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An Introduction to Crystal GridsThe crystal grid is a manifestation tool that joins crystal energy with sacred geometry. When we align an underlying geometric pattern with compatible crystals, we can focus and amplify our intentions.

Would you like to work with your crystals to call in good health, love, protection, or perhaps more abundance in your life? You can do just that and more by creating your own crystals grids! Fueled by intention, crystal grids are powerful tools for manifesting your deepest desires – and they’re not difficult to create. Want to know more? Here’s what you need to know to start making grids of your own.

UPDATE: This article previously mentioned using White Sage and Palo Santo to periodically refresh your crystal grids. Smoke cleansing using these materials is culturally appropriative in the context it was previously described, especially shared by the author here (who is white). This article has been updated to reflect this change.


Grids consist of crystals placed in precise, geometric arrangements in order to affect the flow of energy for a specific purpose. The properties of the stones used, combined with their arrangement in a sacred geometric configuration, create a unique energy frequency that enhances your intention and helps manifest your desired result. Combining crystal energy with Sacred Geometry exponentially enhances the power of both: the sacred geometry of the formation expresses your intention in a clear and direct way, while the stones amplify this intention and send it out into the universe.

We might also say this is a case where the whole is more than the sum of its parts. A grid creates a powerful energy field, and every element of the process adds to this energetic “package.” Let’s look at some of these elements.

Getting Ready

Intention: The most important aspect of creating a crystal grid is formulating your intention, and stating that intention in a clear and positive way. For example, it’s better to use a strong statement such as “This grid will help me focus positive energy on my family,” than to say something vague (“I’ll be a better mom”) or negative (“I’ll stop nagging my kids”). A well-formulated intention should focus on you, rather than attempting to subvert the will of other people. Write your intention down before getting to work on the grid.

Pattern: A favorite pattern for a crystal grid is some aspect of the Flower of Life, the fundamental spatial arrangement that Sacred Geometry tells us is the framework of our entire universe. The form known as the Seed of Life is especially good for grids, because it represents all possible beginnings and all possible paths — a gateway to infinite possibility. Other shapes have their own sacred meanings: the stable square, the infinite circle or lemniscate, the energy-enhancing Metatron’s cube, the compass rose. At the end of this information sheet, we’ll show examples of how you might use some of these shapes as a basis for a grid, and link you to some reproducible templates.

Material underlying the grid: The physical material underlying the grid has meaning as well. A wooden grid contains living energy, whereas a cloth grid can add a touch of color magic. You can put your grid on glass or a mirror to further spread its energy, or lay your stones directly on the floor or ground to bond with the Earth’s own energy field.

Crystals: Most grids use a single crystal as the central stone (sometimes called the anchor stone), and one or more sets of compatible stones to surround it, often in multiples of six. In our illustrations, we’ll use two sets of companion stones, but there’s no reason you can’t use more or less. We strongly urge you to use your intuition in building your grid, especially when it comes to selecting crystals. Just be conscious of looking for crystals whose energies “mesh” and resonate with the grid’s purpose.

One excellent way (though by no means the only way) to choose your crystals is to find:

– A central stone that complements your intention and is a strong energy channel

– A set of primary stones you have chosen intuitively while remaining mindful of your purpose; these should support the energy of the anchor stone and further define your intention for your grid

– A set of secondary stones chosen by some other intuitive means, such as with a pendulum or dowsing rods, or with the aid of an intuitive reader or other helper

Optional: You may also surround the grid with a circle of clear quartz points to enhance its energy. And if you’re using it to charge some other item, such as a magical tool or piece of jewelry, that item will usually go at the center of the grid. You can even use a large space such as a room as the perimeter of your grid, focusing the energy on the people who live or work there.

Activation: Activating the grid along its lines is an important step. You may channel energy for this through your hand, or use a crystal or wooden wand. This too is part of the energy “package” associated with the grid, so choose something that meshes with the whole.

Placement: The place it is set up will be a sacred space, so choose carefully. The amount of time needed to achieve the grid’s purpose will also be a factor.

Setting Up the Grid

Once you have the materials at hand, you’re ready to set up the grid. You’ve already thought everything out beforehand, so this setup should be a smooth and joyful process. Here are the steps to follow:

Cleanse everything. Whatever method you usually use for cleansing crystals will work fine for the other materials as well.

Set the board up, keeping your intention in mind.

Speak your  intention. You may also add a few words of prayer or invocation, according to your faith, but it’s a good idea to keep it simple.

Lay out the stones. It’s usual to start in the center and work your way out. But the most important thing is to remain mindful.

Activate the grid by tracing its lines. If you know the technique of focusing light energy through your body through your palm, this works very well. You can use a finger to do the same thing, or some type of wand. Start with the center stone, then go stone to stone, clockwise usually. Remain mindful of your intention. If you feel comfortable doing so, you can sing or chant your intention. Here’s a short video that demonstrates one method.

The grid is now ready. You can use your grid for meditation or simply keep it somewhere to remind you of the intention, or lay it out under your bed.

Cleansing and recharging: If the grid is to stay up for a long time, you should make sure it stays physically and energetically clean, and recharge it about once a month.

