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Healing Properties of Chytha Jade StoneA Crystal Message about the Healing Properties of Chytha Jade Stone: “I am the creator of my own universe and I choose to create positivity all around me.”



Common Healing Properties of Chytha Jade Stone:

  • Aids in meditation
  • Promotes a positive attitude
  • Removes toxic influences from your life
  • Directs healing energy to where it’s needed most in the body, mind, or spirit
  • Enhances your intuition and psychic powers
  • Clears a pathway for the kundalini to rise
  • Aids in past life regression and ascension
  • Creates a balance between the mind, body, and spirit
  • Cleanses negative energy from the physical body
  • Aids the physical body in the absorption and assimilation of nutrients
  • Assists you while you connect with the angelic realm
  • Promotes empathy and compassion
  • Relieves muscle pain caused by stagnant energy
  • Helps you gain wisdom and insight through meditation
  • Brings more love into your life
  • Promotes protection (especially for women & children)
  • Increases luck
  • Encourages new friendships
  • Enhances feelings of independence
  • Stimulates creativity
  • Facilitates intuitive dreams
  • Promotes peace and calming
  • Enhances fertility
  • Aids in successful childbirth
  • Helps you manifest wealth and prosperity
  • Promotes personal growth
  • Brings balance to the systems of the physical body
  • Facilitates a connection with nature
  • Assists with general healing
  • Enhances your knowledge of plants and the plant kingdom (especially in skills such as herbalism)
  • Increases wisdom
  • Removes obstacles on the path to enlightenment
Colors: Dark greenish-black spots or streaks on a bright, yellow-green background.

Associated Chakras: 4th (Heart)

Zodiac Signs: Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn

Elements: Earth

Companion Flowers: Chrysanthemum

Companion Essential Oil: Thyme

Companion Stone: Axinite

Common Origins: China

Notes: Chytha Jade Stone is made of small areas of Green Nephrite Jade in a matrix of Serpentine.

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The staff at my new age shop, Mimosa Books & Gifts, had this to share:

The term “Jade” can refer to several minerals, but its traditional properties correspond amazingly well. Chinese nephrite jade and ancient Mesoamerican jadeite were both held to be the most precious stones, and are associated with wealth and luck in life as well as good standing in the afterlife. In both cultures, burial practices included jade: in China, pieces of jade were pressed into the nine body openings of the deceased, while in Mesoamerica mourners placed a piece of jade on the deceased’s tongue to serve as his or her heart in the afterlife. It’s truly amazing to see this amount of correspondence between cultures who had no way of knowing about each other! Some forms of jade (jadeite) contain aluminum and iron, and therefore should not be used to make elixirs.

Serpentine is the name for a group of minerals rather than one specific type of stone. It is often mis-identified as Jade, but Jadeite and Nephrite are the only two true types of Jade. Serpentine can sometimes be called New Jade or Korean Jade.


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Healing Properties of Chytha Jade Stone


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Healing Properties of Chytha Jade Stone: A Crystal for Creating Positivity
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Healing Properties of Chytha Jade Stone: A Crystal for Creating Positivity
The healing properties of Chytha Jade Stone makes a powerful tool for healing, encouraging positivity, balance and connection in your life.
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Love & Light School of Crystal Therapy
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