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Imagine What Your Life Could Be Like...

Experiencing crystals like never before, & discovering how to integrate them into your daily life

Feeling like a walking encyclopedia of crystal knowledge that you can incorporate into your life each and every day

Deepening your spiritual practice while finally receiving the abundance and prosperity you deserve

Living with passion, purpose, and joy because you’re spending your days doing what your soul has called you to do

Connecting with a supportive network of other crystal enthusiasts & spiritual entrepreneurs who inspire and encourage each other

Using your intuitive healing skills to create your own crystal layouts

Being your own boss and master of your own destiny… enjoying the freedom you’ve always wanted

Having the confidence to use your stones in a way that feels right TO you and FOR you


Award-Winning Classes

The Love & Light School of Crystal Therapy is the Winner of the Soul & Spirit Magazine Award for “Best Spiritual Course/Workshop Provider.” The Soul & Spirit Awards are well established as a genuine and true mark of quality and recognition within the spirit industry, providing a platform for consumers to let soulful brands and course providers know how much they value them.

Accredited Certification

We’re proud to be an NCBTMB (National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork) approved provider of continuing education (look us up – we’re approved provider #208). This means we operate with ethics and integrity and strive to the highest standards of excellence.

National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage & Bodywork

Gain Confidence Working with Crystals

The CCH course blew me away. I had no idea the power of crystal healing and I learned so much about energy, crystals and the human body. My life and business has changed since working with Ashley Leavy at Love and Light because I’ve been able to gain confidence working with crystals. I was also able to activate my healing abilities and trust the guidance of Ashley and her classes and bring these abilities into my business to help other people. My journey with crystals allowed me to actually go after my dreams. Thank you Ashley, your programs and support have changed my life!

Stacy Stehle The Luminous Connection

Get Client Referrals for Your Spiritual Business

“After I received my certification, I jumped right in. I have workshops scheduled at local wellness centers and crystal shops to get new clients. And I have been getting great referrals from friends and family for whom I gifted healing sessions. This has been a fabulous addition to my spiritually-based business!

Li Saul INcentralism

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Here's What Sets Our Program Apart


  • Include little-to-no support. You’re left completely on your own to learn & implement the material.
  • Teach mostly theory, which doesn’t always translate easily into practice.
  • Led by teachers who haven’t built their own crystal healing practices.
  • Material was created years ago, and is rarely (or never) updated.
  • Aren’t backed by a reputable accrediting organization.
  • No opportunity to connect with the other students in the program (or charge you yearly fees to stay involved).


  • I’m very involved and hands-on with my students. All students can ask me questions via email or in the Facebook group!
  • I designed the curriculum specifically to be super practical and applicable.
  • I had a thriving crystal therapy practice for years, and integrated what I learned from that experience into my teachings.
  • I’m constantly adding to & improving the content of the program to help you succeed!
  • This training program is accredited & approved for 26 CE hours by the NCBTMB.
  • You’ll get lifetime access to our private Facebook group as soon as you enroll!

Who is this Program For?


  • You’re attracted to the beauty and energy of crystals
  • You want to know more about how to use crystals every day
  • You’re serious about your work with crystals
  • You’re ready for a spiritual journey with stones
  • You want to be a crystal expert
  • You want to use crystal energy for your own self-healing
  • You want to be part of a heart-centered, crystal community
  • You’re ready for step-by-step crystal guidance from a mentor
  • You want a deeper understanding of crystals

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WELLNESS PROFESSIONAL - CCH Program + Spiritual Business Bootcamp

  • You have an existing healing or wellness based business
  • You’re ready to expand your business and earn more money
  • You love crystals and want to incorporate them into your practice
  • You want to stand out from your competition and define yourself in your business niche
  • You love to learn and you’re always looking for effective new techniques to offer your clients, but you want step-by-step training from an expert who has been in your shoes before
  • It’s important to you to be on the cutting edge of industry trends by providing services that are in-demand by your clients
  • You’re tired of struggling to make ends meet in your business, but you need help shifting gears because you feel stuck and don’t know how to move forward
  • You know that crystal healing will complement your existing services and that by adding it you’ll broaden your appeal to potential clients, resulting in more appointments and more income
  • You’re ready to have a real, full-time career as a healer, with the ability to earn at least $100k per year!

Get on the List


  • You’re attracted to the beauty and energy of crystals
  • You want to know more about how to use crystals in your day-to-day life
  • You’re ready for a spiritual journey with stones
  • You want to be a crystal expert
  • You want to use crystal energy for your own self-healing
  • You want to be part of a heart-centered, crystal community
  • You’re ready for step-by-step crystal guidance from a mentor
  • You want a deeper understanding of crystals

Learn more with the Crystal Healing Certification Program:


  • You have an existing healing or wellness based business
  • You’re ready to expand your business and earn more money
  • You love crystals and want to incorporate them into your practice
  • You love to learn and you want step-by-step training from an expert who has been in your shoes before
  • You’re tired of struggling to make ends meet in your business, but you need help shifting gears because you feel stuck and don’t know how to move forward
  • You’re ready to have a real, full-time career as a healer, with the ability to earn a great income!

