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Hello everyone andSoul Frequency welcome. Today I have the privilege and honor of interviewing Shanna Lee. Shanna helps people heal their body and mind, access their inner guidance and create a powerful life with her soul frequency work. She is soulfully dedicated to you and she helps you raise your soul frequency by helping you create the body and life that you want.



Ashley Leavy: So Shanna, thank you so, so much for taking the time to be here today.

Shanna Lee: Thank you. I’m happy to be here. Thanks for having me.

Ashley: I’m really excited about today’s interview, because it’s not often that I get to chat about something that is completely new to me.

Would you mind starting out by telling all of us a little bit about yourself, your journey and your soul frequency work?

Shanna: Yeah, so when I was a child, I basically had a gift of seeing life in a multi-dimensional way and I had 2 spirit friends who came onto the planet with me. It was like a sitcom, they literally should write a sitcom because my parents, of course, couldn’t see them. But I could. And so there were situations where my mother or father would go to sit on the couch and I would say, “You’re going to sit on my friend, what are you doing?”

And so that went on for a while until I got to an age where I realized that other people weren’t experiencing it. I was able to see them, but nobody else really in my life at the time could see them. I made a conscious decision as a little kid to stop seeing them and have them go away. And for much of my life, I decided that I was going to be normal, whatever normal is.

So, I really looked around and said, “What are other people doing? I want to do that and built a life like that.” I was just looking around at what it is to be alive and thinking “What do people deem as successful or happy or wonderful? I’ll just emulate that.”

I built a big career and a life and all of a sudden when I checked all the boxes on my list, I was like, “This is it. This is what I was going for.”

I got pregnant around that time. And when I got pregnant with my son, I just had a massive reawakening. It was like everything that was connected to that little girl that I was who kind of gave up on what I could experience. The door just flew open and I really think that my son was the catalyst for that. All of a sudden here I was faced with truth. Just the deep truth of what I was experiencing in life and really not knowing how to cope with it.

I was being led in all of these different ways. I was called to Sedona and to all of these different locations and given the information and I started to really ask and understand why I was being given this information and what value it had. At the beginning, I didn’t feel like it had much value. It felt like it was scary and different.

Soul Frequency

One of the things that I was being shown is the frequency that we resonate on — our soul frequency.

This is like our energetic fingerprint. I was being shown why this matters and how it gets established, and how we can shift that so that the outer experience in our life changes. I was supposed to teach people that we hear energy frequency or we hear energy vibration and really drill down into the details of who we are as an energetic being and how we’re able to shift that over time. Also more on the practical level like, what does this mean for our life? And how do we build a practical three dimensional life, understanding who we are as energy?

Ashley: So tell me…

Was there something specific that triggered this understanding in you when you were going through that big change? Or was it really just that deep soul searching that led you to that discovery?

Shanna: Well, I felt more and more distant for a while in the life I was living. This is typical with a lot of clients and people I know. It’s like you start feeling like you’re pulling out of the life you’re living and looking back at it, rather than being in it, and starting to have different vantage points of the things that you’re experiencing. When I started to feel this there were these two words, love and truth, which is really the beginning.

There are frequencies of information. Every letter carries a frequency, every number carries a frequency. So, I started tapping into the different energetics of words and of numbers.

That was kind of the beginning. I was being shown the words love and truth. And I was so confused as to why it was love and truth and not truth and love, and why they were in capital letters and all of these different things. It was so specific.

And I just started googling one day. I was like, I’m going to put it in Google and figure out what happens. Once I started opening the door to explore it, so much more information started coming. I was immersed in how we’re all created and how mathematical we are and blending this idea of spirituality and the science behind it. I always say, when water is so hot, it almost feels cold when you touch it for a minute. There’s this blending line between science and spirituality and how we are created. It is so fascinating to me.

It’s ancient science and ancient knowledge from past lifetimes coming to the surface to help humanity at this time.

Ashley: So did any of this then circle you back around and connect you to the two spirits that accompanied you into this lifetime? Was that part of this journey? 

Shanna: It did but it was interesting. It wasn’t just like the way I remember it when I think back to my childhood. Back then I saw it as if it was two people in spirit. However what I realized in my adulthood was that that was the only way I could understand it as a child. However it wasn’t just two spirits, it was collective knowledge coming through. But at that age I understood it as two friends. Energy comes through. And sometimes you have visualizations of things. Usually, it’s a visualization of something that makes sense to you, which is how you’re able to accept it. Now I have a broader perspective on it.

Ashley: Right. So your brain really just kind of puts everything into context, and as a child, what would make more sense than just having a friend share something with you? I think that’s so beautiful.

Shanna: Exactly, it was so cool.

Ashley: Shanna, I am really excited by this conversation because I know for a lot of people listening, right now, your story is resonating on a lot of levels. I mean, so many of us who have had this sort of spiritual awakening, have had similar experiences in our lives. Yet we feel distant, we feel disconnected, we feel separated. And when we really start to become more consciously aware of that feeling of separateness and we open up our minds to this kind of exploration, we start to come back into alignment. That’s really what soul frequency is all about.

