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interview with amber lee lyonsHello and welcome! Today I am thrilled to be interviewing Amber-Lee Lyons. Amber is the founder of the Chakra Girl Co. and the host of Chakra Girl Radio, one of my favorite, favorite things to listen to. And it’s her mission to inspire women everywhere to be more Zen and to support them to balance their chakras and live their best lives.


Ashley: So, thank you all for tuning in to this interview with Amber Lee Lyons. And Amber, thank you so, so much for being here with us today.

Amber Lee Lyons: Thank you for having me! Excited to be here.



Ashley: I am super thrilled. I’ve been following you online for a while. I think anybody in the wellness industry, anyone who’s interested in health and wellness energy work, they probably know you best from Chakra Girl Radio, but you do so many things.

I was wondering if you could share with listeners and viewers a little bit about your story and how you got started on this journey?

Amber: Yeah, so I actually started as a crystal jewelry business. I wanted to support women to balance their chakras with crystals because that was something that really like helped me in my mid-twenties. I really found that it worked. I found chakra balancing and it took me from hot mess to success, I always say.

So I started as a crystal jewelry business and I found that what most people were interested in when they would reach out to me on Instagram or they would email me is they would say, how do I use crystals to launch a business? How do I unblock whatever’s holding me back from launching a business? I also realized that my biggest transformation was when I launched my business.

I felt like that became my duty, to help women step into a life that they were proud of and step into a business where they got to support other people.

So, I mean, I don’t love the word business coach, but essentially that’s what it was. And now, I’ve been able to support many, many women to open up their energy, manifest better lives, manifest more purpose, feel more fulfilled, and also get wealthy while doing it. So that was just kind of like a fun bonus for everyone. Now I’ve kind of stepped back.

I’m still doing some business things, but then I’m also bringing it back to where it started with the lifestyle, supporting people to overcome the ‘modern girl problems’ as I call them.

Things that we go through today, like stress, anxiety, lack of energy, relationship problems. So that’s what I’m helping people with, in my glam and grounded life memberships. So I’ve kind of gone full circle.

Ashley: And I think that’s one of the things that’s the most exciting about what you do because I mean, you started out helping people, helping women with their businesses, but as many of us spiritual entrepreneurs know, your business really does kind of come from every part of your life, right? Like there’s no part of you that’s just the business part and all the other parts are separate. They’re so deeply interconnected and interwoven. Unless we deal with the stuff that’s going on in our personal lives, in our relationships with our self worth, and with our mindset, we can’t really fully be successful in business.

I love that you’re bringing it back to this place. I’ve been really anxiously watching everything that you’ve been doing with this glam and grounded life membership. It’s really exciting what you’re doing.

You’re really bringing it back to the roots and digging down into the issues that many modern women do face in our careers, our relationships and in our personal lives. 

Amber: Thank you. Yeah. And it’s really fun. That group of women, even though some of them do have businesses, some of them don’t. A lot of them are really discovering their purposes. And I feel like that’s similar to what you were saying about you can’t have a business until you have that alignment. It was this kind of that precursor and it’s like once they access that purpose, a lot of them probably will want to start a business or go into a deeper purpose. That’s going to be something that catapults them into even more glam and grounded goodness.

So, like with the chakras, you really can’t have that active crown chakra and be in that flow state with your business and in your life unless you’ve worked out the other stuff too.

Ashley: So true.

So what does that really look like then? What does it look like for someone to be glam and grounded in their lives?

Amber: Yeah, so a big part of my brand is that you can be spiritual and rock Louis Vuitton. You don’t have to choose between the two. I remember when I first started doing yoga, I would have my hair extensions in and full glam. Slowly, I stopped doing that once I realized about raccoon eyes and how shit crazy I looked after yoga. But you know, I just want people to know that they can have both. You don’t have to fit into this granola box, you know, you can still have nice things. You can watch Keeping up with the Kardashians if you want to and be spiritual.

So I want people to access whatever their glam grounded life looks like. Some people want to travel the world. Some people want to be flying first class to Paris. Some people want to be on a yacht with Oprah. That’s up to you to decide what your glam and grounded life looks like. But the glam part can’t come just like that.

Abundance and fruitfulness won’t come unless you’re grounded and in alignment with your energy and your core purpose. You have to take action from that place every day.

Ashley: I love that you’re talking about this and just being like super open about it because I think in the spiritual community, there is this major mindset block, right? That your spirituality and abundance are these two separate things and they shouldn’t mix and they can’t mix. And if you’re wealthy you’re not spiritual or if you’re spiritual, you can’t be wealthy or you can’t be abundant.

It’s so disappointing when I see people that really hold this belief so deeply ingrained. I think that it’s a self-limiting belief, that mindset block keeps you from manifesting abundance in your life. And it’s so disappointing because it doesn’t have to be that way. So I love that you’re out there really spreading this message, teaching people that not only can you have these two things, but that this abundance and wealth and mindset really can’t flow unless you have all those other core principles in alignment.

