Using Crystal PendulumsA pendulum is a tool that is held between your thumb and index finger and consists of any sacred object such as a crystal, a key, or a ring, which is suspended from a piece of cord or string.

I personally prefer crystal pendulums or those that combine crystals with metals.  My absolute favorite is a copper pendulum that has a clear Quartz crystal point – the conductive nature of copper and the amplification properties of the Quartz crystal make this pendulum perfect for reading energy.

You may also use a pendulum to receive precise yes or no answers to your proposed questions (although you may sometimes receive neutral answers – in which case the question should be reformulated or asked again at another time).

A Simple Method for Pendulum Dowsing (Step-by-Step):

  1. Cleanse yourself, your sacred space, and your pendulum.  If you need more information, check out this article about how to cleanse your crystals.
  2. Sit within your sacred space and formulate a “yes” or “no” question about which you require guidance or information.  It may be helpful to write this question in your crystal journal so you know exactly what was asked when you go back to reference the reading in step #8.
  3. Grip the end of the string, opposite the sacred object, between your thumb and index finger of the dominant hand (the hand you write with).  If you are ambidextrous, just pick up your pendulum with whatever hand feels most natural to you.
  4. Ask (aloud or silently) to be shown your “yes” answer and note the manner in which the pendulum swings (i.e. forward and backward, side to side, clockwise, counterclockwise, wildly, slowly, etc.). You should then repeat this step, asking to be shown your “no” answer. You should not move the pendulum intentionally, but let it move according the subtle energy currents of your body.
  5. Practice divining with your pendulum by asking general questions to which you are not emotionally attached. When you are neutral about the outcome of the divination, you will obtain clearer insights as they will not be influenced by your desires. You may want to start by asking super simple questions to which you know the answer such as, “Is my name [insert your name here]?” or [Do I live in [insert name of your home town here]?”.Once you have had enough practice and are consistently receiving accurate readings, you may begin to ask more personal questions about which you would like to receive guidance and insight.
  6. When you feel you have received the information you needed, cleanse your pendulum once again.  You may wish to store it in a small pouch to keep it protected from outside energy and to ensure it won’t get damaged or chipped.
  7. Take a moment to write in your crystal journal about the answers you received.
  8. The day after your dowsing session, return to your journal and attempt to interpret the meanings of the messages that were presented to you.  If you’re having trouble interpreting the information, reach for a Lapis Lazuli or Azurite stone.  Hold the crystal up to your Third Eye chakra for several minutes to activate your intuition so that you can understand the messages and how they relate back to your question.
Top 8 Steps for Energy Reading with Crystal Pendulums
Using Crystal Pendulums: Dowsing for Wisdom & Energy Reading

Pendulums can also be used for energy healing because they can aid you in detecting the energy field of your client. Simple hold the pendulum over the client’s body to detect his or her energy (i.e. the pendulum may remain still for stagnant energy or swing wildly to show that the energy is concentrated in a particular spot).  You can also ask the pendulum to assist you by asking it to show you how the energy is moving in a particular chakra.



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Using Crystal Pendulums

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