So how do we then take that next step? Once we become aware of the fact that we are not in alignment, how do we actually move back into alignment with our soul frequency?

Shanna: Yeah, I’m going to just add that some of the ways that we know that we’re not in alignment are when we feel a sense of dread or doom or anxiety in our lives, or feeling disconnected from ourselves or from others, and not feeling a lot of joy. 

Sometimes people are not even at the level of awareness where they’re saying, “My life isn’t in alignment” They’re just feeling like, “I’m not really happy and I’m not really doing anything that I love to do and it just feels like a lot of tasks and a lot of drudgery.” That’s really just an indicator that probably many areas of life are out of alignment. I’m a big proponent of taking things one at a time. There’s no need to shock your system if that’s not what you’re called up to do.

I went through a rapid transformation and I don’t recommend that unless you’re really called up to it because it’s a lot to take and there’s a lot of moving pieces to it.

So, if it feels like there’s one area of your life that’s really pulling your attention, start there. We don’t need to change everything at once. It’s just about taking practical steps. One of the things that you can start doing is writing down in a journal or in a sacred place, what is coming to you, what are the choices and the changes that you are feeling you need to make. I believe we somewhat know, although we don’t always want to know because it’s hard and it’s scary. But the important thing is that if we just write it down, we’ve honored it, right? 

The first step is just writing it down. Not even taking action on it, but just saying,
I see you. Right? I know you’re here. Then your intuition feels honored and it knows it’s being heard. Then when it’s the right time, you’ll start to take action.

Inspired action naturally happens as you start to be aware and acknowledge.

So, you can’t be aware and acknowledge time and time again without it naturally moving you into action. So sometimes with our brain, we think we have to force action. And I think when we do that, it feels really hard and difficult and like, oh gosh, how am I going to do this? But when we just stop and say, for right now, I’m just going to be courageous enough to write this down. And then I’m just going to put it aside, I’m going to go about my life and when something else comes up, I’m going to write that down too, because intuition comes in bits and pieces. it’s like puzzle pieces. It doesn’t always make logical sense.

So the first thing you can do is just start writing down the pieces. Don’t interpret them, don’t try to make sense of them. Just write.

Like, you could be walking down the street and you’re like, “Blueberry, what does that mean? What am I supposed to do about that?” Just write down blueberry and as you start to do that and just be an interpreter word for word, you will start to see the puzzle pieces come together in a way that makes sense for you. But it all starts with not letting your mind get too involved at the beginning and not judging it and not ignoring it.

Ashley: You know, this is really similar to the way that I have my students start working with their crystals because we do get these kind of seemingly random thoughts sometimes that come to us but that really is our intuition starting to lead us in the right direction. I love what you said about not forcing action because then it does feel like another task or another chore or something else that’s not really going to bring you joy. Just letting things unfold somewhat spontaneously is really a way to live in the moment and be present. It sounds more in alignment with your soul frequency.

So, Shanna, I want to transition here a little bit because you’re actually not just an amazing speaker and presenter about the subject, but you actually have also authored a book called ‘The Soul Frequency: Your Healthy, Awakened and Authentic Life‘.

I would love to know a little bit more about your book — how it really helps people identify when they’re out of alignment and then how to move back into alignment with the soul frequency.

Shanna: I think some of the things that people have said about the book are radical honesty. And I’m always a big proponent. I say in the book, truth heals — and I believe it. I say it a lot. It took me a lot of courage to write the book because I talked a lot about my journey of awakening with some radical honesty. I think when we hear powerful truth it resonates with us. It speaks to the truth of our soul frequency. It’s like a part of us wakes up from that, and so we also give other people the courage to speak their truth. 

So, that was really my intention in the book. I was guided to write it, to tell the truth of what I had gone through and what I coach on now and how I learned from that experience and how I’m able to help others really transform their life. That was the core intention. Just to be radically honest with what the journey can be, and the bits and pieces that come along the way that don’t make sense at the beginning, and how they all can come together, and really create the next steps in your life.

I also have a program that I lead called The Soul Frequency Experience

So people tell me all the time like, I know I don’t belong here but where am I going? One day I feel like, “Maybe I want to do this” and the next day, I’m like, “No, I want to do that.” And so what I really discuss in the book is how we create everything in our life and how truth rises to the surface when we start to heal the pain and the trauma and the veil that hides the truth.

We don’t have to seek out our purpose or seek out our truth. It rises as a byproduct of clearing the space for it to rise.

We developed that program as an accompaniment to the book, because people were saying, oh my gosh, how do I integrate this into my life? Like, I just learned all this information, where do I begin? So we started that program and it’s just been phenomenal because once we know how we create everything, then we have a step by step process for it and you have a different understanding for it. It doesn’t seem so haphazard or difficult. That’s really what the book is about.

