Healing Properties of Carnelian - Metaphysical & Spiritual Qualities

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Carnelian is chalcedony in which iron oxide gives an orange to red color.

Healing Properties of CarnelianA Crystal Message about the Healing Properties of Carnelian: “I am motivated by divine purpose. I allow myself to tap into Universal creativity and feel it flow through me. If I remain focused, I will manifest my vision with ease.”



Common Healing Properties of Carnelian:

  • Helps you to feel grounded
  • Enhances creativity & the flow of creative ideas
  • Increases motivation
  • Stimulates success in business and financial endeavors
  • Assists you in overcoming negative thought patterns
  • Enhances sexual energy
  • Opens your heart to divine guidance and love
  • Instills a sense of peace and calming
  • Removes negative energy from items or from your environment
  • Aids with emotional balance
  • Assists with energetic cleansing & purifying


Healing Properties of CarnelianColors: Orange, Burnt Orange, Mango

Zodiac Signs: Aries, Leo

Elements: Fire

Companion Flowers: Torch Lily

Companion Essential Oil: Ginger

Companion Stone: Blue Quartz

Common Origins: Sausalito, California; Sri Lanka; China

Notes: When Carnelian is banded, it is often called “Carnelian Agate.”

Wanna’ Get Science-y? Click Here to get information about the chemical composition, hardness, streak, etc. of this crystal from one of my favorite sites!



More About Carnelian:

Carnelian helps you overcome negative thought patterns and approach your endeavors with new energy. Sard is like carnelian, except that the color tends more toward brown. Its banded form is called sardonyx, which is easily recognized by its combination of black, orange, and gray stripes.


One Way to Work with Carnelian: 

Work with Carnelian during the time of the First Quarter Moon to keep yourself motivated and on track with your New Moon action plan. If you feel yourself starting to lose steam, take some time to soak up some good Carnelian vibes.

Carnelian Lore: 

The ancient Egyptians prized carnelian for reasons both practical and metaphysical and its golden-red color reminded them of the sun setting over the desert, symbolizing the immortality of the soul. Carnelian often accompanies turquoise in ancient Egyptian art, the fiery qualities of the one balancing the air and water associations of the other. Egyptians personified these qualities through the fierce lion goddess Sekhmet and the mild Hathor, who sometimes appears as a cow.

Because of its color, carnelian was associated with the magical blood of the mother goddess, Isis. This is likely where Carnelian gets its historic reputation as a stone for reproductive health and to support childbirth.

Since wax doesn’t easily stick to it, this form of chalcedony worked well for carving official seals. A scarab beetle of carnelian, with signature hieroglyphs on the bottom, was historically used as an amulet for either the living or the dead. It could be set in a ring of clay, to be worn and used as a signature seal. Such a seal could also be placed over the heart of the deceased to be used in the afterlife.

Carnelian for the Corn Moon: 

This deep orange stone nourishes you by pulling energy into your energy field (called your aura). Just as we sustain the physical body by enjoying the results of a bountiful harvest, so too must we nourish the energy body. The Corn Moon is about enjoying the fruits of your labor due to the effort you’ve put in previously. Carnelian helps you do this in your own life by encouraging joyful activities related to creativity or the emotions (like art, dancing or sex). Taking part in these pleasurable activities helps to recharge your energy body.

To connect with the energy of the Corn Moon, write a desire you have about the future of your spiritual journey, on a corn husk. Use the husk to wrap a tumbled Carnelian stone and some dried, loose Cedar in a bundle. You may need to tie the bundle with a string. When you’re ready to call in this spiritual energy, open the bundle and burn the Cedar while holding your crystal

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Healing Properties of Carnelian


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Healing Properties of Carnelian: A Crystal for Creativity & Sexual Energy
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Healing Properties of Carnelian: A Crystal for Creativity & Sexual Energy
The healing properties of Carnelian will help you get grounded, increase motivation, stimulate success, enhances sexual energy, and more...
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Love & Light School of Crystal Therapy
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