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Interview with Adam BarraletHi, everyone and crystal blessings. Today, I am so excited to be interviewing the amazing Adam Barralet. Adam is someone that I’ve been following for quite some time. If you’re not familiar with him, you may actually know him and not even realize it from his amazing YouTube channel where he talks all about healing crystals.


Ashley Leavy: So Adam, thank you so much for being here.

Would you mind introducing yourself and telling us a little bit about how you got started working with crystals?

Adam: First of all, thank you very much for having me today. I’m really blessed to be in a chat with you all, your fans, your following and your circle. So my journey began with crystals over 20 years ago now. I walked into a crystal shop and I bought myself a little Amethyst. I went home and I read all about the magic and the mysticism of that crystal on the little bit of pamphlet they gave me. The next week, I’m back in that crystal shop and I bought another one, and then another one, and another one – to the point where now I think I work with about 300 different crystals. So that’s where I kind of began. I would buy so many books and try to find as much information as I could about crystals.

There’s so much information out there that would tell me that a rose quartz is good for love and Citrine is good for abundance, but they wouldn’t tell you what to do with them.

So I was collecting all these crystals, but they were just sitting on the shelf looking pretty. If we’re drawn to crystals, we can justify spending $10, $20 or $50 on a bit of rock, however our friends and family may wonder where our money is going. So I thought, if I have this unique drawing to gifts from mother nature, I also have the responsibility to make sure I know how to use them. Otherwise, it’s like giving you a Ferrari and you leave it sitting in the garage. So I started bringing another elements of different practices: aromatherapy, astrology, Feng Shui, guided visualizations, spell work and more, to find out how they create and understand love, healing and protection.

I grew up in Australia, however I lived in Toronto for a while and in New York City. I had some great teachers in these places, and when I finally came back to Australia, I met some great people who invited me to write my books and produce my oracle cards.

Now I’m blessed to travel around the world teaching people what to actually do with these colorful things that we love so dearly.

Ashley: You know, Adam, I’m so glad that you brought that up because as a crystal teacher that was earlier on in life a student, that was one of my biggest complaints while I was trying to learn everything I needed to about crystals. I mean, I have over 200 crystal books, but  it seemed like there were all these encyclopedic volumes about what the properties of stones were but not as much information on what to do with them.

Often, the information you got was so overly complicated that I constantly felt like, Oh, what if I make a mistake? Or this has a lot of steps. It seems really complicated. What if I don’t have all of those special tools or things that I need? Through my own work with stones I eventually realized that it doesn’t have to be difficult or complicated. I think more and more people are waking up to that. Now, you see amazing books available like your book “Crystal Connections: A Guide To Crystals And How To Use Them” which really is more practical. It’s more of a hands-on, integrated approach to working with stones 

Adam: Exactly. You know, I love working crystals and I wanted many people to feel confident with that. If we can’t make it simple and understandable, then we’re going to be eliminating people who will feel helpless with what to do with their crystals.

Ashley: So true. Now, Adam I know for you a big part of your attraction to stones is really because of this value that you have about living in harmony with nature. So…

What tips do you have for our listeners on the podcast or our readers on the blog on how to work with stones to find this balance and live more in harmony with nature?

Adam: Know that crystals are gifts from mother nature that certain people are drawn to. She’s going to gift them to us. Sometimes people feel a little bit worried about taking things from the earth. However, I personally have sat with this idea for a long time and feel that mother nature is going to give us these gifts. We can then use them to work in harmony with her. It’s just like when we feel that we love going traveling around the world, but there’s nothing better than going home and having so many people sitting in your lounge or sitting in your spiritual room at home and doing crystal work.

What I found time and time again, the more we can go out in nature, it’s like taking the crystals home. They sing so much more, they allow us to experience it. As they wake up our awareness, they wake up what’s happening around us in their natural environment. Some days we can go all day and not notice a single thing about what’s happening in the natural world. But we should. There’s a greater need now more than ever to really read and connect with nature.

I think crystals love it when we go back to nature and I think we really love it when we’re back with nature, so it’s a match made in heaven.

Ashley: You know, that is so true. Just to give a quick example, yesterday, I had one of those days where exactly what you’re explaining happened. I was rushing around all day, totally not in my present moment of awareness. I was just going from one task to the next. Busy, busy, busy all day. Then, I was on my drive home because I live a little outside of the city (I have a new age store here in Mass and Wisconsin). I live about half an hour away, and I have this beautiful drive to the countryside. I really love it because I’m so decompressed by the time I get home.

