How to Choose Your Own CrystalThere are many different ways to choose crystals. It can be as simple as choosing one randomly from a bowl of mixed crystals, or you could even use a pendulum or another dowsing tool. However, the most important part of choosing a crystal is that you feel drawn to it, or a connection to it.

This is a guest post by Cindy Bourgoin of Carnelia Stones & Crystals.

There is a sense of empowerment that comes from choosing your own crystal. When clients come into the shop, I am more than happy to narrow down the selection for them, as it can be a bit overwhelming to choose from so many different types. However, I always let the client make the final choice. In making that choice, the client is taking their power rather than giving it away to someone by letting them choose the crystal for them.

By choosing your own crystal, you are giving your Spirit a voice and trusting your intuition.

The more you do that, the easier it becomes for you to continue trusting yourself with life choices and situations that come up.

Something else to keep in mind when choosing a crystal by researching books or websites, is that the descriptions are often the author’s perspective. The issue with this is that it gives you an expectation from the crystal rather than remaining open to what it could bring you. You may get a very different feeling when you connect to the same crystal. Just know that it will bring you just what you need, regardless of what that looks like.

What about choosing a crystal for someone else?

There is nothing wrong with choosing a crystal for someone else, as long as your intentions are pure. You may be purchasing it as a gift, or to show you appreciation for that person, and that is completely acceptable. Simply focus on the person you are choosing the crystals for, hold them in your intention while choosing and you will indeed choose the right one.

The bottom line is to trust your intuition and feeling a connection when you are choosing a crystal, whether choosing for yourself, or someone else.

Releasing Expectations When Choosing a Crystal:

When looking for that perfect crystal, it’s important to release expectations and know that you will find just the right one for you. Of course, it’s important to feel a connection with the piece you get and not just settle. But sometimes we get too specific on what we want and miss out on opportunities to work with another piece that would offer just as much positive energy and healing.

Often, people go shopping for a specific crystal based on what they’ve read in a book, or on what a friend has told them, and so, have built expectations that the crystal will help them in the same way it did their friend, or do exactly what was written in the book.

“… continuing to use the stones as mere objects for our use is like using the Holy Grail for a beer mug.”

A quote from the book “Steps on the Stone Path” by Robert Sardello, a great reminder that stones are not just objects to be used however we see fit.

Crystals can offer us energy and we must remain open to what they can bring to us, rather than expect them to perform like monkeys. What one person may experience with a particular crystal may be very different for another. We are all at different stages of our lives and come from very different backgrounds. This can play a factor into how we respond to a crystal’s energy.

Some people are sensitive and can feel vibrations, temperatures, and sensations simply by touching a crystal. Others need to spend more quiet time with their crystals through meditation, to really connect with them and feel their energy.

Crystals are energy. Energy is information.

Our brain is what processes information. When we introduce something new within our energy field, our brain is going to try and find something similar to associate the experience with.

If we take Rose Quartz, for example, and give it to one person who has had an overall good life, they may register the interaction with Rose Quartz as loving and comforting. If we give it to a person who has faced abandonment, loneliness, and despair, they may not feel anything from the crystal since the brain cannot associate it with anything. They may also feel uncomfortable, in the brain’s inability to find similar experiences, it may trigger something they’ve been missing in their life, opening up a wound they are not quite ready to heal.

When choosing a crystal, it is best to choose from your intuition.

Choose because it feels good to you, because you are drawn to it, because you feel a connection to it.

Rather than analyzing what you need and why you need it and how it will benefit you, simply choose from the heart and surrender to the experiences, the learning, and the growth it can bring you. This may include some triggers and uncomfortable moments, because in order to grow we must move out of our comfort zone. Crystals will stimulate growth which can make you face some of the things that are preventing you from growing.

How to Choose Your Own Crystal

Cindy Bourgoin is the owner and operator of Carnelia Stones & Crystals. Her goal is to encourage, guide and support you as you begin seeing your life from a different perspective!

How to Choose Your Own Crystal


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How to Choose Your Own Crystal
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