Learn more with the CCH Program + Spiritual Business Bootcamp Bundle:

Excel in Your Crystal Learning

“I have taken other crystal courses but feel Ashley’s personal touch sets her courses apart from others. She makes a personal connection with her students that makes them feel like they are the only student she is working with. She is encouraging and only wants her students to excel in their learning. I am always impressed with her enthusiasm for her area of practice and knowledge and willingness to personally answer her students questions.”

Brenda Johnson

Take Valuable Classes Full of Energy and Love

The Crystal Healing course was really excellent. I learned so much. I’ve never really understood how crystals were formed, etc. The amount of energy and effort and love that is put into these classes – there is no money that would compare with that. Ashley is encyclopedic. She is so sweet and loving. She welcomes everyone in. She opens up a door for you. She helps you open up and be more broad-minded about what you’re doing. You will get a broader scope on how to address any situation you have with your clients. It doesn’t matter how old you are. This is my journey. I’m right where I’m supposed to be right now.

Nancy Hofeditz Johnson

Preview of Your Classes

Click on the tabs below to display a description of exactly what’s covered in each class.

Basic Crystal Healing Class (4 Hours) - INSTANT ACCESS When you Enroll!


How do crystals work? After this class, you’ll know the answer. That’s right! We’re talking physics AND metaphysics — crystal energy is where science meets spirituality. This is where you get the foundation of crystal knowledge for the following classes. You’ll get clarity on some of the most controversial crystal healing topics like how crystals work, crystal cleansing, programming, crystal energy, and more.

Topics covered include: how crystals form, the history of crystal healing, an introduction to crystal systems, crystal shapes, color healing properties, selecting crystals, how to cleanse, charge & program your stones, crystal storage & care, common stones & properties, building a crystal healing toolkit, crystals & astrology, birthstones & numerology, combining crystal healing with other therapeutic techniques… plus so much more!

Sensing Subtle Energy with Stones & Crystals Class (2 Hours)


Connect with the energy of your crystals so that you can develop a personal relationship with your healing stones. A good crystal healer needs to understand crystal energy and how it interacts with the human energy field. This class will lay the groundwork for all of your healing sessions with clients, friends, and family. You will learn exactly how to connect with the energy of any stone and learn to share this experience with your clients, friends, and family, even with those who are skeptical about the healing power of stones.

Topics covered include: introduction to discovering your sending and receiving hands, developing hand sensitivity with crystals, aura scanning and seeing, creating energy balls, using pendulums, intuiting stone type and color, introduction to the crystal breath exercise, detecting energy changes in programmed stones, intuitively discovering the properties of a crystal, sensing crystals within your energy field… Plus so much more!

Advanced Crystal Healing Class (3 Hours)


It’s finally time to learn, step by step, how to perform a professional crystal healing session. In this class you’ll learn about safety, ethics, and other important areas of starting and running a successful, responsible crystal healing practice. You’ll also learn tips to market and grow your practice. This class will give you the confidence and knowledge you need to offer crystal healing sessions in a professional setting.

Topics covered include: Chakra & Aura scanning, clearing cords & connections, Aura combing & cleansing, repairing energy leaks & blockages, Laser Wands, Quartz healing techniques, crystal layouts for Karmic Release & Past-Life Healing, distance healing, elixirs and essences, meditation with crystals, programming stones with color energy, energetic safety and ethics, overview of possible contra-indications, how to handle a healing crisis, crystals and the systems of the body, meridians and kundalini, preparing your healing space, crystal healing session records & information for clients, building a crystal healing tool kit, PLUS performing a complete crystal healing session (step-by-step)!

Energetic Protection with Crystals & Stones Class (2 Hours)


The outside world is full of crazy energy! In this class you get tons of amazing techniques to keep yourself safe, energized, and protected during your day-to-day activities (going to the grocery store, running errands, etc.) or while performing a healing session for a client. Staying grounded and in your center is one of the most important parts of being a successful healer. When you’re grounded, you’re protected, and when you’re working safely with energy, you’re able to offer the best possible service to your clients. After this week, you’ll know exactly how to do it!

Topics covered include: shielding your aura from outside energies, charging and maintaining your aura with crystals, Aura Repair techniques, protecting individual chakras, protective jewelry, crystal grids for protection of your body and workspace, and crystals to shield against EMFs & electromagnetic pollution.

Basic Crystal Healing Layouts Class (2 Hours)


This class helps you dive into the ancient art of crystal layouts, expanding upon the step-by-step techniques taught in the Advanced Crystal Healing class. Although each client and session are different, having a few standard layouts in your repertoire is handy for some of the more common client requests. This class will show you specific layout recipes for common ailments (including sleep disorders, cold and flu symptoms, menopause, stress, and anxiety).