So I was looking out of my car window, just looking at how beautiful everything was, and the sun was just starting to set. It was so gorgeous, the sky was that soft pink color. I went past this little pond that’s pretty near my house and I saw that there was a flock of pelicans. There, I could see their glistening, beautiful white, shimmering feathers in the middle of this pond with this beautiful pink sunset. Then as I drove past it I thought, “Oh, that’s pretty” but then I told myself “No, oh my gosh, this is such a beautiful moment.” So I turned around my car and went back, walked down to this big pond and just sat for 20 minutes and just enjoyed the beauty of this moment.

You’re so right that our crystals are like little connection points to that energy that mother nature has to share with us. They’re such a good reminder to take time to appreciate it. 

Adam: Precisely. I think as humans, we’re all very important, but sometimes we get overwhelmed with how important our troubles are. I was blessed to grow up in the bush of Australia and I found this little rock that I could go sit on at the top of the hill and through that, I could see Perth, which is the capital city of where I live. From there it looked about two inches tall. When you think about a big city and there it’s about two inches tall, it really puts into perspective how big our troubles really are. Crystals give us that gateway to really get out there and connect with the power of nature. Even more, to find that balance that nature already has everyday.

Ashley: Wow.

Are there any crystals that come to mind? Specific crystals that are a good reminder for you or a good touchdown to help you with that connection to the natural world?

Adam: It’s a pretty basic crystal but I think it’s one that gets neglected – maybe because of its color – but smoky quartz is a beautiful one. There are so many vibrant, different colored crystals, but I think a lot of the time, because we are so much in our heads, we are also so much in our hearts, with emotions that are overwhelming. Smoky quartz grounds us so beautifully. It reconnects us with the sacredness. So I really love working with that one. There are also other, more rare ones. I’ve got a bit of a bad habit of loving really rare crystals. Nuumite, for example, which comes from granite in Greenland. They are brown and can be really nice as well, but a smoky quartz can work just as well to remind you the sacredness there.

Ashley: That is so true. I think it is often overlooked and kind of underutilized. Honestly though, it’s one of my favorite stones to work with for so many reasons. But yeah, the grounding capability of that crystal is just phenomenal. 

Adam: Yeah.

Ashley: Adam, let me ask you this… I know that you mentioned this a little earlier, but you also use crystals in conjunction with essential oils. I’m just wondering here, I’ve spoken with a lot of people who use these two things in combination, but…

What are some of your favorite ways to work with the really powerful healing energies from crystals and essential oils in combination? 

Adam: I’ll give you a couple of my favorite examples. So why I love working with essential oils and also bringing animal archetypes and things like that is, instead of just having one little soldier fighting that battle for whatever you want to manifest, you can get a whole army together.

So I will share one of my favorite abundance ones:

What you need for this is a small Citrine crystal, some bergamot essential oil and — in Australia we use a $100 note, or whatever your highest currency note is in whichever country you are. So what you do is you sit down with your crystal and you hold it in your hand, you visualize whatever you want to manifest abundance-wise, whether that would be a certain amount in your bank account or being able to pay for a holiday or something like that. You want to see and taste and feel and do that. You send that into the crystal nook and program the crystal.

Now, after you’ve done that, you get some bergamot essential oil and put a couple of drops on your hand. Rub that all over the crystal and rub it over the $100 note. Breathe it in and put that note into your purse or your wallet. Now, how these three things work together is the crystal as we know, holds energy.

So even after you’ve stopped thinking about that abundance, the crystal is going to keep on putting that out into the energy field and attracting the energy.

Bergamot essential oil works in a couple of ways. First of all, it works with our limbic system. So, it’s like when you smell lavender or you think of your grandmother or you smell a cologne or a perfume and it brings back a bad memory. What happens is each time you smell that bergamot, it’s really going to help take you back to how you’re feeling abundant in that meditation.

Now, the trick with that big bill, whether it’s a 100 or something else, you’re never allowed to spend it. That’s just in your purse or your wallet with that Citrine. The trick is, whenever we open that purse or our wallet and we are like, “Oh, I’ve got no money.” You start to change your conversation about what your relationship with money is. You open up and you always have some money.