When you’re done with the grid: It’s also good to use a theme sheet, which can be something as simple as a print-out of a flower of life, to record the pattern used, along with the intention. By keeping this after you take down the grid, you’ll have a way to remember that this tool helped you and was part of your life.

Additional Information

This is just a taste of the beauty and versatility of crystal grids. For a more in-depth look at grids, here are some great resources:

Free videos: The Love and Light Crystal Healing School has a short series of videos about crystal grids on YouTube. Find out how to charge a grid, talk about using one for meditation, and discuss using a Quartz generator as the Center Stone. Crystal Grid Videos

Classes: Love and Light Healing also teaches a three-part series of classes on grids. Crystal Grid Classes

Crystal Templates: This basic set includes a seed of life grid and worksheet. Free download.

The advanced set includes flower, seed & fruit of life. There are also grids for basic geometrical shapes, Metatron’s cube, lots of colored versions of the grids, tree of life. It’s got many colored grids, as well as basic black-and-white outlines. Free download.

Cleansing Your Crystals: If you’d like ideas about how to cleanse crystals and other grid materials, check out this article.

Sample Grids

Below you’ll find six sample grids. These are NOT meant to dictate the “correct” way to make a grid! They’re only intended to present a range of possibilities, and perhaps help you appreciate the range of choices and the amount of creativity you can use when creating your own crystal grids. The most important thing is to use your creative spirit to fill the grid with your own personality and positive intentions.


self love grid


Grid Purpose: Self-Love

Shape: Circle

Background: Mirror

Center Stone: Rose Quartz Heart, a love stone

Surrounding Stones: Rhodochrosite for healing the inner child & Lithium quartz to stabilize mood and banish tension

Activate with personal energy

Refresh with rosewater


Take or accept control grid


Grid Purpose: Take/Accept Control

Shape: Seed of Life

Background: paper grid (free download)

Center Stone: Carnelian for challenging times

Surrounding stones: Citrine for happiness & confidence, ametrine to overcome fear of change

Activate with quartz wand


clarity of direction grid


Grid Purpose: Finding Direction

Shape: Compass Rose

Background: paper grid (public domain)

Center stone: Chevron Amethyst for insight & decision-making

Surrounding stones: Peacock ore for inner strength, Clear quartz for directing energy

This grid also uses a surrounding ring of clear quartz needles for amplification

Activate & refresh with copper wand


positive home energy grid

Grid Purpose: Positive Home Energy

Shape: Flower of Life

Background: paper grid (free download)

Center Stone: Selenite pyramid, a purifying crystal with a stable shape

Surrounding Stones: Black Tourmaline for Protection, Green Aventurine for peace, prosperity & heart chakra connection

Activate with a quartz or selenite wand.


unblock communication grid


Grid Purpose: Unblock communication

Shape: Lemniscate

Background: no pattern background, just an altar cloth

Center Stone: Celestite cluster for compassion & working together

Surrounding Stones: Blue Lace Agate for centering & communication, Citrine for positivity

Activate & refresh with toning or chanting


make peace grid


Grid Purpose: Make Peace

Shape: 5-pointed Star

Background: paper grid (public domain)

Center Stone: Apophyllite to connect with higher beings

Surrounding Stones: Fairy Stones for peace (perhaps let each member of the family choose one), amethyst for purification & protection

Activate with a quartz or selenite wand.


When you combine crystals with sacred geometry, you create a powerful vortex of energy that can be used to call in any of your intentions.


So whether you’re looking to enhance your healing, manifestation, protection or meditation practices, crystal grids are your ultimate companion for unlocking the extraordinary potential of your crystals. 


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An Introduction to Crystal Grids
Article Name
An Introduction to Crystal Grids
The crystal grid is a manifestation tool that joins crystal energy with sacred geometry. It works to focus and amplify our intentions.
Publisher Name
Love & Light School of Crystal Therapy
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4 responses to “An Introduction to Crystal Grids

  1. susan williams on October 5, 2016 at 12:04 pm

    Is there a grid pattern for placing around the exterior of the house for protection as well as plant growth and abundance that would also affect the interior of the house too? I would like to use green aventurine.

  2. Alina on October 27, 2016 at 8:38 am

    A couple of weeks ago, I have found the Flower of Life grid pattern and desided to give it a try. My problem was (and still is) that, as much as I try to be a good mother, I still felt inferior. So, the intention was double: on the one hand, to focus on my child (we have the school registration going on… ugh), and on the other, feel good about myself as a parent. And then I decided to throw in the focus on the whole family, including my husband. So, I used aragonite in the center (that piece was given to me as a gift last Summer), chrysocolla for the smaller circle, and cacholong and lepidolite for a larger one. I would use only cacholong, but I had enough for half a circle only, and the stone is hard to come by.
    So far, the grid is still there, on my shelf. I will wait and see what happens (or doesn’t happen) over the next 2-3 weeks. But I like it, that’s for sure.

    1. Love & Light Support on December 11, 2016 at 9:33 pm

      Thank you for sharing Alina! I hope your grid helped 🙂 Crystal blessings!

  3. Love & Light Support on December 11, 2016 at 8:43 pm

    Thanks Morgan! Crystal blessings 🙂

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