Ashley: So, when you say that you are soulfully dedicated to helping others raise the frequency of their life by helping them create that body and life that they want, you really mean it. I mean, you’re there every step of the way from really teaching and being a leader, to actually coaching them through this entire process. So, if you had to give one kind of ‘Aha!’ moment or takeaway or something, related either to your book or the coaching work that you do, related to that truth and that just authenticity…

What would be the thing that you really want people to know, related to discovering that truth and stepping into it?

Shanna: So, one of the things that holds us in a certain frequency pattern, is that we are born into a frequency based on the family or caretakers we’re born to. We assimilate with that because we need love and nurturing and care. It isn’t until later in life when we start to define who we really are. For some people that happens earlier and for other people, it’s later in life.

One of the things globally that I see with an international coaching business is that we have to take an inventory of who is in our lives and what that energy feels like for us, because the people around us hold us in their frequency.

So if we are wanting to grow and develop and really expand, we need to be around people’s energy that feels that way. That feels expansive. Which is why it’s so beautiful what you do in creating coaching communities. It gives people a frequency that is safe and supportive and loving, in which to upgrade.

I always say frequency is contagious, right? Just like it’s kind of negative if you get a cold and you catch it from someone else. You also catch frequency because we vibrate off of each other, whether we like it or not.

So if when you take an inventory of the people all around you, and you say, do these people complain? Do these people see life negatively? Make me feel bad about myself? If you start looking at these different areas and you’re saying, “Yeah, most of the people in my life don’t feel good to me.” Then that’s a place where we’ve got to start having some awareness and looking at changing. It will be like you’re trying to rise and everyone’s holding you in a certain frequency.

Your best friend might love someone and think they’re great and say, “Oh, you gotta meet Shelley. She’s amazing” And you might get around Shelley and think, “I don’t feel like she’s amazing for me” And you have to honor that.

We each carry our own soul frequency and our own energy and it interacts with different people’s energy differently.

When we start to get aware, again, before we start making any changes, it’s just becoming aware of what feels out of alignment and what doesn’t feel good in your life. Something may feel good from 10 years ago, and it doesn’t feel good today. So, it’s being really truthful and honest with yourself about what you’re surrounded with. That is the beginning process of creating a new frequency to live from.

Ashley: And you know, one thing that is really coming into my mind, as you’re talking about that, is that something that each and every person probably needs throughout this process is courage. Because when you’re really going to move into that space of truth, it takes courage and you have to be able to stand strong in that.

You recently did a blog post about 5 crystals that build self confidence. So, could you share your favorite crystal for courage or self confidence that can support someone during this process?

Shanna: Well, you know what’s interesting, I actually have a lot of crystals. I don’t have a lot of crystal knowledge — you are amazing at that — but I feel like stones talk to me. I’ll walk into a space or a crystal show and I literally get called to the other side of the room. You probably have that happen too.

All of the crystals I own, I identify them in different ways than probably they are identified. So, I might go to a Smoky Quartz and say “This is confidence. This crystal is speaking confidence to me.” And maybe other people don’t feel that with that stone. So it’s interesting.

There are certain crystals that are generally considered for certain things but I also tell people, listen to what resonates with you, listen to what calls to you.

I have this little heart crystal right here…

Ashley: Oh, cute.

Shanna: Yeah. I was in Sedona and it literally fell off of a shelf in front of my foot. And I was like, “Okay, I guess I’m taking that home.” So, I just have had these incredible experiences, and I keep them around me always. And so I just say yes, you can read the articles online, but also listen to your intuition about when you find a crystal. 

Ashley: That is so in alignment with the way that I teach. I mean, even as someone who writes books about crystal properties, I tell people, don’t just listen to me, go out there, have your own experiences, trust your intuition, allow yourself to be guided in that process. I know that that also takes courage, but it’s really just like flexing a muscle. Right? And learning how to trust that part of yourself. Once you practice and you start to use that muscle over and over, it becomes stronger and stronger, and you become more confident in your choices.

So, Shanna Lee, thank you so, so much. I am so inspired. Once again, Shanna’s book is ‘The Soul Frequency: Your Healthy, Awakened and Authentic Life‘.

Shanna, can you tell everybody where they can stay in touch with you online and keep tabs on socials with you?

Shanna: Yes, they can find everything in the book at and I’m also on Instagram a lot. The handle is @thesoulfrequency.

Ashley: Shanna, again, thank you so much for coming and teaching us about our soul frequency. It was an absolute delight.

Shanna: Thank you. Thank you for having me.

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Discovering Your Soul Frequency: An Interview with Shanna Lee
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Discovering Your Soul Frequency: An Interview with Shanna Lee
This week I am interviewing the wonderful Shanna Lee, who is dedicated to helping others come into alignment and discover their soul frequency.
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