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Healing Crystals to Boost Your Sacred BusinessThis week I’m sharing a really special interview I had with Jenn Aubert, all about how to boost your sacred business with the power of crystals.


Introduction: Ditch the distractions and aim for unstoppable. Honest talk about stepping fully into your business and life. Welcome to “From Stuck to Unstoppable“, with your host Jenn Aubert of LearnSavvy.

Jenn Aubert: Hey unstoppable listeners, this is Jenn Aubert. Thank so much for being here. I’m super excited to welcome our special guest today, Ashley Leavy. Ashley is the Founder and Educational Director of the Love and Light School of Crystal Therapy where their mission is to share the power of crystal healing with people all over the world. She is also the owner of Mimosa Books & Gifts in Madison, Wisconsin. So, welcome to our show Ashley.

Ashley Leavy: Oh, thank you so much for having me, Jenn.

Jenn: I’m so excited to chat today about how to integrate healing practices into our business, and in particular, crystal healing, to enhance our business success. So, this is going to be a lot of fun and I’m excited to dive in.

Ashley: Me too, I can’t wait to get started.

Jenn: Okay. You’ve been teaching crystal therapy for many years.

How did you get into this field and decide to create this as a business and a certificate program around it all?

Ashley: You know, Jenn, it’s kind of one of those things that, believe it or not, just sort of snuck up on me. I mean, when you’re a child, if you have a lot of great support from your friends and family, and people that are encouraging you, you’re always told you can be anything you want to be. Normally, those options are limited to ballerina, firefighter, and President of the United States, but no one ever tells you that you can be a crystal healer. This is not even something I knew existed, and I just sort of kind of fell into it.

I’ve been really attracted to crystals ever since I was a little girl.

I spent a lot of time with my grandfather when I was young, and he’s very scientific-minded. He was actually a chemical engineer for many years, and he had this huge collection of minerals. I would go spend the summers with my grandparents a lot of the time and he would just share with me all these things about the crystals, and tell me about where they were mined or what they were used for. It was all very scientific. There was no woo-woo metaphysical stuff when it came to our discussions.

I remember getting this book from him for Christmas when I was in third grade, and it was a Smithsonian Institute guide to crystals and minerals. Reading through that book which had great tips about earth science, and really interesting stuff about minerals and how they were used, the thing that really stood out to me the most were the little passages about the history, and lore, and legend of crystals and how they had been revered by humans for thousands of years for different purposes.

That just kind of opened my eyes to this whole new area of crystals that I hadn’t been exposed to before.

It was so interesting because I was always really into mythology and things like that. I started exploring that and doing a lot of self-study. Then, in 2007, I took my first professional crystal healing training, really at that time just for myself because I wanted to explore my own personal growth and self awareness when it came to working with crystals. But as soon as I took that first professional training, I knew that this was something that I had to do with clients.

I wanted to work with people. To actually do this professionally.

I had no idea what I was doing, I was just 22 years old. I was in college finishing my degree in Botany and I was really, really unhappy with that. My first degree was in ornamental horticulture, which I love, but I had all this family pressure to go out and do something more, and be something more. Going back to school for this degree in Botany, I thought, well, maybe I’ll become a teacher. Maybe I’ll do research.

The more and more I got into it, I realized, the only thing I can really  do with that degree would be making genetically modified organisms for Monsanto, or something like that. That really did not line up with my soul purpose. It really didn’t feel right to my inner being. That was really hard for me to, kind of, reconcile. I felt like I was at this big crossroads, I was pursuing this very traditional career path that yes, was supposed to make me a lot of money and support me, but it just didn’t resonate with me and who I was learning that I really was inside.

I decided to take a total leap of faith, and try and pursue this career as as crystal healer even though I had no idea what I was doing. It was just a wild journey of learning from there.

Jenn: I love that. I think when people are struggling with trying to figure out what they want to do when they grow up, even if they’re in their 30s, 40s, or 50s, or even later, it’s always so enlightening to look back at what you enjoyed as a kid.

Ashley: Yes.

Jenn: There’s so many wonderful little gems– not to throw out a pun there, but there’s so much that you can use and work from if you just look back and go, how did I spend my time? Did I really enjoy it? What fascinated me? What made me curious? For you, it was crystals and that’s transpired, but for some people, it might have been that they enjoyed spending time with their friends or socializing. They realize now that they could translate that into a profession, maybe later in life, and it’s recruiting or event planning, or something like that.

