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Feather SpiritThey say that diamonds are a girl’s best friend, but you’re more likely to find me adorned with crystals like moonstone. Not only does it have sparkly goodness, it radiates lunar energy and helps you rock your divine femininity. Oh, and it totally goes with that outfit.

by Jenn Lynn from Feather Spirit Crystal Healing

Crystal healing is all the rage these days…

…which is ironic because it has actually been around for thousands of years. We finally caught on to what the ancient peoples have always known – those beautiful rocks are not only pretty to look at, but they also harness healing universal energy.

How does this work, you ask?

Every crystal created by our amazing planet has a very distinct vibration (level of energy). Each vibration is associated with specific physical, emotional and spiritual matters. When a crystal’s energy field merges with our energy field, we take on the vibration of the crystal.

Huh? It’s simple, really.

Wear a stone that promotes joy and you will feel joy. Carry a calming stone and your anxiety will decrease. Meditate with a power crystal and you will conquer your day like a boss. Whether you battle depression, chronic pain or want to manifest love and abundance in your life, there’s a crystal for that. They put out good vibes, protect us from bad ones and help keep us balanced in all of the chaos.

The most important thing is your intention.

What is your goal? What is it that you want or need? It might be related to a physical, emotional, or spiritual matter. Or it may be something you want to manifest in your life. Once you have your intention, find the crystal associated with it. Checking out local metaphysical shops, online sellers or even just searching the web will take you where you need to go. There is a ton of information out there!

That’s all there is to it. Some days, I change crystals more than outfits (which is a lot) or am carrying around a ten pound purse (yes, I really DO have rocks in there.).

Do what feels right for you.

All that matters is your intention and what works for YOU.  Remember your intention, connect with the energies and feel those positive vibes!

With the help of a few crystal allies, we can be the best version of ourselves.

Now think about how that can CHANGE THE WORLD.


Go get your crystal on!

Jenn Lynn is a mindful momma, author, certified crystal healer, Lightworker, and Intuitive Empath with a deep love for Mother Earth and her gifts. She created Feather Spirit Crystal Healing to support others on their spiritual journey to promote physical, emotional, mental and spiritual well being. She offers crystals and specialized healing sessions – including crystal consultations, intuitive readings, spiritual counseling and crystal therapy. Learn More at



Are you interested in becoming a Certified Crystal Healer? Find out more about the CCH and Advanced Crystal Practitioner Program HERE!

Get Your Rock On Girl!
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Get Your Rock On Girl!
This week's post by the wonderful Jenn Lynn from Feather Spirit Crystal Healing is all about crystal healing basics and rocking your divine femininity.
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Love & Light School of Crystal Therapy
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6 responses to “Get Your Rock On Girl!

  1. LESLIE FONTENOT on May 1, 2019 at 8:35 am

    Hi i’m a newbie with crystals and i was looking for a podcast that would share some light. I really enjoyed the podcast and i’m looking forward to hearing more.

    1. Charlotte - Love & Light Support on May 1, 2019 at 5:54 pm

      So glad you enjoyed it Leslie 🙂 crystal blessings

  2. Vanessa on May 1, 2019 at 7:30 pm

    This is an amazing article to highlight something like this! I love it!

    1. Charlotte - Love & Light Support on May 2, 2019 at 3:08 pm

      Thank you so much Vanessa! Crystal blessings

  3. Judy Medway on May 5, 2019 at 9:21 pm

    Thank you Ashley for posting this podcast. It was a reminder for me how crystals can help with our daily tasks and outings to give us the qualities we need.

    1. Charlotte - Love & Light Support on May 5, 2019 at 10:09 pm

      You’re welcome Judy! Crystal blessings

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