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Samhain (pronounced the Gaelic way, SAH-win) is celebrated on October 31.

This holiday marks the beginning of the dark half of the year here in the Northern Hemisphere and is the perfect time to hold space for ancestor connection, intuition, the thinning of the veil, death, introspection, rebirth, divination, and honoring the dead! It’s a day to connect with ancestors and honor those who have passed on.

Samhain is also an introspective time that can heighten intuition & divination, and call for meditation on death and rebirth. 


Three of my favorite crystals to work with on and around Samhain are:

    1. Black MoonstoneA darkly reflective crystal perfect for promoting intuition and personal insight. Use it wisely when you’re ready to ask big questions this month.
    2. Sangre Calcite – This deep red calcite is a powerful fire element symbol that makes it a great helper for vitality and motivation in the colder months.
    3. Howlite – This stone is associated with the world of dreams and that which lies “beyond the veil,” making it a good complement for connection with ancestors and the spirit realm.
    4. Black Obsidian
    5. Bloodstone
    6. Black Moonstone
    7. Black Onyx
    8. Carnelian
    9. Hagstone
    10. Howlite
    11. Jet
    12. Red Garnet
    13. Red Sangre Calcite
    14. Shungite
    15. Smoky Quartz
    16. Snowflake Obsidian


    Crystals & a Card Spread for Samhain:

  1. Samhain Symbols:

    • Ale or Mead
    • Pumpkin
    • Skull
    • Besom or Broom
    • Beans
    • Cauldron
    • Bat
    • Key
    • Squash
    • Pomegranate
    • Nuts
    • Apples & Cider
    • Bones

    Suggested Herbs for Samhain:

    • Angelica
    • Catnip
    • Cinnamon
    • Mandrake
    • Mugwort
    • Rose Hips
    • Rosemary
    • Vervain
    • Wormwood


    Samhain is Also Known As/Related To:

    • Halloween
    • All Hallows Eve
    • Calan Graeaf
    • Ancestor Night
    • Third Harvest
    • Final Harvest
    • Day of the Dead
    • Witch’s New Year
    • Sauin
    • Bonfire Night
    • All Saints’ Day
    • All Souls’ Day
    • Celtic New Year




    If you live in the Southern Hemisphere, you’ll be celebrating the festival of Beltain today instead of Samhain to keep with the seasonal cycles. 

    Open yourself up to the messages of illumination at this time of the Fire Festival of Samhain with a Sacred Card Spread!


    This reading will cover 6 aspects of the Final Harvest and shift into the Celtic New Year with highly specific info to help you:


    1. Uncover hidden influences that are affecting the events in your life and navigate the thin, mystical spaces
    2. Hear messages from the universe specific to your unique spiritual path, intuition, and connection to your ancestors or guides
    3. Look into what you need to focus on now on your soul path by gaining insight into what to sow and cultivate now until the light returns




    Interpreting Card #1

    What are you harvesting now from the energy of this past year?

    This card helps summarize your journey over the past year and what has ripened and is now ready for harvest. Think of all you’ve been working to grow and create in your life – now is the time to reap the rewards of your efforts and call in the harvest.

    Interpreting Card #2

    What should you sow and cultivate from now until the time when the light returns at Imbolc?

    Now that you’ve called in the harvest and completed a cycle, what would you most like to sow the seeds of in this moment? What will serve you best in the coming year? The energy you focus on now will begin to show itself and come back to you in big ways by Imbolc. This card may hold some hints or inspiration on what to do next.


    Interpreting Card #3

    What should you release into the darkness and burn away in the bonfire of your soul?

    What needs to be released at this time? And what is no longer serving you? What is potentially holding you back from all that you’d like to embody in your life? This card is here to help you recognize and accept the things that are ready to be let go so that you can create space in your life for things that will better serve and support you in the coming year ahead.


    Interpreting Card #4

    Tips for navigating the thin spaces and walking between worlds as a powerful seeker.

    Samhain is the time of the thinning of the veil – when worlds co-exist and we are able to walk between worlds. What are you seeking right now? What answers have you been searching for? How can you traverse the realm of shadow or the Otherworld while keeping one foot planted firmly in this realm?

    Interpreting Card #5

    Future influences coming in at this time of the turning of the Wheel for the Celtic New Year.

    This card helps give you insight into any new, fresh energy that’s coming into your life during this time of shift and change, What should you be on the lookout for? What may be on the horizon in the coming year? How will this energy affect you as you move forward?

    Interpreting Card #6

    A special message from your ancestors and guides about what you most need to know right now.

    This final card represents a special message to you from your ancestors of guides. What is it that they would like to communicate with you at this time? What lessons, knowledge, or wisdom are they passing on to you? How may you best heed their words?





    Samhain Charm Casting Kit


    Because Samhain is such a powerful time for intuition and divination, this is a great time of year to practice charm casting. In this method of divination, you’ll look at how the charms fall in relation to one another and use their positions and energies to tell a story. Get started with my Samhain Charm Casting Divination Kit!



    Samhain Charm Casting Divination Kit


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Crystals & A Card Spread for Insight at Samhain
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Crystals & A Card Spread for Insight at Samhain
Samhain is celebrated on October 31. It is the perfect time to hold space for introspection, rebirth, divination, and honoring the dead.
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Love & Light School of Crystal Therapy
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4 responses to “Crystals & A Card Spread for Insight at Samhain

  1. Caroline Cummins on October 29, 2021 at 12:49 am

    Hi, I would like to know if you can use any oracle cards to do this spread or is it just for tarot cards.
    Thank you in advance and thank you for the information.
    Kind regards and blessings

    1. Cortney Love & Light Support on February 3, 2022 at 4:08 pm

      Hi Caroline! You can absolutely use oracle cards for this spread, you could even combine multiple sets and draw 1 card from each deck! It’s completely up to you and your intuition on how you want to proceed! 🙂 Crystal Blessings! <3

  2. Charlene on October 2, 2022 at 8:52 am

    Where can you purchase the Samhain charm casting kit? Thank you.

    1. Cortney Love & Light Support on October 5, 2022 at 9:29 pm

      Hi Charlene, you can find the Samhain charm casting kit here: <3 Crystal Blessings

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