I think it’s always really interesting how people end up on these paths and find their purpose and meaning in life, and there is already little nuggets of it when they were children.

Ashley: That’s so true. I think one of the saddest things for me is that I see all these amazingly talented people…obviously, as you grow as an entrepreneur and business owner, you network with a lot of people.  Now truly, and I meet people all the time who, when they were children, they were artists, they were dancers, they were singers, and they did all these things. I think what happens is somewhere along the way, someone tells you that either you’re not good enough or that you’re unrealistic in your goals or your dreams or that you somehow, along the way, lose the confidence in yourself to pursue those things, pursue those passions through the things that you truly love in life.

Part of my mission in what I do now, in my work with my students and my clients, is I really want to empower people to recapture those things that did captivate you as a child.

So that, you can actually have a career doing something that fills you up inside, doing something that you love, that really makes your heart sing because, I think when you do that, you figure the rest out.  Because you are going to be more determined to make that work if you are doing something that you’re truly called to do. You’re just going to put so much more in, and honestly get so much more out of, a career when you are focused on something that you really love.  And not to let those experiences that you maybe have had somewhere along the way, deter you from really reaching for your dreams, no matter what those might be.

Jenn: I love that. I love that. What a great mission.

Ashley: It’s a big one. It’s important to me. I just remember feeling so unhappy, and so trapped by the path that I was on. I felt locked in. Like I couldn’t change because I would disappoint people or I wouldn’t be successful. I was so afraid of stepping outside of what felt like a natural path, like it was totally just laid out in front of me. That fear kept me in a lot longer than I should have stayed. I think, eventually, I got the message from the universe that I was supposed to do something else. 

For many people, that fear keeps them so trapped on a path that isn’t making them happy. I don’t want to see people get stuck in there. It’s really heart-breaking.

Jenn: It is. It is. You’re right, it is fear. There’s so many aspects that it touches upon, the uncertainty, the fear of disappointing others, the fear of the unknown and of doing something that is atypical, that you don’t see, that’s not, let’s say conventional. That takes a really– like you said earlier, like you did, a very big leap of faith to see what happens.

Ashley: Absolutely. Yes, you’re right.

Jenn: Over the last few years, I have personally been exploring using crystals in both my meditation practice and to actually help me sleep which has actually been really amazing. I have certain crystals I put underneath my pillow at night. I haven’t thought about, until recently, utilizing it in my business. Although I’m a huge believer in bringing all modalities possible that resonate with you to boost your business…

Can you share some advice and tips on how to start using crystals to help with success and abundance in your business?

Ashley: I know this is a little bit different than how we view most things. When we think about self-care and different modalities that we can use, we’re generally thinking about everything that we can do for ourselves, to keep ourselves healthy, balanced and whole. When you start to look at your business as this being that really needs to be cared for holistically as well, it kind of just opens your eyes to all these different possibilities of things that you can do for your business energetically.  

I think having a really grounded approach to business, a really practical approach is important.

You need that solid foundation for success, and thinking of it in terms of, kind of, energetics…I always think of my business in terms of having its own chakras. I think, “How can I keep my business’s chakras healthy?” That root chakra stuff is that foundation, that planning, doing the things like bookkeeping and accounting, and having your legal stuff in place. I think that root chakra approach to business is really important. I think of that sacral chakra part of my business as that emotional center, my connection to my customers, my communication with my customers, and expressing the authenticity of my business. This comes through a lot in marketing.

You can just think about your business in all these different ways, but once you really get more accustomed to thinking about your business from this energetic perspective, it’s much simpler to think about ways that you can start incorporating different modalities into your business. For example, because my specialty is crystals, that’s immediately where my mind goes. I just want to think about ways to use crystals in every part of my life.

For me, probably the most powerful way that I’ve personally used crystals in my business is coupling them with affirmations.

I’m just a huge, huge believer in using affirmations, vision boards, gratitude journaling, and things like that. That’s something that I do in my personal life, but it’s also something that I do for my business. I kind of incorporate this altogether.

