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The Secret Uses of Record-Keeper Crystals – Revealed!

Record-Keeper crystals are quite desirable because of their unique attributes and abilities. The moment you locate that little triangle on the face of a crystal, you know that it’s even more special than you originally thought. … Read More

Elestial Smoky Quartz Crystals for Journey Work

While Elestial Smoky Quartz is quite beautiful to look at, it has much more to offer than just its dazzling appearance. It happens to be an excellent traveling companion for spiritual journeying as well. Naturally grounding … Read More

2 Best Selenite Formations for Cleansing & Connection

There’s no doubt that Selenite is a popular favorite among crystal healers and other lightworkers. Easy to find and gentle on the wallet, Selenite is a master crystal when it comes to purification and higher connections. … Read More

Using Amethyst to Super-Charge Your Intuition

If you feel like you’ve “been there done that” with Amethyst crystals, you might be thinking there are other more interesting and exotic crystals you’d rather work with. Well guess what? You probably haven’t seen it … Read More

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