Stone ScentsIncorporating crystals into your meditation practice can be a deeply rewarding experience.  However, the ways in which the stones can be used during meditation can be somewhat limited at times.  Using crystal incense is a fun and different way to incorporate crystal energy into your practice.


There are several crystal incense varieties commonly available for sale.

One of my favorite lines of crystal incense is the Shoyeido Jewel Series.  This line of incense includes scents for Amethyst, Diamond, Emerald, Ruby, & Sapphire.  Here is how Shoyeido describes each fragrance:

  • Amethyst – A silky combination of sandalwood and cinnamon – great to use anytime.  Sandalwood, cinnamon, saussurea, & spices.
  • Diamond – Sparkling frankincense, cinnamon and ginger lily shape this treasured fragrance.  Sandalwood, ginger lily, frankincense, & cinnamon.
  • Emerald – A green, woodsy bouquet comprised of sandalwood and clove. Sandalwood, fennel, cinnamon, clove, & spices.
  • Ruby – Cinnamon and patchouli add soft fire to a rosy sandalwood base.  Cinnamon, sandalwood, saussurea, patchouli, & spices.
  • Sapphire – Crisp tones of clove and vetiver are highlights of this soothing blend.  Sandalwood, vetiver, clove, benzoin, & spices.

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The fragrance blends in each complement the energy of the associated stones.   These scents are perfect for enhancing meditations done with their respective crystals, deepening the meditative experience.

There are also several companies that make Moldavite incense:

Hem makes an inexpensive Moldavite incense, but I much prefer the premium Moldavite incense over the Hem brand.  This high vibrational fragrance can be used with Moldavite to promote shamanic journeying, astral projection, or other out of body experiences during meditation.

I recommend trying a few different crystal incenses, experimenting with each during your meditation practice.  You may find that different scents help promote specific experiences during your meditative sessions.

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Stone Scents: Using Crystal Incense for Enhancing Meditation
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Stone Scents: Using Crystal Incense for Enhancing Meditation
Want to diversify your healing routine? Using crystal incense is a fun and different way to incorporate crystal energy into your practice.
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Love & Light School of Crystal Therapy
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