I like to break down my business into different areas, and this is something that is just a helpful way for me think about it.  So I start with planning. I think planning for your business is really the foundation of everything. If you have a good plan, you can move forward confidently. You can reduce those fears and worries and concerns that come up, at least for me.

I’m a very artsy, creative person, but I feel so much more comfortable and confident if I have a plan in place.

I naturally think of, “Okay, what crystals are going to naturally help me with this planning phase in my business.” My personal favorite for this is rainbow fluorite as a stone that helps bring a lot of mental clarity, which I find you really, really need when you’re planning things out. It’s a good crystal for enhancing your analytical thinking, for organization, for prioritizing tasks and projects, and these are all things that you need when you’re doing your business planning.

After I’ve chosen a crystal for the area of my business that I want to focus on, then I create an affirmation. For me, my affirmation that I use with my rainbow fluorite stone is this, “My mind is clear, allowing me to consciously plan my business goals with ease and grace.” How you want to work with that affirmation and that crystal from there, can really go a lot of different directions.

I mentioned vision boards before…

I actually have a little affirmation all written out with a picture of my fluorite stone, and I pop that up on my vision board when I’m doing my planning work. It’s all printed out and I put it out there when I’m doing planning, and when I’m not in a planning phase in my business, I take it down and focus on the other things that I need to focus on. Then, every time I’m ready to sit down and plan, I grab that fluorite crystal, I hold it in my hands and I say my affirmation out loud. It’s okay if you want to say it to yourself silently, but I think there is something about actually expressing your affirmations with the power of the human voice that really adds some oomph to that.

It’s just this connection to the universe where you’re co-creating the energy that’s surrounding you when you speak something aloud.  

And then, holding that crystal is really the key. The reason for that is because crystals are such strong amplifiers of energy. It’s like you’re sending that intention or affirmation out into the universe a thousand fold. I love that connection that I feel with that stone when I’m speaking that affirmation, and it’s like I’m bringing that part of my business into being. I’m consciously creating the energy that I will need to bring into my space and into my being so that I can go through this area of my business, for this example, planning.

I also write in a gratitude journal. I write down my affirmation in my gratitude journal and I’ll talk about, “what do I want to bring into being in this area of my business?” For planning, I would write down some things that I want to plan out in my business. Right now, I’m actually working on expanding my business systems and standard operating procedures so I can get that better foundation for myself and just do a little tweaking on that. I like to write that down, right under my affirmation in my gratitude journal.

I write down all the things that I’m grateful for in my business that I already have a good grasp on, and then the things that I’d like to manifest, to bring in, that need to be planned still.

That helps you see the things that you’re good at already, where your strengths are, and then the things that have maybe been overlooked. You’re creating space for that in your life, setting aside to get that clarity and do that. The crystal really helps with that process. I just like to have it out on my desk while I’m going through that little exercise. From there, you can really start making positive changes.

Jenn: I love that. It’s very intentional.

Ashley: Yes. Absolutely.

Jenn: I think that’s fantastic because first off, you’re taking a pause from all the noise and daily activity of your business, which you need to do in order to do planning. Then, to sit quietly to create that affirmation, or to use  the wonderful one you just provided. To focus and draw your attention towards whatever it is that you want to be working on. Then, like you said, to have that affirmation, and then to follow-up with the gratitude of what you already have accomplished, or what you’ve already done this far. I think that’s really powerful as well because I don’t think we often take the time to stop and be thankful for all the progress we’ve already done in our business because we’re always pushing, pushing, pushing forward. So that’s wonderful.

Ashley: That’s something I really struggled with myself for a long time. I wouldn’t even see really, truly how far I had come because I was always trying to push forward.

It gets you down a little bit if you’re always focused on what you haven’t done, or haven’t accomplished. Taking that time to really sit with that energy and write down those things that your are grateful for, that you have accomplished in your business, it just totally shifts the energy. I think it makes you more motivated about moving forward rather than it feeling like it’s this, kind of, daunting huge task.

The other thing that was really great about this for me personally is, I read in a lot of different business books out there that a lot of really successful entrepreneurs actually attribute some of their success to the fact that they do meditation about their business.

For me, doing the still, silent, mind-clearing meditation for my business wasn’t super proactive.

In my personal life, love that. I’ve absolutely got to have it. For my business, I found that doing something more like this, which is a little bit more like an active meditation, something that I’m involved in, and creating along with the universal energy was something that made so much more sense for me.

