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Healing Properties of Rhodochrosite

Healing Properties of Rhodochrosite: A Crystal for Emotional Release

Rhodochrosite is an ore of manganese. It is an excellent stone for dismissing negativity, releasing our emotions, and restoring balance to the soul. A Crystal Message about the Healing Properties of Rhodochrosite: "I call forth my inner crystal healer and I go deeper with my crystals than ever before." Common ...
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Healing Properties of Angel Aura Quartz

Healing Properties of Angel Aura Quartz: A Crystal for Angelic Connection

Angel Aura Quartz is a beautiful form of quartz with a thin metallic coating. It is perfect for encouraging spiritual experiences and for connecting with your angels or guides. A Crystal Message about the Healing Properties of Angel Aura Quartz: "I invite my guides, ancestors, or angels into my life ...
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Healing properties of blue chalcedony

Healing Properties of Blue Chalcedony: A Crystal for Soothing & Support

Blue Chalcedony is a periwinkle blue, cryptocrystalline variety of Quartz known for its soothing influence and ability to enhance joy. A Crystal Message about the Healing Properties of Blue Chalcedony: "I find peace in my environment, and more importantly, within myself." Common Healing Properties of Blue Chalcedony: Enhances group cooperation ...
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Crystal Layout for Shielding

A Crystal Layout for Shielding Your Energy Body

Keeping yourself protected is an important part of health and wellness. Setting boundaries is an important part of this work - and crystals can help to energetically support you during this process.  This crystal layout for shielding your energy body can help to protect you from the energy of others ...
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Healing Properties of Azurite

Healing Properties of Azurite: A Crystal for Spiritual Growth & Exploration

Azurite is a deep indigo blue, monoclinic mineral that's best known for its connection with intuition and psychic awareness. A Crystal Affirmation for Azurite:  "I accept and trust my inner guidance and embrace my intuition and psychic skills." Common Healing Properties of Azurite: Enhances a connection with the Earth Facilitates ...
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Ostara & the Wheel of the Year

Learn about the Wheel of the Year and Ostara in my latest podcast! Tune in here… One way that I like to connect with the seasons and cycles of the earth is by tuning into The Wheel of the Year. This is a relatively new practice for me, but I'm ...
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