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If you’re familiar with the healing properties that are associated with a certain crystal, then chances are you’ve probably wondered how that stone got those particular properties and why? The truth is, there is more than one answer. Crystal properties are not only rooted in some history, they also came about through expert intuition and color association as well.

Where Do Crystal Properties Come From?

Crystals can be amazing allies…companions for your journey through life. So it’s no surprise that one of the most frequently asked questions about them is, “What are the properties of this stone?” Basically…how can this crystal help? What does it do? What is it known for?

But over time, you may begin to wonder, “Where do crystal properties come from?”

Who decides what a crystal is good for, and how do they know? I mentioned a few of the common ways crystals become associated with their properties in the introduction here, but there’s much more to this story than that.

While intuition is part of the answer, it’s a fairly nuanced topic. The history of crystal healing and crystal magic goes back to a time before recorded history, and people from every part of the Earth have worked with crystals for healing and magic. Summing up a crystal’s properties, neither ignoring history nor people with a book’s worth of information, is a difficult task. So, let’s break it down into the 4 common ways crystals get their associated healing properties.


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Four Ways Crystals Get Their Properties:

1. Historical uses of the stone:

There are many historical sources that can point us to understanding a crystal’s energy. Both oral history and written history are rich in accounts of crystals for healing and magic. When considering crystal properties that come to us from historical sources, it is most helpful to look for common threads. For example, we may discover writings about one stone from many different cultures, and each may have different healing properties or magical associations for that stone. It’s important to consider these sources through the lens of that particular culture. Although all of this information can help to inform our understanding of a stone, it’s often what these different accounts have in common that gives us the greatest insight. One final important note here – lots of historical sources share information about crystals that we now know to be factually incorrect. For example, Emeralds were said to counter the effects of poison, which there is no scientific evidence for and we know to be false. So although at face value, this “property” of Emerald may seem unhelpful, we can consider the implication of this for modern use. For example, this could indicate Emerald’s potential use for protection or healing.


where do crystal properties come from?

2. Modern associations from authors, teachers, etc.:

In addition to historical sources about crystals, there are TONS of modern sources about crystal properties – from books, to blog post articles, YouTube videos, and training programs, you have lots of options on ways to learn more. Crystal healing authors and teachers can be great resources for more information on crystal properties. One of the most confusing things for crystal beginners is when the descriptions of crystal properties vary from source to source. You may wonder why the properties vary so much – and how do you know which ones are right? The answer is that they’re ALL correct because they’re all based on the same four ways of gathering crystal information that I’ve outlined in this article. But these trusted sources of crystal information have shared the information through their own lens. So, although you may find different information from source to source, none of them are wrong…just different viewpoints. Similar to historical sources, you should look for commonalities when you compare the advice given in modern sources and consider which of these resonate with you, and which come up again and again. The properties that are commonly listed for a given stone across lots of different resources are likely to be accurate for a wide variety of people. However, that’s not to say that you’re experience is invalid if you don’t experience that same quality. Think of these resources more as guides and not something that should be strictly adhered to.


Where do Crystal Properties Come From

3. Physical Traits:

  • Color: Each color in the color wheel is thought to be connected to an area of human experience and well-being. Simply by looking at a stone of a particular color, anyone can know certain basic properties if they’re familiar with these color associations. Although the color of a crystal can inform the properties a stone may have, it does not limit them or contradict them in any way because a crystal’s properties may also be influenced by several other physical traits.


Where do Crystal Properties Come From?


  • Crystal Growth System: A crystal system is a class of geometric formations that group a crystal’s proportions and symmetry with similar crystals. Also known as ‘crystal families’ or ‘crystal lattice systems.’ This is different than a crystal shape, which typically is achieved by processing. The system is inherent to the stone based on the type of crystal you have. There are seven crystal systems in total, and crystals within each system may share similar energetic qualities that inform the properties of those stones.


Where do Crystal Properties Come From2


  • Origin / Locality: Where the crystal is from can impact its energy. For example, an Amethyst crystal from India may have a slightly different energy than an Amethyst crystal from Brazil. These two stones may have many healing properties in common, but they also may have some that vary due to subtle differences in how the crystals were formed, the associated minerals, the trace elements present in the stone, etc.



  • Geologic Formation: The geological processes that formed the crystal will have a direct impact on its energy. There are three main classes of rocks (igneous, metamorphic, and sedimentary) formed during different phases in the rock cycle, and each class has a unique set of energetic qualities. In addition to the rock cycle, there are other geologic processes by which crystals and stones are formed – these also influence the energy of a stone. For example, a stone formed through volcanic action will have a different energetic quality than one formed by evaporation.


Where do Crystal Properties Come From

4. Your personal experience!

Arguably the most important resource for determining the properties of a crystal is your own experience with the stone. Anyone can work with a crystal and tap into their intuition about its properties. Although the previous resources can be helpful to confirm or add context to what you’re feeling intuitively, your experience with the stone is ultimately what matters most. These intuitive impressions may come from meditation, dreamwork, work with crystal layouts, and more!


Where do Crystal Properties Come From

When we consider a crystal’s healing properties, it’s important to acknowledge all of these sources and let them guide our understanding of the stone.

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Where Do Crystal Properties Come From?
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Where Do Crystal Properties Come From?
When intelligently used, crystals can help us work with our own hopes, fears, shortcomings and dreams. So it’s no surprise that one of the questions we’re most frequently asked is, “What are the properties of this stone?”... well, here's your answer!
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