When I was just sitting quietly, I will admit, my ego mind would creep in and say, “oh my gosh, you are totally wasting time right now, you could be planning, you could be doing these other things and you’re not, you’re sitting here silently trying to find that stillness and this is not the time to do this.”  And I could not stop the chatter. At least, when I turn it into something that I felt was really proactive, I really could get focused on what I was doing because I didn’t have that kind of ego-minded chatter coming in and telling me I was wasting time.

Jenn: I love that. I love that ego chatter, that happens, right? It’s great to be able to quiet it by having you focus your attention on something, like you said, proactive and working on that intentional planning.  

What other areas and crystals could you share with us today?

Ashley: Yes. I would love to touch on that. This is my, kind of, personal little package of crystals and affirmations that I’ve put together. I started having so many people ask me about this. I started sharing it with others because I found it was so successful for me. All these crystals that I’m suggesting are just the ones that I use personally, but by all means, as I’m going through them, if you feel intuitively called to use something else, then just listen to that.

I think your inner guidance really knows what you need best.

Obviously, one of the big areas for most of us is going to be money, right? We all have businesses because we have to support ourselves financially, that’s just part of being here and living a human existence. Money is a big area of business, and not to be overlooked. That can be really hard especially if you have a spiritual-based business, or a wellness business, thinking about those cold, hard facts that you need money in your business to survive.

I like to use green aventurine because it’s the stone that’s a little bit soft and magical, and kind of playful but it also really speaks to your abundance mindset, things like fiscal responsibility, your budgeting ability, all these things that, kind of, come into play, and it drives you as an entrepreneur in terms of your healthy business finances. This green aventurine stone can really help create positive feelings about money, and replace things like scarcity consciousness…the realization that really, wealth and prosperity are important for your life and business, but there has to be more to it than just that.

You have to have some sort of driving force of why you do what you do to truly attract the abundance that you deserve because you’re not just focused on dollars and cents. You’re focused on being of service to others in some way in your business.

The green aventurine helps you, kind of, release patterns surrounding your self-worth, that maybe you’re not deserving, or that you always give ten times more than you receive. This is a stone that helps you let go of that kind of thing and draw in the wealth and abundance that you deserve. With my green aventurine stone, the affirmation that I use is, “I consciously accept the gifts of prosperity and abundance from the universe with a heart full of gratitude and a mindset of self-worth.” This is one that’s so powerful for me because I think it hits on all those points.

You need that ability to receive but you also need to hold space and have that gratitude mindset and you need to have that self-worth. You need to know that you’re deserving and hold space for this in your life to call this in. So this is just one of the big areas that I think is really important.

Jenn: I love that. That is a great affirmation. Can you repeat it one more time?

Ashley: Absolutely…

“I consciously accept the gifts of prosperity and abundance from the universe with a heart full of gratitude and a mindset of self-worth.”

Jenn: That is awesome.

Ashley: One of my faves.

Jenn: I’m rapidly taking notes here. I love that. I love that. So we talked about planning, we talked about money, what are some of the other areas that you personally use crystals in your business?

Ashley: Oh, sure. One of the ones that I think is often overlooked is legal. This is something that many entrepreneurs, especially again in a wellness industry or health industry, don’t really want to get into because it seems like a waste of time or it seems like something that can always be pushed off until later. But a strong legal foundation is really what’s going to set your business up long term for success and security, and a great stone to energetically support you, while you are creating this legal foundation, is Sodalite.

Sodalite is this deep blue stone that connects to responsibility, fairness, cooperation, communication, security, and justice.

This is the stone that provides that good foundation, energetically, for you to build a really solid legal structure. I like to hold my Sodalite. My affirmation for this is, “I protect and secure my business with a solid legal foundation.” I think that, no matter what kind of business you are in, at one point or another you’re eventually going to have to deal with copyright law or trademarks or even getting your proper insurance in place.

If you are in the very beginning stages of a business, getting your business set up legally, whether you are choosing a corporation or an LLC or a partnership…whatever kind of foundation you need to create to support yourself, do that. And do it sooner rather than later. Because you want to make sure that you are on solid ground moving forward in your business, and having that Sodalite, just around in your space as a reminder, before you make big changes or big adjustments…just be sure and check in that you are on good, solid legal ground.

