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Protecting Your Home with Crystal Grid Energy

Many crystals are naturally protective, and some well-placed ones can really come together to create Mother Nature’s ultimate home-security grid! Follow these simple steps to create your own special protection grid for security, comfort, and peace … Read More

How to Create and Use a Crystal Grid (Step-by-Step)

How would you like to use crystals to help you manifest the things you’d like most in your life? It’s entirely possible to do so simply by making your own crystal grids! With focused, positive intention … Read More

A Crystal Layout for Shielding Your Energy Body

Keeping yourself protected is an important part of health and wellness. Setting energetic boundaries is an important part of this work – and crystals can help to energetically support you during this process.  This crystal layout … Read More

A Crystal Grid Recipe for Wellness

Crystal grids are an amazing and effective way to work with crystal energy. Plus, they’re absolutely stunning to look at! You can use grids to create positive energy flows, for protection and to enhance your manifestation … Read More

A Distance Healing Crystal Layout for Energetic Wellbeing

Keeping the energy body healthy and in balance is important and incorporating crystal healing layouts for energetic support can be very supportive for energetic wellness.   Performing a layout for yourself can be a bit challenging. … Read More

A Crystal Layout for Intuitive Guidance

Performing a crystal layout involves placing stones on and around your physical body to create a shift in your energy field.  Crystal layouts can follow geometric patterns or may be done intuitively. The overall purpose is to direct the flow of energy from the stones to shift the energy within your body, mind, spirit, and life. Read More

Crystal Grid Recipe for Protection & Shielding

Most often when discussing crystals for protection, what comes to mind is carrying crystals with us or wearing them as jewelry. But did you know that you can also use a crystal grid recipe for protection? Read More

Crystal Grid for Emotional Healing Recipe

The following crystal grid for emotional healing recipe is from my book Crystals for Energy Healing. When I was writing this book, it was SO important to me to include practical, everyday activities for working with … Read More

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