Topics covered include: Quartz crystal layouts, Crystal Layouts for the Auric Field, energy infusion techniques for crystal layouts, Crystal Layouts for Meditation, Layouts for Individual Chakras, and Layouts to support common ailments… Plus much more!

Advanced Crystal Healing Layouts Class (2 Hours)


In this class, you’ll learn to trust your inner guidance when working with clients. Once you understand the basics of performing crystal layouts, it is important to develop your intuitive crystal healing skills so that you can customize your healing approach to the individual needs of your clients. Every client has a unique story and situation so there’s no one-size-fits-all solution. This class also covers important information related to anatomy and physiology and how to energetically support the human body with crystals. At the end of this class, you’ll have a basic understanding of the human body and its major organs and how you can use crystals to energetically support your clients.

Topics covered include: intuitive crystal layouts, layouts for the internal organs, elemental crystal layouts, crystal layouts for clearing past life karma, and advanced Quartz crystal layout techniques.

Chakra Healing with Crystals & Stones Class (2 Hours)


The chakras are the main energy centers of the body. That said, chakra healing and balancing is a HUGE part of what clients are seeking when they come to you for a session. Here, you’ll learn the basics of chakra energy as well as specific techniques for balancing the chakra system with gemstones. Because crystals help correct physical and emotional issues by addressing energetic imbalances, learning to heal and balance the chakras is one of the most important steps on your journey to becoming a Certified Crystal Healer. Learn expert-tested methods for recognizing and correcting energetic imbalances in the chakra system.

Topics covered include: an introduction to the seven major chakras and minor chakras, chakra/color/crystal correspondences, basic chakra crystal layouts, customizing the basic chakra crystal technique, group chakra crystal healing, recognizing unbalanced chakra energy, regulating energetic imbalances with crystals, strengthening chakra energy, and crystal chakra visualization and meditation techniques.

Working with Crystal Grids Class (2 Hours)


Harnessing the power of crystal grids is one of the most powerful techniques for using crystals and stones every day. The use of crystal grids is continuously growing in popularity. Clients will often request the help of a trained professional in creating their own grids at home. Additionally, you can use crystal grids for yourself in all areas of your life (financial, emotional, spiritual, and more). You will learn to combine the energy of sacred geometry with the power of healing crystals for out of this world results!

Topics covered include: an introduction to crystal grids and sacred geometry, step-by-step instructions for creating custom crystal grids, crystal grids for feng shui and the medicine wheel, elemental and planetary grids, grids for sacred space, crystal grid activation techniques, attuning other crystals or stones to the energy of your grid, primary and secondary grid energies, using crystal grids to create dimensional doorways, using your grid to tap into the crystalline grid of the Earth, and instruction for creating intuitive grids utilizing a pendulum.

Emotional Healing with Crystals & Stones Class (2 Hours)


Physical conditions often have emotional roots. By using crystals to balance the emotions and release excess or suppressed emotional energy, you can work preventatively for the benefit of your clients. Crystal healing is an integrative approach to healing. It is important to work on all parts of your client, not just physical ailments. This class will provide you with the necessary knowledge for assisting your clients in regaining balance with their emotional health. In this class, you will learn techniques for clearing and releasing energy blockages from within the emotional body.

Topics covered include: how crystals affect emotions, crystal techniques for anger and depression, a crystal forgiveness exercise, opening the heart chakra, emotional grounding, releasing suppressed emotions, calming and healing the emotional body with crystal layouts, healing the emotional body with a Rose Quartz bath, an emotional balance technique, healing the inner child, a crystal visualization exercise to repair damage caused by emotional trauma, and crystal techniques for managing an emotional crisis.

Using Crystals for Fertility Treatment Class (2 Hours)


Increasingly, people are seeking alternative therapies that help them overcome the energetic and emotional approaches to their healing while they seek treatment from traditional medicine for help with the physical obstacles they face. This important class doesn’t just serve to address fertility issues, but also acts as a case study to the importance of mental and emotional balance as they relate to physical issues. Learn to work with one or both partners to address the emotional and energetic causes of fertility issues. This helps to get everyone on the same page (energetically, mentally, and emotionally) to promote fertility and conception.

Topics covered include: crystal grids and layouts for enhancing fertility, Karmic Release, crystals for emotional release, a Rose Quartz healing visualization, a Moonstone Re-balance technique, creating a crystal fertility bath, chakra empowerment techniques, and a fertility nest building exercise for partners.

Creating a Crystal Healing Mandala Class (3 Hours)


Learn to connect with your crystals in a deeply personal way. Match individual stones to different aspects of your personality to paint a picture of yourself with crystal energy. Becoming a successful healer is dependent upon your own self-healing. When you’re healthy and happy, you’re better able to serve your clients. In this class, you will be guided through the process of building a crystal mandala for personal healing. You will be given step-by-step guidance on selecting and interpreting crystals for each section of your personal crystal mandala including: personal crystal, wealth crystal, astrological crystal, relaxation crystal, healing crystal, elemental crystal, love crystal, success crystal, protection crystal, and meditation crystal.

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