Jenn: I love that. And it’s a beautiful stone.

Ashley: Yeah, it sure is.

Jenn: Any other ones you want to share with us today?

Ashley: Absolutely. Here’s a big one. I think this is a good one for any entrepreneur out there, especially, I think, if your business is starting to grow. This is branding.

Branding is what’s going to set you and your business apart from the sea of other businesses and entrepreneurs out there.

It’s really the essence of your business and those things that are uniquely you that shine through and show the world why your business is different, and why it’s perfect for your ideal customer. I think that, when we’re talking about branding, authenticity is probably the biggest part of your brand. If you’re being authentically you, and you’re being true to yourself and what your mission and your vision are for your business, then you’re going to be in a really good place when you’re looking at different ways to brand your business, and just letting those things kind of shine through.

Rose Quartz, which is this beautiful soft pink stone, helps you get in touch with your authentic self, so that you can actually share that message with the world.

Sometimes, it’s really easy to let fear-based thoughts creep in and prevent your branding from being truly authentic. Maybe you’re worried about what are the people will think. Maybe you’re worried about being compared to a competitor. All I can say is, at least from my experience, if you can get rid of those fear-based thoughts, that you won’t be liked, or that you’re not deserving of a successful business, or maybe you even have thoughts that go back to a negative self-image and that’s really hard for you to overcome, reach for a rose quartz stone.

This crystal totally surrounds you with the energy of self love. It helps you recognize your own self-worth so that you can really break through those fears and dig deep and bring your brand out into the world.  In this way, it is so powerful because it’s coming from that place of authenticity and allowing you to connect right to the hearts of your ideal customers. My affirmation for branding in my business that I used with my Rose Quartz is, “I love and value my unique, authentic self and I am excited to share my brand with the world.”

Jenn: I love that.

Ashley: And it really is just about finding that unique voice, finding that thing that you do super-well, and allowing that to kind of come through in your business.

If you look at a really, really well-branded business, it’s usually somebody that is super-sure of themselves. At least on the outside. We’re human, right? We’re all going to have those little thoughts every now and again that creep in, but when you get that, reach for that rose quartz stone. Get back in touch with your unique voice, and figure out how to communicate that in your branding through the colors you use in your logo, in your fonts, really everything about your business that is speaking to your customers, not only visually, but also in your copy, in your taglines, in your mission statement. All of that stuff should stem from that authentic brand.

Jenn: I love it. I always think of it as being a very heart-centered stone–

Ashley: Yes.

Jenn: –and having to do with relationships, but when it comes to business, that is exactly what it is. There are relationships that you’re building between yourself and your audience or your tribe or your clients or customers. Like you said, it’s speaking from your heart to the hearts of others.

Ashley: Yes. Oh my gosh! You totally summed it up, Jenn. I adore you!  That’s exactly what it is.

It’s just about the heart to heart connection with other people and letting that authenticity shine through.

When they see you and they see your business and they get what you’re about because you have communicated that with your branding, it is that heart to heart connection. If you ever have been a raving fan of a business out there and you just know, like, “Oh my gosh, I love this person. I love everything they are doing.” That’s what the energy of rose quartz brings to this area of your business.

Jenn: Oh my gosh! We could talk about this all day. This is so much fun. So what 3 actionable suggestions, advice, or guidance can you give our listeners to help them best utilize crystal healing, or for that matter any spiritual on metaphysical or alternative practice into their business?

Ashley:  The first one is, keep it simple. If this is something that is new to you, it doesn’t have to be this super big deal thing.

A lot of you are probably already using crystals and you don’t even think about it.

Think about the jewelry that you wear. You might have some earrings or necklace or ring that has a gemstone in it already. Chances are, you probably do.

I would really encourage you to go out there, take 5 minutes out of your day, and just do a quick Google search for the healing properties of whatever that stone is, Ruby, or Sapphire, or Emerald or Amethyst. Just read up for a couple of minutes about what that crystal is good for.

Next time you put on that piece of jewelry, and it might just be because it matches your outfit that day, and that’s okay, but next time you put it on, I want you to put it on consciously.

I want you to put it on with intention and think about those properties that you learned about that crystal and how they can help you during your day. How they can help you in your business routine.

