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Interview with Brigit EsselmontToday I am so excited to be interviewing the amazing Brigit Esselmont of Biddy Tarot. Brigit helps people live more mindful and enlightened lives using tarot cards as a guide. She’s also the creator of the Everyday Tarot, which will be available very, very soon. You can pre-order it right now on Amazon and pretty much everywhere books are sold.


Brigit, thank you so much for being here with us today.

Brigit Esselmont: It’s my pleasure. I’m excited to be here!

Ashley: Would you mind if we kind of just dive in right in and tell everyone who’s listening a little bit about yourself, your mission, and how you got started with tarot in your life?

Brigit: Yeah, absolutely. So I started reading tarot over 20 years ago. It’s kind of freaky. I was really drawn to the tarot because it’s such a rich spiritual tool. It’s something that can connect us to our intuition, our own sense of pure energy, and our source energy as well.

It’s interesting though, when I first started to read tarot, I was more concerned about learning all of the right tarot card meanings. I kind of forgot all of the intuitive pieces. Like, “Oh, am I getting this right?” But when I was doing it that way, I ended up feeling quite robotic in my readings. It really wasn’t until that point where I was like, “Okay, I don’t have to do this all right. I don’t have to be correct every time. If I just trust my intuition, and really go with the flow, things are gonna be very different.” And that was when I decided, “Okay, put the books away. I’m just gonna really connect with my own inner wisdom here and read the cards. Once I did that, all of the magic happened.

From there, my readings just really flowed in a beautiful and powerful way. I had much more valuable insights to share with my clients, and from my own personal readings as well. So packed with that knowledge, and that approach to the cards, that’s when I started teaching tarot through Biddy Tarot. It’s really become the core essence of what I teach.

Tarot doesn’t have to be about learning the right way to do it, or all of the esoteric systems that go behind it. That’s great to know, but it’s okay not to know it. It’s more about using tarot as a tool to connect with the intuition.

Tarot is about knowing that you’ve got all of the answers inside of you. You don’t have to be reliant on other people telling you how to live your life. It’s already within you, and the tarot is this beautiful tool that helps to connect you with that inner power and wisdom.

So that’s really where I stand now in terms of my vision with tarot. I’m helping people connect to that beautiful part of themselves. That is highly intuitive part. The truth is that we are all highly intuitive. It’s not just like this magical gift that a selected few are given. We’re all intuitive, and the cards help you get there. I think the other part of my vision is about bringing tarot into the mainstream, and just making it normal and accessible. And like, who wouldn’t read tarot? It’s nothing to feel funny about. It’s just an ordinary, everyday part of your life.

Ashley: So I’m sure that this is something that you probably cover in a big way in the Everyday Tarot book, given that it is kind of at the core of your mission. This idea of people developing their own intuition, their own inner guidance. The idea that the tarot as this tool that’s really useful for shedding some light on situations, and helping us gain more understanding.

What are one or two of your favorite ways that people can start to develop their intuition?

Brigit: Yeah, absolutely. It’s funny. I think often times people think, “Oh, I need to be really intuitive, so I can read tarot.” I certainly felt that at the start. I thought, “Oh, I’ve got to be psychic to read tarot cards. But what I’ve discovered is, you can actually start to read tarot to help you become more intuitive. That makes sense. Because, it certainly happened to me.



The more that I’ve used tarot in my life, the more intuitive I’ve become, and the more I’ve allowed myself, or given myself commission to trust my intuition.

I think that’s a really big thing as well as giving yourself commission to trust it. Because I think we’ve been taught not to trust it for too long. And I think now is the time to start shifting towards really trusting our intuition, and knowing that it’s a valuable source of information.

So in terms of how you can develop more of your intuition, I certainly look at it through the lens of tarot. And it’s as simple as just draw one tarot card a day, and just ask, “What energy do I need to focus on for today?” You don’t need to be an expert in tarot either. Just draw the card. Look at the imagery. Think about what the story being told in this card is, and how this story might relate to you. What are you feeling when you see this card? Are there any particular symbols that stand out to you? And what does that mean for you?

