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Hello and welcome to the Love & Light School of Crystal Therapy

– where our mission is to share the power of crystal healing with people all over the world. Whether you’re new to crystal healing, or an experienced practitioner looking for advanced techniques to grow your practice, we are proud to offer a broad range of training programs & free resources to support you in creating a life and career that are fully aligned with your soul’s purpose.

We’ve developed the “Crystal Immersion Method™” of teaching, specifically to help you deepen your crystal knowledge and spiritual development through 3 key pillars of training: intuition, compassion, and confidence.

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Best Crystals for Gemini Season

Best Crystals for Gemini Season

Gemini season is here! This astrological season, it’s important to focus on learning and new experiences. This is fueled by curiosity and the desire for greater understanding. Often, the knowledge gained during this moon provides valuable lessons that will soon be needed in life. As we dive into Gemini season …
Flower Moon Ritual

Flower Moon Ritual | Unlock Full Flower Moon Magic with Crystals

I love to celebrate all the ebbs and flows of the lunar phases and cycles, but the full moon is an especially potent and powerful time because it connects us with our intuition and with our sense of self. One of my favorite things to do around the time of …
Healing Properties of Pink Mangano Calcite Connection & Courage

Healing Properties of Pink Mangano Calcite: A Crystal for Connection & Courage

Pink Mangano Calcite is a pale pink variety of Calcite with a trigonal crystal system. Commonly opaque and banded with layers of pale pink and creamy white, the stone also forms small crystal clusters or crystal druze in a soft pink color. Learn how to work with Pink Mangano Calcite …
How to Celebrate Beltane

How to Celebrate Beltane: A May Day Crystal Ritual

Beltane (here in the Northern Hemisphere), is the perfect time to hold space for abundance, beauty, blessings, creativity, fertility, love, passion, romance, and sensuality! Learn how to celebrate Beltane with a simple but powerful May Day crystal ritual! Crystals for Beltane: Rhodochrosite Carnelian Malachite Rose Quartz Morganite Green Aventurine Rainforest …
Best Crystals for Taurus Season

Best Crystals for Taurus Season

Taurus season is here! This astrological season, it’s important to focus on self-love and self-care. This can be something quick and simple that you do regularly as part of your daily routine this month, or it can be a deep dive into ways to heal and nourish yourself. As we …
Where Do Crystal Properties Come From?

Where Do Crystal Properties Come From?

If you’re familiar with the healing properties that are associated with a certain crystal, then chances are you’ve probably wondered how that stone got those particular properties and why? The truth is, there is more than one answer. Crystal properties are not only rooted in some history, they also came …

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