If there’s a certain thing, like a Citrine is so great for abundance, but it’s also this crystal of personal power. If you put on a Citrine, which is often used as a November birthstone– this is another way that you might find some crystals creeping into your jewelry collection pretty easily. Think about what that means and how you can use it in your business. Think about those properties, like confidence, and maybe you pop on that Citrine the next time you go to a business meeting or a client meeting so you can, kind of, exude that confidence energy that you need to get you through.

These are simple, simple ways that you can start incorporating crystals into your daily routine.

Just that crystal jewelry makes it really easy. Now, if you wanted to take it a step further, I would really like to encourage you, go to your local rock shop or New Age store, even hop over onto Amazon if that’s easier for you. Search out a crystal that seems interesting to you. Maybe there is one that we talked about today that really caught your attention and you thought, “Wow. Yes, I would like to try that.” Give it a try.

The opposite, if this is all just a little bit too woo-woo for you, I’m really going to encourage you just to give it a chance. Don’t dismiss it until you’ve given it a chance to experience it for yourself. And believe it or not, I’m naturally a very skeptical person. I wasn’t sure how I was going to really be able to open up to this whole world of crystal energy. But once I experienced it for myself, that made all the difference. Definitely, first tip, start including them in your conscious planning for your day when you’re putting on that first piece of jewelry.

Second, if you want to take it a step further, go out there and get a crystal, carry it around with you in your pocket, or set it on your desk, or put it on your bedside table. Whatever is easy for you is really what’s important.

Make it simple, make it something that you’ll actually try doing every day.

For that third tip, I would really encourage you to take it that step further and give it a try like what I’m doing. Hold your crystal while you’re speaking some intentions. Keep it near you while you’re doing some gratitude journaling. Put a picture of your stone up on your vision board with your affirmation or intention statement. I just think that they are so powerful for completely transforming the energy around you, and if you stick with it and give it a few weeks’ time, you’re going to start to be able to track and see these changes that are occurring. I just think that’s a beautiful thing.

Jenn: I love this. I love this. And these are tips that, depending on where you’re at in your life, in your feelings about the metaphysical space. These are all things that you can test and try out and see if it works for you.

Ashley: It’s becoming so much more mainstream.

I was at Target yesterday, and when I walked past the jewelry counter, there was this huge display and I took a picture and put it up on my Instagram….huge display of healing gemstones. And they had rings and bracelets and mala prayer beads all made out of these different stones and they had all the properties listed right there. And I was like, “Oh my gosh! Go Target!”

Jenn: I’m so glad you mentioned that, because I saw the exact same thing. I walked past and I’m like, “Wait a second, are you kidding me?” Like, this is in Target!

Ashley: Right.

Jenn: I thought the same thing. I’m so used to having to go to my local metaphysical shop. You have to find special places. But you’re right, they’re starting to show up in more mainstream types of department stores and even your local Target.

Ashley: That’s right.

Jenn: Like you said in the beginning, this is a very, very ancient form of practice in healing and it’s coming back around, as most things do.

Ashley: That’s right.

Jenn: Awesome. We’re going to move quickly into our Savvy Six segment, where we get to know a little bit more about you and your favorite resources. Are you ready?

Ashley: I sure am. Let’s go for it.

Jenn: Okay. What is your favorite business or personal growth book?

Ashley: I was thinking a lot about this. My favorite book right now, and this is weird, it’s actually one that I just read, and maybe it’s one of my favorites because I just read it, but it’s called The Daily Entrepreneur: 33 Success Habits for Small Business Owners, Freelancers, and Aspiring 9-to-5 Escape Artists. It’s by S. J. Scott and Rebecca Livermore.

The thing that I loved about this book is it talks about some of the biggest areas of our businesses that we often struggle with.

Like, not having enough time, or– that’s for me, that’s usually the big one. I feel like I’m constantly, sometimes, doing things last minute. But it breaks down these different areas of your business that you might struggle with. Then there are these different success habits within that section to help you overcome that challenge. The thing I loved about this book is that it actually lists out, at the end of each section, actionable steps that you can do right now to actually change that within your business, so that you don’t have that problem anymore. For me, this is a huge one.

Jenn: That’s awesome. Share your favorite resource or tool when it comes to running your business.

