Best Crystals for Contacting the Spirit Realm
Best Crystals for Contacting the Spirit Realm

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to communicate with the spirit realm?  With your spirit guides and angels?  Or to work with the energies of fairies and elementals?  Crystals can help make that all possible!  Healing crystals have the ability to amplify energy.  They enhance focus and intuitive insight and can help create and strengthen your connection to the spirit realm.




One of the best crystals for spirit contacting the spirit realm is Jade…deep green, beautiful Jade. Jade has ancient connections as an ancestor stone all throughout Asia, especially in China. Many people believe Jade helps heal “karma” in your ancestral line. Your connection to your ancestors is very important, and going back and healing things that are passed down in your family lineage is a powerful practice and Jade can help with this. Use Jade to contact your ancestor spirits.



Another crystal that I’d highly recommend for contacting the spirit realm is Angelite. This crystal can help you connect with your spirit guides and angels. It brings the protective energy of your guides into your space. This crystal can help you find a great deal of comfort, keeping you feeling safe and supported.  It is excellent for stimulating your intuition and allowing messages from your guides to come through loud and clear.



One of the most powerful stones for ancestor connection (along with Jade) is Turquoise. Turquoise is traditionally known as a wisdom stone. Some Native American legends say that it is connected with father sky, who was thought to be very very wise. Turquoise has also been known for promoting communication with your ancestors. So, in order to impart clear, simple communication regarding the wisdom of your ancestors, you can work with a Turquoise stone.  When you hold a piece of turquoise, remember that the ancestors are here and they’re watching over you; they’ll keep you protected and step in when they’re needed most. But it’s also partly up to you to keep the channel for communication open and ask for help when you need it.


Green Aventurine:

Green Aventurine promotes harmony in your environment, especially in your sacred space. When working with spirit beings, it’s helpful to be sure that your space is tranquil and free from psychic debris.  Green Aventurine works to keep things peaceful and harmonious so that communication continues in a positive, progressive manner.



Amazonite is a wonderful stone to promote positive communication with nature spirits like fairies and elementals because it allows you to speak from the heart. When you’re trying to connect with these sensitive beings, it’s important to remain heart-centered. Approaching fairies and elementals can be delicate, but when you’re coming from a heart-centered place, these beings are much more likely to make contact with you.  Amazonite helps shift your vibrational frequency to be more aligned with the high energy fairies and elementals.



Malachite invites protective guardian spirits into your space to watch over you and all members of your family, even your pets. This crystal should be placed near the door so that anyone who’s entering your home, will be protected while they’re within that energy.  It also helps you communicate with spirits that seem to be stuck in a space, keeping you protected before and after contact.


A Crystal Meditation for Spirit Connection

Prepare for this meditation by choosing one of the crystals above. Use your intuition to choose one you are drawn to using. Prepare yourself, your stone, and your sacred space by cleansing everything thoroughly.  Think about what purpose you have for connecting with the spirit world. Create a little intention for yourself and what you would like to get out of this meditation. Make yourself comfortable in your sacred space. Take just a moment to center and ground yourself. Invite the spirits to join you during this mediation. Think about this connection that you will be creating.  Focus on your breathing. Taking a deep breath in and exhale, releasing all expectations for the meditation. Inhale again, close your eyes, and allow yourself to be open to receiving any messages, symbols, or intuitive insights.  Remain in silent meditation for at least ten minutes, but you may continue for as long as you like or until you intuitively feel you have successfully connected with the spirit world.  Take mental note of any messages or information that comes through.  When you feel ready, thank the spirits for their wisdom and messages and for connecting with you.  Take a deep breath in, slowly exhale, open your eyes, and return to present moment consciousness.  You should wiggle your fingers and toes, stretch your arms and legs, and re-ground and center yourself.


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    Thanks for that info. I always use Labradorite when trying to connect to the spirit world. I will definitely try these other stones.

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