Now I have had the same $100 note in my wallet for four years and I will refuse to break that even if I’m at a cash only place. Even if I have to walk for 20 minutes to find an ATM, because that is my commitment to never running out of money. You could negotiate, “Oh, put a $100 note in the next week” but it just doesn’t work that way. What I found a little after doing this, was that I always had enough money to pay for what I need to pay for at that time. So that’s one real simple one that I found to be really, really effective. 

Ashley: Wow, I love that so much.

Adam: That’s one of my favorites to do with abundance.

Another thing I’m always getting asked about is about love…

So first of all I’m going to say, I have a bit of an issue with rose quartz. So I kind of feel it’s a bit like the Kardashians. It gets far more attention than it deserves. So I love rose quartz. It has a nice, gentle, loving energy. However, I know a lot of people when they want to attract love into their life, because of its soft, gentle energy, it doesn’t quite have the oomph to bring a powerful love into your life. Also, there are so many other great pink crystals. You know, there’s Rhodochrosite, Rhodolite, there’s pink Tourmaline and one of my favorites that I want to share about is Kunzite.

I find Kunzite to be the highest vibrating crystal and I find it tends to attract love into your life.

It’s going to be long term love, or even lifelong engagements or soul engagements and those types of things. It’s probably not the best crystal to give to your 14-year-old daughter to attract their first boyfriend unless you want him to linger around forever. What you do with this one is you get some Kunzite, a small piece of Kunzite will be great, and some rose essential oil. Rose is really good at opening up the heart. It’s really good for helping us to see the perfection in people even after being in a relationship for a while.

So again, hold your Kunzite and program the crystal and visualize that person. When it comes to love, I always say don’t visualize a person you want to attract into your life. If you’re visualizing this gorgeous person with blonde hair and blue eyes, you neglect everyone else. So what I do is I visualize and I sense the person that I want. I feel the energy and the feelings of it, rather than what I see.

After you’ve done that ritual, you’re going to smell your rose essential oil.

Rose is going to help to open up your heart and bring new opportunities and possibly people that you don’t expect into your life.

We’re also going to use a little bit of Feng Shui on this one. I’m guessing if you’re listening to this or reading this at the moment, if you’re single, you probably have two bedside tables and you probably spread yourself out over both. Now, what we want to do is clear out one of those bedside tables so that this room is almost energetically ready for that person to move in straight away.

On that bedside table, get a little candle and a mirror and put a bit of rose essential oil on the crystal, on you, and also on that candle. Each night before you go to bed, just take a few minutes, listen to a song,  the same song over and over again, and get that romantic feeling. Light the candle and pop that near the mirror. What the candle is doing by being reflected in the mirror, it’s creating a twin flame so in the energy of your bedroom, you’re drawing in a twin flame. Kunzite of course will bring in that vibration as you carry it throughout your day. If you wear rose essential oils throughout the day then it will also keep that energy around, bringing opportunities when you least expect it.

So those are a couple of ways that I really like to work with essential oils.

Essential oils work not just on that magical sense, but they have emotional components as well.

Bergamot, for example, is great for increasing our self-esteem and how we feel regarding deserving money. The world pays you what you deserve, and so it could help to deal with any issues that are stopping you and mocking you with what you’re trying to manifest with your crystals as well.

Ashley: These are such amazing tips because not only are they working with that beautiful, powerful energy of crystals but then you’re bringing in that vibratory frequency of the essential oils as well. So you’re really getting this amazing combination.

Working with the two energy sources together, such as crystals and essential oils, gives a result that really is greater than the sum of the parts.

Like you said, it’s kind of like lining all these little soldiers up and having them kind of say “I’ll go to work for your purpose.” I love what you’ve just shared with us, and also pulling in those elements of Feng Shui too. I mean that’s just so so important for kind of holding space, and this is such a cool idea. So thank you so much for sharing that with us.

Adam: Oh, my absolute pleasure. And you can bring in whatever you’re drawn to. If you’re into astrology or something like that then do things with astrology, or if you love angels then bring in an angel as well. But if you’re not, don’t. Bring in an animal archetype or bring in whatever works for you and whatever makes your heart sing. That’s going to change your vibration and the crystal is going to respond to that as well. 

Ashley: So true, so true. Now, Adam, I want to pivot just a little bit. You have something really amazing that I’ve had for awhile now. It’s the Crystal Keepers Oracle.

