Healing Crystals for Fertility TreatmentDuring the past several years I have performed many crystal energy healing sessions. Frequently, one of the things I am asked to address is infertility.


UPDATE: This article previously listed Shiva Lingam stones among the recommended stones for enhancing male fertility. This is an incorrect use of these sacred ritual objects and the article has been updated to reflect this change since the use of the stones in this manner is culturally appropriative, especially shared by the author here (who is white), and does not honor their intended cultural and historical use. This article has been updated to reflect this change.


There are a variety of ways to treat this issue. However, one of the most effective has been with healing crystals for fertility treatment using the following exercise…

First, choose a stone that you intuitively feel is right for increasing female fertility.

If you are unsure, the following healing crystals for fertility treatment are universally known for their connection with reproduction: Druzy Chrysocolla, Jade (especially in the form of a four-footed dragon – either Jadeite or Nephrite can be used), Indian Moonstone, Apricot Moonstone, Rainbow Moonstone (also known as White Labradorite), Rose Quartz, Lavender Rose Quartz, Rhodochrosite, Boji Stone (use the smooth, female stones), Rhodonite, and Rutilated Quartz (especially with Red or Golden Rutiles, but Silver can also be used). For this purpose, the energy of the stones would be much enhanced if in the form of an egg, but this is not necessary.

Next, choose a stone that will enhance male fertility.

The following stones are connected with masculine energy: Pyrite, Limonite, Boji Stone (use the rough, male stones), Blue Pietersite, Blue Tiger’s Eye (also known as Hawk’s Eye), or Gold.

It is best if you choose your fertility stone and your partner chooses theirs. If this is not possible, you may choose both.

Next, create a “nest” for your fertility stones.

This can be any small container of your choice that you feel is suitable. Make this nest your own. You may choose to use a small box filled with soft fabrics, a basket, or even a real nest that you find in nature. Note: do not use a nest that is still being used by the bird who built it. Fill your nest with items that emit a safe, gentle, and loving energy.

These may be pictures, wishes that you have written on scraps of paper, other stones, sacred herbs, or items that are special to you like pieces of jewelry, feathers, etc. Then, place the nest in a place of prominence where it will be able to inspire you daily. Again, it is best if this activity is done by both partners. If this is not possible, you should create the nest with the intention of choosing materials and objects to represent both of you.



Once you have created your nest, you should dedicate your healing crystals for fertility treatment.

Create an intention for your stones. First, dedicate them with love and light for the highest good of all beings. Visualize the stones being filled with healing, universal white light until they are glowing brightly. If you have a difficult time envisioning the light, you may take your fertility stones outside into the sunlight or light a candle and let its flame illuminate your stones. Note: do not place your stones into the flame.

Then, program your stones for fertility by making a clear, concise statement about your intentions.

This may be as simple as, “These stones increases my fertility and will help me to become pregnant”. You could also be very specific to your fertility issues. Then, place the stones into the nest. It would be best if you place your stone into the nest and your partner theirs. If this is not possible, you may place both.

dreamstime_m_12420306You (and your partner if possible) should take some time each day to sit with the nest.

You may choose to meditate or add things to the nest. Occasionally, you could change things inside it. Or, you may even want to perform reiki or some other energy healing technique on the nest. However, you choose to use the nest, remember what it represents and remember why you chose your specific fertility stones and nesting items. This is a healing space for you (and your partner). Maintain an open heart and an open mind and the possibilities are limitless.





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Healing Crystals for Fertility Treatment: Creating a Crystal Fertility Nest
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Healing Crystals for Fertility Treatment: Creating a Crystal Fertility Nest
One of the most frequent things that I am asked to treat during my healing sessions is infertility. There are a variety of ways to treat this issue, but I find that one of the most effective ways of using healing crystals for fertility treatment is through a crystal fertility nest. Here's how to create your very own...
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Love & Light School of Crystal Therapy
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  1. Erika on March 18, 2019 at 7:31 pm

    I love this idea of building a nest!

    1. Charlotte - Love & Light Support on March 18, 2019 at 10:41 pm

      So glad you enjoyed the blog! Crystal blessings

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