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Crystal Controversy: Rough vs Tumbled Stones

When it comes to choosing stones, do you find yourself gravitating more towards rough ones or the tumbled sort? Do you think that one works better than the other or perhaps one has a stronger energy … Read More

Why Some Crystal Imposters Make Great Healing Tools

Did you know that your crystal collection likely contains some imposters? That’s right! They’re sitting there right now along with your crystals, but they’re not actually crystals at all…   Things like…Obsidian, Jet, Amber, and Shungite (just … Read More

Stone Shapes for Crystal Healing

When it comes to choosing the right stone shapes for crystal healing, some healers only use crystals in their natural state. Others, like myself, use an assortment of crystal forms.   Crystals that are in their … Read More

Your Burning Crystal Questions Answered

So I just bought a crystal…Now what do I do with it?   UPDATE: This article previously used the term “medicine bag” to describe a charm bag or pouch filled with meaningful items. Using this term … Read More

Three Formations of Aragonite

  Aragonite, like calcite, is a form of calcium carbonate, the same mineral that also forms seashells.It is the material that makes up sea shells.  In nature, this mineral gets recycled back and forth between living … Read More

Proven Tips for Manifesting with Geodes

Geodes are beautiful to look at, but did you ever wonder how you can use them in your crystal practice? Geodes are excellent for manifesting, and the way you do it couldn’t be easier (or more … Read More

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