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Cinnabar is a vibrant red, trigonal crystal often appearing on a matrix of Calcite or Dolomite.

A Crystal Message about the Healing Properties of Cinnabar: “I open myself to the universe’s natural flow of prosperity and abundance.”

Healing Properties of Cinnabar

Common Healing Properties of Cinnabar:

    • Stimulates vitality
    • Aids in manifesting prosperity and abundance
    • Helps you reap the rewards of careful planning
    • Increases motivation
    • Promotes beauty (inside & out!)
    • Enhances the energy in your environment or sacred space
    • Opens and protects your grounding energy center
    • Helps spice up your love life by promoting passion

Healing Properties of CinnabarCinnabar Associations & Correspondences

Colors: Bright crimson red often in a matrix of white or off-white (appearing as flecks in tumbled stones)

Zodiac Signs: Aries, Leo

Elements: Fire, Earth

Companion Flowers: Clematis

Companion Essential Oil: Clove

Companion Stone: Shattuckite

Common Origins: China, Germany

Notes: Also known as Cinnabarite. This stone is toxic – it contains mercury sulfide, so it’s incredibly important to wash your hands after handling (and never touch your mouth or eyes when handling).

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Cinnabar Affirmation: I open myself to the universe's natural flow of prosperity and abundance.


Cinnabar History & Lore:

Cinnabar has been used since ancient times to create the pigment known as vermillion. The mineral was ground to create the bright orange-red color used for coloring caves, buildings, ceramics, and more. It was used ceremonially in China as far back as 4000 BC, but it has been in use as a pigment since Neolithic times in modern-day Turkey. It was used to adorn burial chambers and funerary objects in both China and Peru going back thousands of years.

The red finish seen on many Chinese art pieces is called Cinnabar, referring to the red lacquer traditionally made from this stone that has been applied to these pieces. Many modern pieces are made without the use of the vermillion pigment (they’re just made to look similar), but it’s said that some modern use of this toxic mineral still occurs.

Both Theophrastus and Pliny the Elder discussed extracting mercury from Cinnabar rocks in some of the earliest known written works on stones. Though this stone has long been in use (including its very unsafe use in cosmetics), its toxicity requires much caution in its handling (some sources claim it’s safe to handle as long as the mineral is not vaporized or breathed in as dust, but using caution is always recommended). Cinnabar is still mined as an ore of Mercury for its use in creating thermometers and fluorescent lightbulbs.


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Healing Properties of Cinnabar: A Crystal for Prosperity & Abundance
Article Name
Healing Properties of Cinnabar: A Crystal for Prosperity & Abundance
The healing properties of Cinnabar, a vibrant red, trigonal crystal, will allow you to open yourself up to the universe's natural abundance.
Publisher Name
Love & Light School of Crystal Therapy
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