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A Crystal Layout for Shielding Your Energy Body

Keeping yourself protected is an important part of health and wellness. Setting energetic boundaries is an important part of this work – and crystals can help to energetically support you during this process.  This crystal layout … Read More

Healing Crystals for Negative Neighbors

Dealing with negative people can be a challenge, especially when those people are your neighbors.  Your home is a sacred space where you retreat, rejuvenate, and restore your energy. So when you feel bombarded by bad … Read More

The Secrets of the Synergy 12 Stones for Meditation & More

If you’re familiar with the work of Robert Simmons and Naisha Ahsian, you may have heard of the Synergy 12 crystals. These high-vibration stones are super-powerful, both individually and collectively, and working with them in thoughtful … Read More

Healing Crystals for Dreams & Astral Travel

Do you ever wonder what your dreams mean or what kinds of messages might be hidden in them? Did you know that you can do healing work while you’re in the dream state? It’s true! Using … Read More

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