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We’ve developed the “Crystal Immersion Method™” of teaching, specifically to help you deepen your crystal knowledge and spiritual development through 3 key pillars of training: intuition, compassion, and confidence.

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Waking the Witch: An Interview with Pam Grossman

I'm really excited today for this interview with Pam Grossman, who is the author of the book Waking the Witch: Reflections on Women, Magic, and Power. She's also the host of The Witch Wave Podcast - which if you are not familiar with, go over right now and check it ...
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Healing properties of tree agate

Healing Properties of Tree Agate: A Crystal for Grounding & Nature

A Crystal Message about the Healing Properties of Tree Agate: "Root into the earth and draw upon its nourishing energy." Common Healing Properties of Tree Agate: Roots you into the earth so you feel more grounded Instills a deep appreciation for nature and for all living things Allows you to ...
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Self-Care with the Moon

Sacred Self Care with the Moon: An Interview with Aarona Lea

Hello and welcome! Today I am so honored and excited to be interviewing the amazing Aarona Lea. She's the author and co-creator of The Moon Deck - An intuitive emotional health deck of cards that's reached thousands of women globally. Aarona's Moon Deck has really set forth a movement of ...
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Healing Properties of Amazonite

Healing Properties of Amazonite: A Crystal for Inner Peace

A Crystal Message about the Healing Properties of Amazonite: "I recognize the value of speaking from the heart and I embrace the confidence and courage necessary to do so." Common Healing Properties of Amazonite: Blocks the negative effects of electromagnetic energy Encourages truthfulness Balances the mind, body, and spirit Soothes ...
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Crystal Layout

Crystal Layout for Emotional Healing

As I discuss in my book Crystals for Energy Healing, when it comes to your overall wellbeing, your emotional health is an integral part of keeping yourself balanced and aligned. Using a crystal layout is a great way to help you achieve emotional balance. The following crystal layout heals emotional ...
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Crystal Lover to International Crystal Teacher

How I Went from a Crystal Lover to International Crystal Teacher

I get asked from people all the time, "How did Love and Light School get started?" "How is it that you do what you do?" Because I think it's still pretty surprising to a lot of people that you can have a job as a crystal healer. So today I ...
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