Stone shapes for crystal healingWhen it comes to choosing the right stone shapes for crystal healing, some healers only use crystals in their natural state. Others, like myself, use an assortment of crystal forms.


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Crystals that are in their natural state are sometimes referred to as “raw” or “rough” crystals. They are crystals that are used just as they came from the earth, be it terminated points, clusters, geodes, or chunks of massive stones. However for choosing the right stone shapes for crystal healing, I believe that because differences exist in the energetic vibrations of people, a considerate healer should have an assortment of crystal forms to better meet the specific needs of each individual.


These stones often have jagged surfaces. They emit very powerful, direct energy that gets to work quickly and efficiently.  However, these stones may be too harsh for some people, so tumbled or polished stones may be more suitable in this situation.


These stones have been put through a process of tumbling with abrasive materials until they have a smooth, rounded surface. They are typically inexpensive and travel better than rough stones as they have no easily-breakable tips. Tumbled stones have a more subtle energy than rough stones; this gentle energy is great for those who are highly sensitive to energy.

Spheres/Crystal Balls:

The energy of a crystal sphere is complete and endless. They have been known to enhance psychic abilities and are used for divination. Spheres emit energy in all directions and also make great massage tools.


Pyramids have a flat base with four sides of equal length that join to form a point at the top. For thousands of years, they have amplified energy and intention. Pyramids can be used to balance the chakra centers and they make wonderful tools for meditation. They are also used for energy transmission (especially for distance healing work), to enhance prosperity, and for transmuting energy.

So if you’re doing crystal healing professionally, or at least for friends and family, it’s a great idea to have several shapes of the same stone available to work in a variety of situations with different types of people.  You might have a rough Rose Quartz and a tumbled, just in case you need to accommodate the person you’re working with.


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Stone shapes for crystal healing

Stone Shapes for Crystal Healing
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Stone Shapes for Crystal Healing
Are you confused about what the 'right' stone shapes for crystal healing are? Some people only use stones in their natural state, but I always prefer to use an assortment - here's why...
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