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We’ve developed the “Crystal Immersion Method™” of teaching, specifically to help you deepen your crystal knowledge and spiritual development through 3 key pillars of training: intuition, compassion, and confidence.

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Healing Properties of Chytha Jade Stone

Healing Properties of Chytha Jade Stone: A Crystal for Creating Positivity

A Crystal Message about the Healing Properties of Chytha Jade Stone: "I am the creator of my own universe and I choose to create positivity all around me." Common Healing Properties of Chytha Jade Stone: Aids in meditation Promotes a positive attitude Removes toxic influences from your life Directs healing energy ...
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Harry Potter

Wizarding Crystals (This is NOT for Muggles)

Although Harry Potter and the Wizarding world weren’t on my radar until just a few years ago, I have fallen in love with every aspect of these amazing books and films since I was introduced to them. There’s something so special and magical about the world that JK Rowling has ...
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Aqua Calcite

Healing Properties of Aqua Calcite: A Crystal for Calming the Emotions

A Crystal Message about the Healing Properties of Aqua Calcite: "I'm calm, centered, and emotionally balanced. I release all emotions and negative cycles that no longer serve me." Common Healing Properties of Aqua Calcite: Heals the heart and encourages self-forgiveness & compassion Purges negative or stagnant emotions & releases cycles ...
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spiritual community

Intuition & Spiritual Community: An Interview with the Founders of Spirit Guides Magazine

Welcome! I'm Ashley Leavy and I'm super excited today because I'm here with Arizona Bell and Morgan Garza of the Spirit Guide's Magazine, chatting about spiritual community. I love, love, love this site. You guys, if you don't know Arizona and Morgan, I invite you to be charmed and endeared ...
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multi-passionate creative

Follow Your Bliss: How to Embrace Your Creativity When You’re Multi-Passionate with D’Ana Joi

Hey, crystal lovers and welcome! I'm thrilled to be connecting with one of my favorite multi-passionate creatives. This is Joi from Joi-Knows-How. We've been playing tag on Instagram for a little while, trying to bring you guys this interview and I'm so excited that we actually finally get to sit ...
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Healing Properties of Green Apatite

Healing Properties of Green Apatite: A Crystal for Connecting with Nature

A Crystal Message about the Healing Properties of Green Apatite: "I am delighted by the world around me and take time to pause and appreciate nature." Common Healing Properties of Green Apatite: Disintegrates negative energy Promotes physical healing Opens the heart chakra after a traumatic situation or experience Energizes the physical ...
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