So bravo and congratulations and thank you for the work that you’re doing because I think it’s so important to finally put this myth to rest.

Amber: I call those the angry spiritual people. I’ve faced my fair share of that. I get DMs sometimes being like, you used a plastic bottle, how dare you say you’re spiritual? And things like that. It’s like, okay, I don’t always use plastic bottles, people. I was in Palm Springs, it was 117 degrees and I did have a bottle with me. Some people just really want to get angry with you for not following these rules that they’ve set out in this like rigid way for themselves.

Everyone’s gonna have their thing. Some people are going to just want to do yoga and live in Bali and live a more average life and that’s fine. Some people want a wealthier life.

I think that whatever you want is what you’re supposed to have, but you need to be honest with yourself.

A lot of those people are actually angry with the world or angry at something and denying their true desires because part of them thinks that they can’t have it.

Ashley: And the other part of it that I think is really important, like based on what you just said, is that it’s so interesting how much we get caught up in judgment. Sometimes you need to realize that we’re not perfect. We’re just human beings and we do the best that we can. And that doesn’t always equal perfection. Even if you are the most eco-friendly person in the world, 99.9% of the time, there are always gonna be some situations where you find yourself in Palm Springs and it’s a hundred and something degrees like–

Amber: That happens guys.

Ashley: Definitely. Yeah. So how does balancing our chakras work into this idea of being glam and grounded?

How can we really work with this principle of staying in alignment and why is that important to the glam and grounded process?

Amber: Yes. So, our chakras are transmitters and receptors of energy and they are constantly emitting a frequency and receiving frequency back. So the vibration at which we are emitting a frequency is what we want to be emitting at a high, high vibration. So that we receive things in a high vibration. And if we have associated money and this glam lifestyle with high vibration and something that we want and something that excites us, then we’ve associated that with the high vibration. So that means that we need to energetically match.

The way that we energetically match is by clearing out any blocks that exist in each chakra.

I mean, each chakra individually has its own association with abundance. So for example, the root chakra needs to be balanced in order to be abundant. Your solar plexus has to be balanced because you have to have that vibrant energy. You have to be motivated, you have to have that spark and that je ne sais quoi that people want to give you money. The heart chakra is all about balance and giving and receiving. So every single chakra in some way is related to manifesting.

It’s really about making sure that the chakras are vibrating at the right frequency to be able to attract and call in your own version of your glam and grounded life.

Ashley: And obviously this is something that we can all do. A lot of people aspire to this, but it’s something that’s completely within reach for all of us.

What is one of your favorite super quick chakra tuneup things that people can do to come more into alignment with this energy?

Amber: Yeah, I think I’m gonna go to the solar plexus because it’s weirdly my favorite chakra. This is really about tapping into your confidence, your self – your true self – because your true self and your true purpose and your intuition are all required to be your most abundant self.

So many people out there feel like they don’t have the time, or they don’t have the energy to change their situation. So what we need to do is we need to replenish our true self, our core energy, our spark. So, I literally will visualize that there is a plug, in my solar plexus and I plug it into source energy. I just imagine myself plugging it into the ball of light that surrounds the earth and just let it feed you. With every inhale you just imagine the solar plexus shining this bright yellow energy.

Eventually that energy fills your body, fills the room, fills the world, and then you’re radiating that yellow energy off of you.

Ashley: I love this, cause how simple is that? It’s something we can all do. And you can easily make this part of your daily self care ritual when you plug in your phone and your chakra.

Amber: Exactly, exactly. 100%. Just don’t do it before bed cause you won’t be able to sleep. 

Ashley: I love that. So because we always talk about crystals, I have to know…

What are some of your favorite crystals for chakra balancing or do you have a favorite stone for each chakra?

How do you like to work with crystals? Because you mentioned a little bit before our interview that you use them every day for whatever chakra needs balancing. So how do you like to do that?

Amber: So I’ll give you one crystal for each chakra just because I don’t want to leave any chakras out. For the root chakra, I’m obsessed with garnett.

It’s my birthstone. I just love the deep red, grounding, earthy feeling of it. It reminds me of beets.

Ashley: Abundance crystal, right? So, that’s perfect.

Amber: It’s great for abundance, it’s great for grounding.

I also love carnelian for the sacral chakra. That deep, deep orange reminds me of worthiness and feminine power.

Citrine for the solar plexus, again, don’t keep it on the nightstand. Made that mistake.

For the heart chakra, I mean, I call this the basic bitch of crystals, but rose quartz. I really love it. I love it. I’ve got it everywhere.

I like to put one in each hand and I imagine love shooting out of my right hand and then circling in, touching the world and then entering me through the left hand and then touching my heart. 

Ashley: Constant flow.

Amber: Exactly. So that’s how I use my rose quartz.

