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Giving and receiving crystals as gifts is one of the most beautiful ways to share in the world of crystal energy.  

My very first crystal teacher taught me that the act of giving a crystal could amplify its energy tenfold. There’s something about sharing these beautiful gifts of the earth with someone you care for that really make them shine!

Is there someone special in your life that could use a crystal pick me up?

If so, you might be wondering what stone to give.  Crystals, in general, are symbols of friendship because they’re solid, sturdy, and practically everlasting.  More specifically, there are a few stones that have traditional associations with friendship and support.

  • Pink Botswana Agate to aid friendships during rough patches and difficult times
  • Apache Tear to encourage strong bonds
  • Citrine to promote happiness between friends and to share in joyful experiences with each other
  • Emerald for loyalty and supportive friendships
  • Pink Halite to heal damaged friendships
  • Brecciated Jasper to strengthen friendships and pull people back together
  • Lepidolite to encourage new friendships to blossom and grow
  • Snowflake Obsidian to represent balance and appreciate the unique gifts you each bring to the friendship
  • Boulder Opal to promote harmony in friendships
  • Pink Opal to make it easier and more comfortable when making new friends
  • Rose Quartz as a symbol of friendship and kindness
  • Rhodonite to strengthen your existing friendships
  • Pink Tourmaline to enhance friendships in all ways
  • Unakite to facilitate friendships to grow

Tips and Tricks for Enhancing Friendships with Crystals - Mojo Bags & Medicine Pouches via Love and Light School of Crystal Therapy

You can give these stones as gifts, but you can also use them in mojo bags and crystal grids.  Choose a stone, or combination of stones, from the list above and place them in a small pouch.  As you drop each stone in the bag, focus on enhancing the qualities above.  Then, write your name on a small piece of paper along with the names of your friends and place the paper in the bag with the intention of strengthening your friendships.  Alternatively, you can arrange your chosen stones into a geometric crystal grid and place the slip of paper in the center to send positive, friendship-affirming energy to your friendships.


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Tips and Tricks for Enhancing Friendships with Crystals - Love and Light School of Crystal Therapy

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Ashley Leavy

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