Could you tell us a little bit about this oracle? Maybe like your creation process or how it came to be. Why was this something that you were called to create?

Adam: Yeah, definitely. For the Crystal Keepers Oracle, I wanted to create some oracle cards. I know that oracle cards for many spiritual people are really a way of getting guidance and direction in their life. However, with the crystals, I wanted to begin to do a little bit more than just have the crystal on a card, which so many people do – and they find those beautiful. But if you’re not too familiar with some of the crystals, you would have to go back to the guide book if you can’t follow your own guidance or intuition.

So what I did is I sat with each crystal and I connected with it. I thought, if this crystal was a person, what would that person look like? I worked with an artist and I would visualize these people and describe them and they would help bring that to life for me. So the Crystal Keepers Oracle is 44 different cards. Each one is a keeper or a guardian of a crystal. You see a person or a couple of people holding their crystal in a different scene. There are also plant references and animal references and other things in the card.

So what I do when I’m guiding other people to work with my deck is I say, we’re so quick sometimes that we pull that oracle card and then we grab the guide book and see what someone else tells us that card means or that crystal means.

I encourage you look at the card and see how you feel.

For example, there’s someone beautiful with rose quartz and a lady walking through a field of Citrine. She’s a lady enjoying the sunshine, but what does this crystal bring out for you? And what does that mean for you as well?

It’s about listening to what nature is saying to us. To different people, to different cultures, different animals, different crystals and many different things. Some people love a crystal and some people don’t. I think nature is speaking to us one on one. So listen to your own guidance by using Crystal Keepers Oracle before you worry about what my interpretation is as well.

Ashley: I also really like that you have a deck of cards that’s a little bit different. You have the Crystal Connections Message Cards, and these are more affirmation based. So how would you say that these cards differ?

How would you go about using the affirmation cards in comparison to the Oracle cards?

Adam: Yeah, definitely. So the cards have a message/picture in the front. There are actually 70 different cards that have pictures on them, which I took of my own personal collection. I took them out into the Australian bush and took photos of them in different scenes. I’m a little bit proud of our pictures.

Each one has a short little message kind of thing as well. Sometimes we just want a little pick me up tip, you know, having a quick cup of tea or something like that. So that’s what the message cards are. So you can just pull out the card, get a message and go, “Okay, that crystal might be the one for me to work with at the moment. Done.” Or just like with the Crystal Keepers Oracle, you can use them if you’re doing a healing session or if you really want to get deep into something. You can pull one card or three cards and use different layouts from the guide book. Then you can go, “Okay, let’s have a real big look at what you’re asking and let’s get serious.” That’s the whole miracle kind of thing. 

Ashley: Sure. Okay, great.

Adam: Yeah. 

Ashley: And then Adam, you also have a book out, which I mentioned earlier in our interview, and that’s Crystal Connections: a Guide to Crystals and How To Use Them. So just for everyone listening or reading through the transcript to this interview, what kind of topics do you cover in this book? Because like I mentioned earlier, this is one of my big complaints about the books that were available 10-15 years ago when I really started to get into crystals, where there was a lot about the “what” and not so much about the “how”.

So what kind of topics do you cover in your Crystal Connections book?

Adam: Yeah, precisely that. For many people that are interested in crystals, they’ve probably already got other books sitting around and they’re like, “Why should I bother getting yours as well?” And it’s precisely that. I have put over 100 crystals in there. We also made sure that the photography was really comprehensive of all of these stones. A lot of crystal books will just have one photo of each crystal. However I used to work in a crystal shop and I’ve had arguments with people because “No, no, I want a Carnelian” and it’s like, they only want a specific Carnelian because that’s what Carnelian looks like in their book. However, Carnelian comes in a whole range of colors.

I go through over 100 crystals in depth in my full color book. Just as I talked about Citrine and bergamot, and attracting a soulmate with Kunzite, that is what my book is for. So each is in alphabetical order, and it will tell you the exact little things that you can do everyday. Some of it is just having to integrate them into your life, so you’re set to get that experience as well. In some of the chapters, there’s a little colored box, which will tell you what animal will work with that crystal, and what plant or essential oil I’ll use. I also like to use different ways of cleansing my crystals, and I share a lot about that in the book in my teachings as well.