Ashley: The first answer might be kind of a cheater answer, but I could not live without my virtual assistant.

Jenn: I’ve heard that one many times.

Ashley: She’s so amazing and I am just so grateful for everything that she does for me and for my students and to keep my business running smoothly,  I couldn’t do it without her. But the thing that we’re both really enjoying together right now is Asana for project management. We just started using it and it’s making things so much easier.

Jenn: Awesome. What’s your ideal self-care routine?

Ashley: It might be a little bit different than most people.

For me, it would be sleeping in until I feel ready to wake up.

I’m not a morning girl at all, so just making sure that I feel really, really rested, getting up and having a nice green juice, taking my dog for a walk, coming back home and probably rubbing her belly on the couch for a little while. I’m not gonna lie!

Jenn: That’s great.

Ashley: From there, reading a nice book and kind of doing a few hours of work just until I feel like I’ve done enough and then probably head out for another walk, do a little gardening, come back in, take a nice hot bath, and have a great dinner.   

Jenn: That’s awesome. The whole day routine. I love that.

Ashley: Yes, it seriously is.

Jenn: What’s the most unusual trade characteristic, tool, or point of view that you bring to your business?

Ashley: I think it’s a lot of what we talked about today.

I think it’s about looking at my business holistically. I think that’s a little bit different than what most business owners do, but it’s been immensely helpful for me.

Jenn: I love it. What has you most inspired today?

Ashley: That’s a great question. Honestly, I think right now it’s been this conversation. I’m not just saying that. I think this has been very motivating for me. As much as I hope it’s helping lots of people out there, it also help me get some great clarity for my business.

Jenn: Oh, it has been such a fun conversation. Seriously, I think we’re going to have to have a follow up on it, because there is so much more I had to ask you today, but I held back. I held back to save your time.  Thank you. What is your favorite words of wisdom or advice ever given?

Ashley: This is a really tough one. I have gotten a lot of good advice over the years, and I’ve heard a lot of good advice given to other people. I think one of the most important things is probably when, and I can’t remember even where I even heard this along the way, but it was the advice when I was kind of thinking about turning back when I made that leap of faith. There were a lot of times when I thought maybe I should stop doing this. Maybe this isn’t right for me, but I had heard from so many people when you are truly doing what you love with your life and when you’re following your dreams, you will figure everything else out.

You will make it happen because you’re invested in the outcome because you’re doing something that makes you happy.

For me, that was the thing that was the driving force behind not giving up and not quitting what I was doing. Getting to this place of great success, was just knowing that I could make it happen if I wanted to. Marie Forleo, who I adore, has a great saying for this. She says, “Everything is figureout-able”. That’s so true.

Jenn: I love that. That’s a daily reminder for all of us.

Ashley: Yes.

Jenn: So, to wrap up, what one action can our listeners take today to become unstoppable?

Ashley: I do think it really comes down to gratitude and feeling that gratitude. Not letting fear energy get you stuck. Whenever you’re at a standstill in your business, just taking any action is better than taking no action at all. It doesn’t matter if it’s the right decision to make or the wrong decision to make, if you are at least moving then you can always pivot later, but when you’re standing still in your business, you are not in a good place.

So if there is something that you have been pausing on or you have been thinking about for way too long, I encourage you to just get out there and take action. Make a decision.

Jenn: Awesome. And lastly, where can we find you?

Ashley: Well I would love if you would come connect with me on my website at loveandlightschool.com and there’s also links right on that page to check me out on Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Pinterest, all those fun places. Pop on over, check out some of my videos or articles. I also do have a free Crystals for Business e-kit that anyone can download right on my website there.

Jenn: Awesome. I have to go check that out. Well, thanks so much, Ashley, for being here and sharing your awesome and inspiring wisdom. Thanks to you, our Unstoppable community, for joining us today. If you enjoyed what you heard and think you could benefit a friend, please share and like and don’t forget to hit the subscribe button. Go out there, be savvy, be Unstoppable, and we’ll see you next time. Thanks again, Ashley!

Ashley: Thanks, Jenn.


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Healing Crystals to Boost Your Sacred Business
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Healing Crystals to Boost Your Sacred Business
This week I'm sharing a really special interview I had with Jenn Aubert, all about how to boost your sacred business with the power of crystals.
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