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Healing with green tourmaline and peridotWhen it comes to shielding yourself from negative energy and healing the overall effects of not-so-positive vibes, green is the new black! That’s right, Green Tourmaline and Peridot are two must-have crystals that can help you protect your aura, wash away negative energy, and heal the heart. Incorporating them into your crystal healing practice is mutually beneficial for you and those around you.

Green Tourmaline helps to protect your aura by acting like an auric shield. It keeps most negativity from even entering your field in the first place. However, if there are some negative vibes hanging around, Green Tourmaline helps to cleanse and clear your energy field quickly and effectively. Peridot works and a very similar way.

Green stones (like Tourmaline and Peridot) display this trait more frequently than other colored stones. This is because the green color ray is so focused on healing. Healing with green tourmaline and peridot helps you to keep your energy field free from negative vibes. These vibes could later manifest in your physical body as dis-ease. By getting rid of this dis-harmonious energy right away, it doesn’t have a chance to impact your energy field. The green crystals are doing their healing work on an energetic level (preventatively) before anything negative manifests in the physical body.

Green Tourmaline is also an excellent stone for healers to carry or wear while they are doing energy work sessions.

Healing with green tourmaline and peridot can help you to stay open and available to your clients while keeping firm boundaries in place. A small pendant, ring, or bracelet is great for this purpose because it is very casual. Some client’s can feel sensitive surrounding the idea of “negative energy”. You never want your client to feel like she has such bad vibes that you had to arrive to your session in the equivalent of a crystal-energy Hazmat suit.

Protecting your energy body is important. However, you should always be compassionate about how your client might be feeling. Wearing some crystal jewelry or have a stone or two in your pockets is discreet and keeps your aura sparkling clear.

Healing with green tourmaline and peridot

Additionally, Green Tourmaline is a really great heart stone.

It can help you to have more compassion and empathy for others, while keeping you protected, energetically. When you are energetically protected, it is easier to be open, because there is no fear of being hurt. It can be of great use for anyone who has been hurt emotionally and has a difficult time opening up to people as a result. Additionally, It is very effective when used in a professional setting with clients. It works very gently, encouraging gradual healing. It is a supreme nurturer and care-giver of the crystal realm!


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Fearlessly Shield & Heal Your Heart Chakra with Green Tourmaline & Peridot
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Fearlessly Shield & Heal Your Heart Chakra with Green Tourmaline & Peridot
Healing with green tourmaline and peridot is a wonderful way to maintain a positive energy field. These stones are powerful in allowing you to protect your aura by acting like an auric shield. They also prevent negative energy from entering your field, and cleanse any that was already there.
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Love & Light School of Crystal Therapy
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