The reason I wrote my book, and why I thought we needed another one out there, is because this is about actually getting crystals off the shelf – not just knowing their properties. 

Ashley: So it’s really a great guide for beginners, but also an excellent quick reference for more advanced practitioners as well.

Adam: Definitely. I was very specific. Sometimes I’ve read books that talk about this crystal that helps to activate the light body bringing down into your auric field and awakening all those energy senses of divine being or something and I’m like, “What does it do?” So I wouldn’t say it’s a basic book, there are teenagers that love my book and that type of thing, but I make sure to put it in plain, simple English language that’s really easy to understand. I really focus on making sure that the language is understandable for everyone no matter what your spiritual level experience is.

Ashley: I love that so much. And Adam, we talked a little bit earlier about your amazing YouTube channel…

Would you mind us taking a few moments to tell everyone where they can find you online and stay in touch and learn more about you?

Adam: Definitely, yeah. So the quickest way to find me is on YouTube. My channel is basically my name, Adam. I find if you search Adam and a certain crystal, you’ll find me there. I also have videos on essential oils as well. So each video goes for about 10 minutes or so and goes through all the different ways that you can use that different crystal.

If you go down to a crystal shop and you buy a new unusual crystal but you’re unsure about it, check out my channel.

I really like the unusual crystals. I also have lots of information about more common crystals such as Amethyst and rose quartz. Basically I try to make it like a 10-minute guide on what to do with them. So I’ll talk about all the different elements and aspects and that kind of thing. One thing that I like to do as well is film out in nature, for the reasons that we talked about before. I’ve done some in both Australia and New Zealand, I’ve done some in Singapore, and I’ve done a lot in the United States. So there’s a whole range of scenery. 

Ashley: Adam, thank you so much. For all of you listening, definitely be sure to check out Adam’s book and his amazing card decks. We will have links to all of those in the blog portion of this interview, as well as of course a link to Adam’s website and YouTube channel. So Adam, thank you again and tell us one more time what is your website?

Adam: So my website is very, very simple. Just Check that out as it has all my links and all my information on there. We’d love to hear from anyone. You can subscribe to my newsletter that comes out every week as well.

Ashley: Thank you so much again for joining us today. I really appreciate you being here.

Adam: My absolute pleasure. Thank you for having me.



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Crystals & Nature: An Interview with Adam Barralet
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Crystals & Nature: An Interview with Adam Barralet
Do you ever find you know a lot about particular crystals, but not how to use them? Then I think you'll find my interview with Adam Barralet very useful!
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    Loved this interview!
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    Really enjoyed this and ALL of your podcasts and blogs!!
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      Oh Brenda, you are so so endlessly kind and amazing!! <3 We are so happy to have you as a student and we're honored to be a part of your crystal journey. <3 <3

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    Super!!! thank for this interesting podcast! I just started a course in crystal healing this podcasts really help me on my path thank you for that a lot ? the interview with adam also is so full with inspiration and knowledge. Love the oracle decks speccially the crystal keeper deck i love fairy folk and beeings like that, it attracks me a lot. I dont know if it is my wifi connection but when i want to click on the link link to get in the chance to win the page stays blanc.

    Thanks a lot for all the information, keep up the good work, have a blessed day!????

    1. Lauren Love & Light Support on August 3, 2018 at 6:00 am

      Hi Lilly! <3 So so glad you're enjoying the podcast– I love the fairy folk feel of Adam's deck too! <3

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  4. Elizabeth Colburn-Moraites on August 1, 2018 at 5:50 pm

    Lovely interview! I’ve been a fan of Adams ever I got my Crystal Healing Certification from Love and Light. I truly resonate with his view on crystals. Ashley your questions were fantastic.

    1. Lauren Love & Light Support on August 3, 2018 at 6:01 am

      Yes!! His view on crystals is so authentic and interesting– so glad you enjoyed the interview, Elizabeth! <3 <3

  5. Kari Collett on May 7, 2019 at 10:18 am

    This is a wonderful interview! I love his take on crystals and learned something new! (I love learning!). Your podcasts are chock full of great information and are just the right length. I enjoy listening to them and appreciate the included transcript that goes along with the interview. That way I can read as I’m listening to the interview. Keep up the awesome work!!!

    1. Charlotte - Love & Light Support on May 7, 2019 at 5:48 pm

      Thank you so much Kari! Crystal blessings

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