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Hi, I’m Ashley Leavy, Founder & Educational Director of the Love & Light School of Crystal Therapy – where our mission is to share the power of crystal healing with people all over the world.

If you are curious about using crystals to make positive changes for yourself, your friends & family, or your clients, then you’ve come to the right place.

We offer a broad range of training programs and free resources for wellness professionals and crystal enthusiasts from all around the world.

My Story

When I was first starting out on my crystal learning journey, I remember how difficult it was to find the right information and teachers to learn about how to use crystals in my daily life. I also felt family and societal pressure to pursue a “traditional” career that would “make good money.”

Deep down, I knew I had a greater purpose.

So I decided to take my first crystal healing course (in 2007), and that’s when crystals really became an integral part of my day-to-day life.

After that training I was able to connect with my crystals better than ever before, and I knew in my heart that I was meant to work with these powerful healing stones.

Despite the intuitive sense that my life’s purpose had something to do with crystal healing, I never could have imagined what the next 10 years would bring…

More than a decade later, I look back and can’t imagine where I’d be if I hadn’t listened to my inner guidance, and stepped through the doors that the universe was opening for me.


Attended my first crystal healing trainings & started my crystal healing practice.


Became co-owner of Mimosa Books & Gifts – a thriving metaphysical store in Madison, WI. (I’ve been successfully managing the store ever since).


Developed my crystal healing certification program, and began training students in-person.


Founded the Love & Light School of Crystal Therapy & began teaching crystal healing classes online.


Launched the very first online version of the Crystal Healing Certification, our most popular course for crystal enthusiasts & wellness professionals. (Since then, I’ve added a ton of new content, and am always working to make sure the program helps my students become successful crystal healers.)


Became sole owner of Mimosa Books & Gifts (after my business partner retired). The store is growing at a fast pace, and is more successful than ever!

Throughout all of this, I’ve never stopped learning – attending 100+ classes and studying with the top crystal healers in the world, including:

  • Melody (Author of the Love is in the Earth Series of Books)
  • DaEl Walker (Master Crystal Teacher & Founder of the Crystal Awareness Institute)
  • Naisha Ahsian (Co-author of the Book of Stones & Founder of the Crystalis Institute)
  • Joy Gardner (Author of Vibrational Healing Through the Chakras)
  • Dawn Silver (Creator of the Jewels in the Lotus Oracle Card Deck)
  • And many, many more…

Today, the Love & Light School of Crystal Therapy is a thriving online community of tens of thousands of heart-centered healers and energy workers – at both the hobbyist and professional level.

The Love & Light School helps to connect people from around the world who share a passion for crystals – and a desire to create transformation, fun, and healing for themselves and others.

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Love & Light,

Love & Light School of Crystal Therapy

My passion for crystal healing has attracted notice from hundreds of media outlets – including tv stations, radio shows, magazines, newspapers & blogs, such as:

Though I’ve been blessed with many successes, I’ve never lost sight of what’s really important:

  • Staying grounded and humble – Most days you’ll find me at my store, wearing no makeup, jeans & a t-shirt, and sipping a peppermint tea.
  • Spending time in nature – I love digging in the dirt in my organic vegetable garden, taking long walks, and just about anything that involves being outside (unless there’s bugs… I don’t do bugs ;)).
  • Loving up animals – Whether that means snuggling with my Golden Retriever, Sisi, or fundraising and doing charitable work for shelters and rescues in my area.
  • Finding stillness – Yoga, meditation, gratitude, and time with family are just a few things that help me to stay connected with my center.
  • Supporting my students – Teaching is my passion, and I love being hands-on with my students in our programs, Facebook groups, and more.

The Love & Light School is Committed To Creating a Safe Space for Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion for All

As a school that serves the needs of a diverse global community, we’re committed to supporting, honoring, and keeping our space safe and inclusive for our students and our team members.

We are actively working to create and enact systems that promote diversity and equity in all aspects of our school – from our community spaces to our content, to the healing arts training we offer. As we continue to learn and implement new policies and procedures, we will allow the following principles to guide us:

We believe that issues of Human Rights, Equity, and Inclusivity are a part of deeper spiritual work and that they should not be subject to spiritual bypassing.

We are committed to actively working to create a safe, comfortable, and welcoming space for all in our business and in our community. We believe that diversity is like a precious jewel to be cherished and celebrated and we honor the diversity of our community. Differences in beliefs and opinions are welcome here, but not when these words or actions cause harm to members of our community. We will NOT tolerate hate speech, bullying, or harassment in any of our spaces. People engaging in these activities will be removed from our classes and community.

We strive to understand the ways in which white supremacy and unconscious biases related to age, race, gender, religion, and sexual orientation affect how we show up as individuals, and as a business, and we are committed to actively recognizing and overcoming these biases through personal education, team training, and active listening.

We are dedicated to providing accessible wellness education and training to all through our tiered approach to teaching which includes: 1) frequent free content 2) seasonal free training and resources 3) paid classes and programs 4) equity-guided partial and full scholarship opportunities. We know that access to wellness education and training creates a feeling of alignment and personal fulfillment, so we are committed to prioritizing people whose racial identity is Black, Indigenous, or a person of color, survivors of domestic violence, and people with disabilities for scholarship opportunities for our flagship Crystal Healing Certification Program and our Advanced Crystal Practitioner Program. Please click here to learn more about the scholarship programs. It is our hope that these scholarships will help create more diversity, equity, and advancement opportunities for all in the wellness community.

At all times, we seek to honor and respect the historic and cultural origins of crystal healing and all other wellness practices we share in our content, classes, and programs.

We’re committed to giving back. We donate a percentage of our profits to organizations that support diversity, equity, inclusion, and social justice including The Loveland Foundation, Freedom Inc., Urban Triage, the Okra Project, Pets for Life, and many more.

We welcome feedback about our shortcomings or about places we can do better. We will make mistakes, but we are committed to listening to our community, to learning more where we may fall short, and to doing better by doing the work (on an internal and personal level, on a business and team level, and as a part of the global wellness community).

When receiving feedback about our mistakes, our team will listen to the concerns, ideas, or recommendations made. We will then reflect on the issue as a team and implement the appropriate changes based on our commitments and the guiding principles above. Because we take this seriously, this may take time. We have implemented a specialized, 3-part procedure to work through any issues that may arise. Some of these changes will happen internally on the team level, and some will happen more publicly.

If you have any questions or comments about our DEI policies, or if you have feedback about your experience with our organization, please reach out here. We’re committed to listening, learning, and doing better.

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