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Protecting Your Home with Crystal Grid Energy

Many crystals are naturally protective, and some well-placed ones can really come together to create Mother Nature’s ultimate home-security grid! Follow these simple steps to create your own special protection grid for security, comfort, and peace … Read More

Healing Crystals for Safe Travel

So much of the crystal healing information available seems to be centered around personal development and spiritual growth, but crystals also have tons of fantastic everyday applications, like safe travel.   One of the things that … Read More

Healing Crystals for Acceptance & Emotional Healing

When things get tough or you’ve been through a particularly rough patch, it can often be very difficult to move forward with your life and heal.  The way ahead isn’t always an easy one, but taking … Read More

Shield & Heal Your Heart with Green Tourmaline & Peridot

When it comes to shielding yourself from negative energy and healing the overall effects of not-so-positive vibes, green is the new black! That’s right, Green Tourmaline and Peridot are two must-have crystals that can help you … Read More

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