A Crystal Grid Recipe for Your Sacred SpaceSetting up a crystal grid is a simple (but POWERFUL!) way to harness the magic of the universe, enhance your sacred space, and tap into your own energy.

Here is a potent grid recipe that you can place in your space as a tabletop grid, or around the exterior of your sacred space or healing room to bring protection and peace to the area and to support your spiritual practice!

But what if I don’t have the right stone?

Watch my video to learn how to troubleshoot this common crystal problem:

Now let’s create your crystal grid!

First, grab these crystals for your grid. Feel free to use rough or tumbled stones:

  • 1 piece of labradorite
  • 4 pieces of smoky quartz
  • 4 pieces of black tourmaline
  • 8 pieces of selenite

Photo of Amethyst Crystal

Photo of Smokey QuartzPhoto of black tourmaline

Photo of selenite





If you don’t have these exact crystals, or if you don’t have them in these quantities, use your intuition to help you find suitable substitutes or to make changes to the grid. Don’t have 8 pieces of Selenite? Try a mixture of Selenite, Clear Quartz, & Scolecite instead – or reduce the number to 4 pieces. Don’t have any Smoky Quartz? Try substituting Petrified Wood. The key here is to use what you have on hand and trust your intuition. You can use all one shape (like all tumbled stones), or you can feel free to mix and match shapes and sizes as you see fit.

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Before placing the stones, they should be cleansed thoroughly with your preferred cleansing method – such as sound, moonlight, or water. 


As you place each crystal in the grid, hold an intention of your choosing clearly in your mind. For example, “This crystal creates a protective energetic boundary.” OR “This crystal helps me feel calm and relaxed.”


Labradorite is used at the center of the grid to help connect you to your own spiritual energy. Place your crystal in a central location in your space — such as atop your altar. Visualize the energy of the Labradorite crystal in the center of your space as a shimmering rainbow pool of energy. Take a deep breath in and feel yourself begin to absorb this shimmering, rainbow energy into your energy body.


A Crystal Grid Recipe for Your Sacred SpaceSmoky Quartz helps you stay grounded while meditating & promotes intuitive insight. Place one in the center of each wall in your sacred space if gridding the entire room, or near the central Labradorite stone if creating a tabletop grid. Visualize the Smoky Quartz transmuting any unwanted energy and radiating supportive energy toward yourself and your space. 


Black Tourmaline repels unwanted energy and enhances feelings of grounding and security. Place one in each corner of your space if gridding the entire room, or in the corners of the small grid if creating it on a tabletop. See the energy of the Black Tourmaline crystals begin to expand and push positive energy further and further out into your sacred space until it fills the whole room.


Selenite cleanses the energy of the space and surrounds you with healing energy. Place two along each wall (one on each side of your pieces of smoky quartz). Visualize the Selenite linking together the stones in the perimeter of the grid and sending the energy of your grid into your sacred space.


After placing the stones, you’re ready to activate the grid! Do this by intentionally linking the crystals’ energy together. This can be done with a Clear Quartz point, a separate Selenite wand, or even with your finger. Point the crystal or your finger toward the central crystal in the grid, then move around the room “drawing” energetic connections between each stone (or just drawing energetic lines between the stones on your tabletop if creating a smaller grid). In this way, you connect the crystals energetically so that they are better able to act as one harmonious grid, rather than many individual stones.

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A Crystal Grid Recipe for Your Sacred Space
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A Crystal Grid Recipe for Your Sacred Space
Setting up a crystal grid is a simple (but POWERFUL!) way to harness the magic of the universe, enhance your sacred space, and tap into your own energy.
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Love & Light School of Crystal Therapy
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2 responses to “A Crystal Grid Recipe for Your Sacred Space

  1. Dalis on February 5, 2022 at 11:53 am

    I love this grid! I added a rose quartz heart below the lab heart for my alter grid. Altho I had all the crystals I needed, the alternative gave me great ideas. Thank you!

    1. Cortney Love & Light Support on February 7, 2022 at 4:21 pm

      Hi Dalis! We’re so happy you enjoyed the crystal grid recipe and found it helpful! Great idea on adding the rose quartz too! <3 Crystal Blessings!

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