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Stones from space

Stones from Space: Using Tektites & Meteorites for Healing & More

Stones from space, such as tektites and meteorites, are some of the most interesting materials used by crystal healers. Most people interested in crystals are familiar with the luxurious, green Tektite called Moldavite.  It’s an amazingly high vibrational stone that enhances meditation, deepens your connection with spirit, and even facilitates ...
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Gemstones for the Days of the Week

Gemstones for the Days of the Week

The days of the week were originally named for the sun, the moon, and the five known planets. Wearing gemstones associated with the days of the week will allow you to invoke the energy of the corresponding planets and dieties.  The planets that the week days were named after are ...
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Crystals for the New Year

Top 5 Quick Fix Ways to Use Crystals for the New Year

It's a new year! And many would have you think this means it's time for a new you. But... what if instead of a new you, you just gave the old you a little helping hand? Here are the top 5 quick-fix ways to use crystals for the new year to ...
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Varieties of jade

The Varieties and Power of Jade

Certain stones have more than one identity, and jade is one that many people find confusing. And it's no wonder! The varieties of jade are so vast - it can be very tricky to identify what's what. The following article is courtesy of Cathy Douglas from Mimosa Books & Gifts ...
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Healing with minerals

Why Some Crystal Imposters Make Great Healing Tools

Did you know that your crystal collection likely contains some imposters? That’s right! They’re sitting there right now along with your crystals, but they’re not actually crystals at all... Things like...Obsidian, Jet, Amber, and Shungite (just to name a few) are not technically crystals, but rather minerals. Not to worry.  These imposters ...
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Seven Metals

Seven Metals & More (Article by Cathy Douglas)

Metals have their own individual characteristics and properties, as well as a touch of alchemy magic. Don't make the mistake of overlooking these precious seven metals. This article is courtesy of Cathy Douglas from Mimosa Books & Gifts. Part 1: What's Your Jewelry Made Of? Many of us wear gemstones ...
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