Healing Crystals for Safe Travel

So much of the crystal healing information available seems to be centered around personal development and spiritual growth, but crystals also have tons of fantastic everyday applications, like safe travel.  

One of the things that I seemed to get asked about frequently at my shop is which crystals help people travel safely – not just on special trips, but also during daily commutes to work, or even for family members who are constantly going from one activity or school event to another.

My absolute favorite crystal combination for safe travel is White Moonstone paired with Blue Chalcedony.  I keep a tiny pouch of these in the glove compartment of my car and also tuck some away with me when I go on road trips or hop on a plane.


Crystals for Traveling
Healing Crystals for Safe Travel

This is known as the “Traveler’s Stone” and has been used for centuries as a protective amulet for travelers of all kinds.  It is also said to promote a peaceful, happy, and enjoyable journey. Because of its connection with moon energy, the White Moonstone make an excellent companion stone for nighttime travel.  

If you have difficulty seeing while night driving, a well-placed Moonstone can really help put you at ease.  Additionally, Moonstone has a strong connection with the water element (because it is a stone of the emotions) and can provide extra protection for traveling over water, whether by plane or by boat.  Some even report that Moonstone has the ability to reduce jet lag on long trips, leaving the traveler refreshed and rejuvenated once they arrive at their destination.

Blue Chalcedony


Crystals for Trveling
Healing Crystals for Safe Travel

Blue Chalcedony not only keeps you safe during your travels, but it is also said to help keep you healthy while you’re touring the world. This stone comes in particularly handy if you’ll be visiting some places where the available menu items may be questionable (you know the type of shady street food vendors I’m hinting at here right?).  When paired with Moonstone, the Blue Chalcedony helps you remain worry free while you’re on the road.


Happy traveling!

To learn about how crystal energy can keep you safe at home, click here to read our “Protecting Your Home with Crystal Grid Energy” blog post.

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Ashley Leavy

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  1. Audrey on December 21, 2016 at 3:34 pm

    Thanks so much for the crystal information. I really appreciate it as we are travelling for Christmas holidays.

  2. Athena on December 21, 2016 at 7:02 pm

    Your photo of blue chalcedony looks like blue lace agate. How do you tell them apart?

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