My throat chakra is actually the first chakra that I ever cleared once I found out about this work. I didn’t even notice I was doing it, but I was constantly clearing my throat and my friends were always like, why do you do that? And I realized that there was so much going on in the throat chakra. So I ended up sleeping with an aquamarine on my throat for two weeks and it was totally gone, which was wild.

I also love clear quartz for my third eye chakra. And then amethyst, I just love an amethyst for the crown chakra. It’s my favorite crystal. It is so beautiful. I wish I was born six days later so that it could be my birthstone. But yeah, I’m obsessed.

Ashley: So are these things that you have out on your altar or in your sacred space? Do you carry them with you if there’s a certain chakra you wanted to work on that day?

What’s your favorite way to work with them?

Amber: Yeah, so I have all my crystals on my altar, which is probably a little bit crazy. I’ve also got crystals on my desk. But whatever chakra I’m working with, I’ll hold that crystal in my hand or I’ll put one in my purse. I’ll put one on my nightstand. I just make sure that it’s always in plain sight as a little reminder.

I love crystal jewelry, as well. I mean anyone that’s watching us, cause I’m Canadian, there’s this amazing Vancouver jewelry designer named Alexandra and she makes the most beautiful pieces. So, I always buy her stuff. 

Ashley: Yeah. That’s so perfect. And so, I mean, by working with crystals, by clearing blocks, all these things bring us more into that place of alignment and keep us more glam and grounded. But you actually have a new glam and grounded life membership as well, where you’re teaching people other ways to do this in their day to day and really shift their mindset, their life and have big transformations.

I would love to know a little bit more about that membership and how people can find out more about it?

Amber: Yeah. So the membership is so fun. Like I was saying before, the women are so engaged and everyone in there is making best friends and connecting with each other. But the content that I’m putting into this program is really a deep dive into each chakra and how it relates to accessing our glam and grounded life. So the first month that you’re in you’re getting a rundown of all the chakras, a rundown of all the different types of rituals. It’s like Chakras 101.

I’m really teaching you how to tap into your own energy and even how to analyze your own chakra so that you understand where your blocks are. And then every month we dig into the chakras in sequence.

So we talk about the root chakra, which is all about abundance. So that second month it’s all about manifesting money. I’ve also created custom chakra meditations for each chakra. I’ve created different rituals that people can do every day, different mindset shifts, different ways that they can change their language. And everything is to amplify that chakra.

You’ve got everything that you need. You’ve got this sisterhood, the accountability, the content, videos, audios, journaling. 

It’s probably too much information but you can pick through and do what you want. But it’s just like the collective of the women in that group and everyone is there for the same reason. Everyone’s there to support each other and help each other and just make magic happen. And already these girls are getting new jobs, they’re deciding they want to start businesses are getting random checks delivered to their houses or you know, going on really great dates. People that had marriage issues are fixing their marriages. We’re only in the second month and it is just magic, magic, magic.

Ashley: And that’s part of what we really see when we start to tackle those kinds of deeply ingrained issues that we have from so many different ways and perspectives. Like you said, you have journaling and you have crystal work, you have visualizations, like everything kind of comes together and we start to totally shift our vibration.

So thank you so much for sharing all about that today and explaining what this really means to live a glam and grounded life. I am so grateful that you’re here and I’m sure everyone else wants to learn more.

So how can everyone stay connected with you online and find out even more about you?

Amber: So find me on Instagram at Chakra Girl Co. and then you can listen to my podcast, which is called Chakra Girl Radio. I’m on iTunes, Google Play and Spotify and you can find me on my website, And then you’ll find the membership there as well. And I want to give you guys a discount. So if you use the coupon code PODCAST, you can get $10 off per month. So it’s only $37 a month, which is insane. 

Ashley: Thank you so much for that discount code. Check it out because I know you’re going to want to integrate all these practices. Amber-Lee Lyons, thank you again so, so much for your generosity, your sharing spirit, and for everything that you’re doing in the world. Thank you.

Amber: Thank you. Thank you for having me. I’m excited for all of your crystal babes to learn more about chakras.

Ashley: Thanks. It’s our pleasure.

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Get Your Chakras Glam & Grounded: An Interview with Amber Lee Lyons
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Get Your Chakras Glam & Grounded: An Interview with Amber Lee Lyons
This week I'm so excited to talk about staying glam and grounded in my interview with Amber Lee Lyons, the amazing woman behind Chakra Girl Radio.
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2 responses to “Get Your Chakras Glam & Grounded: An Interview with Amber Lee Lyons

  1. Sandi on January 25, 2021 at 10:56 am

    Hello ladies! I have a question. When you said to not put Citrine on your nightstand…why is that? I just found my citrine crystal and had it on my nightstand last night but I woke up often and had crazy dreams. My gut tells me it was the crystal. Do you agree and that is what you meant? Thanks!

    1. Jolie Love and Light Support on January 29, 2021 at 5:51 pm

      Hi Sandi! Yes! We suggested not to because Citrine can be a bit energizing. 🙂 So it may not be the best choice for the nightstand. Your intuition was spot on! <3

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