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Discovering Crystal Grids with Judy Hall

Today I am so honored to be speaking with the amazing Judy Hall, who you might be familiar with because of her work on the Crystal Bible series of books. She has just come out with … Read More

An Introduction to Crystal Grids

The crystal grid is a manifestation tool that joins crystal energy with sacred geometry. When we align an underlying geometric pattern with compatible crystals, we can focus and amplify our intentions. Would you like to work … Read More

The Secrets of the Synergy 12 Stones for Meditation & More

If you’re familiar with the work of Robert Simmons and Naisha Ahsian, you may have heard of the Synergy 12 crystals. These high-vibration stones are super-powerful, both individually and collectively, and working with them in thoughtful … Read More

Three Citrine Secrets for Prosperity & Balance

The smoky golden glow of Citrine crystals isn’t the only thing that makes them amazing, these gorgeous crystals are pretty powerful, too! Would you like to know how you can use Citrine to improve your life … Read More

Healing Crystals for Dreams & Astral Travel

Do you ever wonder what your dreams mean or what kinds of messages might be hidden in them? Did you know that you can do healing work while you’re in the dream state? It’s true! Using … Read More

Using Crystal Grids for Spiritual Growth

Creating a crystal grid, whether it’s basic or more elaborate, is an excellent way to set your healing intention and get the results you desire. There really are no “rules” when it comes to the art … Read More

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