients going around your body, so it’s good for any physical healing, from a bruise, to recovering from major surgery.

Yeah, just more nutrients going around your body. Because there’s more nutrients going around your body, your blood is just carrying everything easier, so your heart doesn’t have to work as hard to get it around. Because your heart doesn’t have to work as hard to get it around, your heart’s working better so when you need more oxygen to your brain, you’ve got loads there and your heart’s ready to pump it. You’ve got more oxygen to your brain so it’s good for logical thoughts, good for creativity. It just goes on and on and on and on. So if you say that Citrine’s good for something, I’m just going to say yes. You found it. Yeah, great.

Ashley: And that’s true because working with crystals is so subjective and each of us is going to have that different experience and there really is no right or wrong. There’s only just being aware. Well, Philip thank you so much, and to all of you watching, of course, you can find Philip at, make sure you go find one of those amazing Doctors Stones before they’re all snapped up. But thank you so much for being here. And thank all of you for watching. Crystal blessings.

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Crystals for Travel & More: An Interview with Philip Permutt
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Crystals for Travel & More: An Interview with Philip Permutt
This week I'm interviewing the wonderful Philip Permutt live from the Tucson Gem Show, where we discuss all you need to know about using crystals for travel
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Love & Light School of Crystal Therapy
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    Loved reading this article ! I can’t wait to meet my black rutile quartz when it arrives and try it on my arm. As a massage therapist all those tendon attachment points can get cranky after doing lots of deep tissue work . Thanks for all the wonderful crystal information ?

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