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Crystal Grid for Emotional Healing RecipeThe following crystal grid for emotional healing recipe is from my book Crystals for Energy Healing. When I was writing this book, it was SO important to me to include practical, everyday activities for working with crystals.


I thought about some of the most common questions I get from students in my Crystal Healing Certification Program. So often, my students ask about working with crystals for physical ailments. However, frequently physical issues actually have energetic and emotional roots. These also need to be addressed. Working on just the physical symptoms may make you feel better for a time, but that alone won’t get to the core of the issue, clearing it out once and for all.

In my Crystal Healing Certification Program classes, we take a body, mind, spirit approach to healing with crystal energy. In fact, I have an entire lesson dedicated to emotional healing. I think it’s so important (and is so often overlooked).

This crystal grid recipe can be used to create emotional balance and stability as well as repair emotional wounds. 

Crystal Grid for Emotional Healing RecipeThese stones all resonate with the energy of the Higher Heart Chakra. This is a minor chakra associated with emotional healing, compassion, and forgiveness.

If you’re new to crystal grids, or if you’ve made a few but you still feel a little intimidated by the process, you may want to go back and check out my post, How to Create & Use a Crystal Grid Step-by-Step before continuing on with this article (although I promise I keep things super simple and easy to follow here as well).

Supplies Needed:

Begin by gathering your supplies and making sure that all of your crystals have been cleansed.  Create an intention statement for your grid such as, “My emotional body is healthy, balanced, and whole.”  Your intention may be general if you’d just like to focus on overall emotional health, but you may also get as specific as you like to your emotional situation when crafting your intention statement.


Set the Rose Quartz crystal, representing emotional balance, in the center of the Seed of Life shape. 

Be sure to state your intention, aloud or to yourself, when placing all of your stones. Next, put the six Amazonite crystals, representing compassion and empathy, on the Seed of Life shape. Place them around your center stone.  These should be placed in the center of each of the outer circles. Then, place the six Pink Opal crystals, representing emotional healing and forgiveness, at the point where two of the outer circles cross, on the outside edge of the shape.

To activate and enhance the energy of the grid, you may use a clear Quartz crystal point.

This will link the energy of all the crystals within the grid. Activation is most effective if you visualize each of these connections as lines of white light, linking the energy of each individual stone into one cohesive unit.  If your grid is disturbed or if the crystals are moved out of alignment, the grid will need to be re-activated.

  1. Point your wand over the center stone.

  2. Set your intention to link the energy of all seven stones within the grid so that they work cohesively toward your intention.

  3. Moving from the center, “draw” a line to a stone on the outside of the grid.

  4. Moving clockwise, “draw” a line to the next stone on the outside of the grid and then back to the central stone.

  5. Move back up this same line to the stone you just came from, then clockwise to the next outside stone, and then back again to the center.

  6. Continue in this fashion until you have connected all stones and arrive back in the center of the grid.

  7. Finally, point the point of your Quartz crystal toward the center of the grid. This will infuse it with universal energy so that it may carry out its purpose.  It’s important to hold your intention in mind while performing the activation.  Remember, crystals work wonders on their own, but when they are combined with the power of your intention, they’re unstoppable.



Leave this grid in place for as long as you feel you need the emotional healing energy. However, be sure to update your intention statement as needed if your emotional situation changes.

Are you interested in becoming a Certified Crystal Healer? Find out more about the CCH and Advanced Crystal Practitioner Program HERE!

Crystal Grid for Emotional Healing Recipe
Article Name
Crystal Grid for Emotional Healing Recipe
This crystal grid for emotional healing recipe is from my book Crystals for Energy Healing - use it to aid in healing both physical and emotional ailments.
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Love & Light School of Crystal Therapy
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One response to “Crystal Grid for Emotional Healing Recipe

  1. Lesa Vaughan on February 28, 2020 at 7:47 am

    I love grids, they look wonderful and you will often see them on Instagram. You are right they do look daunting as the images always are so good, and I feel my grid is not as impressive, but the feeling of creating your grid and laying down your intention and gratitude is the important thing, not just how it looks.

    Thank you for a easy to follow guide.

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