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Best Crystals for TarotDiscover my 10 best crystals for working with the Tarot in this free video workshop replay!


Whether you’re working with Tarot or with Oracle cards, these crystals will support you to work CONFIDENTLY with cards as a divination tool, a self growth tool, and a spiritual development tool.

I worked with Oracle cards for years before ever really digging into my first Tarot card deck. In all honesty, a big part of this was learning to trust my own intuition.

In this workshop, we’re going to be focusing on the 10 best crystals for tarot card readings. If you don’t read tarot and you only work with Oracle cards, these same crystals are the perfect companion for your Oracle card readings as well.

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First, let’s talk a little bit about the Tarot.

Best Crystals for TarotTarot cards are a really popular method of divination used for receiving guidance and wisdom from the universe. It’s not about telling fortunes… although it has been worked with in that way, in some circumstances.

Primarily the Tarot is a tool to understand the archetypes that influence our life, the archetypes that we embody in our own lives, and the situational archetypes and energetic archetypes that we encounter along the way.

Each Tarot deck consists of a really structured order. You can break down a Tarot deck, which is 99% of the time going to be made of 78 cards. This can be broken down into the major arcana and minor arcana.

The major arcana of the Tarot are the cards that are zero through 21. These are the major archetypes that we need to get to know.

Then we have the remaining 56 cards, which are known as the minor arcana. These can be further broken down into four suits, each of which corresponds to one of the elements. Now within those suits, those cards are numbered one or ace through to 10. Then we have four court cards, the page, knight, queen, and king.

Best Crystals for TarotYou can work with crystals to add more context to the cards in your Tarot readings.

Crystals have such a powerful energy vibration. They help stimulate your intuition so you can look at what the deeper meaning and wisdom behind the cards is to receive guidance. Having these 10 crystals around for a little energetic support can make a huge difference in how you work with the Tarot.

You can place these crystals in your sacred space or on your altar where you’re doing a reading. You can hold them for their energy, place them in your pockets, or you could even create a crystal grid around yourself or around your reading space. You can wear your crystals as jewelry — I have my nice labradorite ring on right now to stimulate intuition.

My top 10 crystals for Tarot readings:

The best Angelite comes from Peru. It’s a gorgeous, soft blue stone, known for enhancing connection to your guides and angels to help their messages come through in your readings. It allows you to bring that realm down into your space where you can connect with it and feel safe and supported by it.

Amethyst is a classic stone of intuition, divine connection and connection to spirit. It’s that deep purple color that corresponds so well with the crown chakra and third eye chakra. This is a very important stone to have around while you’re doing this work. Wearing it as jewelry can be very helpful, especially over the heart, so you’re kind of tuned in from both heart and mind.

This is a crystal that is strongly connected with grounding and protection. It has the ability to help keep you safe and protected from outside energies while your psychic energy is at its peak. When you’re in that intuitive space, you’re energetically more vulnerable. This crystal helps keep you grounded so that you can stay protected.

Selenite helps ensure that your space and your aura are clear from psychic debris, which is a really important part of any successful reading. If you hope to be really focused on what you’re doing, not distracted by outside energies and not picking up on things that are irrelevant, it’s important to make sure that you work with a crystal that can clear this psychic debris. If you’re lucky enough to have a small blade or wand of Selenite, you can hold it in your hand and sweep through your aura from your head down to your toes on the front of your body, the sides of your body, and the back of your body to remove psychic debris out of your energy field. You can also do this around your space to cleanse it.

This is the purest of the Quartz stones. It has no other inclusions in it, no other minerals in it. It has the power to amplify intention and thoughts. So if you’re holding the intention to receive guidance and clarity, and to clearly interpret the messages from your cards, Clear Quartz will amplify that intention.

This is one of my favorite stones for mental clarity. It has the most beautiful banding. You can get really nice Fluorite from China, Mexico and from a few places in Europe like England. It promotes mental clarity so that you can really stay focused on what you’re doing and keep your mind from wandering. So if you’ve ever started a reading and your mind wanders off onto a tangent — you start thinking about your grocery list, or how you only have 10 more minutes before you have to pick your kids up from school, or something like that — Rainbow Fluorite can really help with this.

This is a super gentle but powerful crystal. It reminds you to stay heart centered and compassionate during your readings. I love to have this crystal around if I’m doing a reading for someone else, just reminding me to stay in that heart space and to approach it with gentleness, with compassion, with empathy, and without judgment.

Smoky Quartz will help to keep you grounded during your reading, similar to the Black Tourmaline. But this allows you to really connect with the energy of the earth while you’re tapping into this higher vibe, intuitive realm. Smoky Quartz is also an amazing cleanser. It disintegrates negative energy right out of your aura and out of your space.

This crystal has the power to stimulate, activate and open your third eye so that you can really step into your intuitive gifts during your reading. So if you have a hard time with visualization or trusting your intuition and allowing yourself to get into that intuitive space, Labradorite can help you do that.

Citrine allows you to embrace your courage and enhance your self confidence as a card reader. It helps promote successful outcomes and empowers you to feel comfortable with your own abilities. If you’ve been reading for yourself for a long time and you dream of reading for other people, but you’re too scared to do it or you don’t have that self confidence you need, try working with some Citrine!

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[FREE Video Workshop] Best Crystals for Tarot Readings
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[FREE Video Workshop] Best Crystals for Tarot Readings
These are the best crystals for tarot and oracle readings. They will support you on your journey of divination, self growth and spiritual development.
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