Don’t worry about, “Oh Gosh, that’s different to what’s on the Biddy Tarot website, or anything like that.” I just want you to really think into, or feel into, what the card means to you. In that way, not only are you creating a connection with the tarot card, and learning more about the tarot, you’re more importantly creating this connection with your own intuition, and trusting that.

You actually know a little bit more than you think you do, which is pretty neat.

Ashley: Brigit, thank you so much for saying that. Can I tell you how much I resonate with that approach? Here at the Love & Light School that’s exactly how I like to teach about crystals. Your connection, and your intuition, and your feelings, and little inklings, and inner knowings about a crystal are so much more valuable, are so much more important to understanding your relationship with that stone than anything else that you could read or learn. So I love that that’s really what you’re encouraging people to do with tarot as well – to really open up to that.


Just a little while before we started recording this podcast, I had the pleasure of recording our little mini video class for the Crystal Mastery Conference which we’ll be presenting at this year. You were telling me that one of your favorite crystals to work with, to help support you while you are developing your intuition, is Labradorite.

I was wondering, could you share a little bit about why Labradorite is one of your favorite crystals to work with?

Brigit: Yeah, absolutely. I love it because you look at the crystal, and sometimes it looks a little bit plain, and dull, and grey, right? And you’re like, “Eww, is this really a nice crystal?” Not so much. Then, as you start to move that crystal, you see this beautiful, blue-shining light coming through it. And what it does for me is, it reminds me of how intuition, and the way that we can use intuition to see our general daily life.

If you look at things on face value all of the time, it can be a bit dull. But what happens with intuition is sometimes it’s like you can see through the matrix. You can see that there are so many more layers to what’s in front of you that there’s kind of this three, or five dimensional life that’s out there. And I find that that crystal is a symbol for what happens to you when you’re looking through an intuitive lens as well.

Ashley: That is such a good metaphor for that stone. By shifting your perspective, it really puts things in a whole new light, and I love that. That’s something that I’ll definitely associate with that stone now.

Now, you have the Everyday Tarot coming out very soon. The cards are coming out and so is the book, they’re available for pre-order now on Amazon. They’ll be sold everywhere books are sold. I was looking on your website, and boy, they’re gonna be all over the place. And I’ve already pre-ordered my deck. I can’t wait for this to come out.

I was wondering if you could tell us a little bit, just a little sneak peek, about the creation of this deck and book, and why this came up at this point in your life?

Brigit: Yeah absolutely. So it really did start with the book, and then the tarot deck. They both really support the other. When I started, I guess conceptualizing the book, I really wanted to create something that reflected my relationship with tarot. I didn’t want to do another tarot card meanings book. I already have one of those. And I didn’t want to do it again because it’s such a lot of work. So I changed into thinking, what is tarot for me? It’s very much an integrated process. It isn’t necessarily sit down and do a tarot reading, write down my notes and then finish. It’s more that tarot comes into my daily life.

If I am getting stuck on a situation and I can’t quite figure out why am I feeling angry and frustrated, I’ll pull out a card and it’ll help me to go deeper into my subconscious.

If I’m thinking about the future direction of my life, I might start to pull some more cards around my sole purpose, and think how I can align with that. So, Everyday Tarot, the book, is very much about how we can use tarot to discover more about ourselves. So it might be like true self discovery, and might be in our relationships and how we engage and interact with other people. It might even be in our career and our work. How do we find work that is fulfilling, and in alignment with our sole purpose? That’s certainly what Everyday Tarot is all about.

I’m so excited that we have an Everyday Tarot deck as well. What we’ve done with this deck is we’ve used the Rider-Waite deck as the inspiration, and as kind of the source. For me, that’s kind of the source of tarot. However we wanted to modernize it, and simplify it, and make it really accessible, and you know, everyday. So it’s a three-colored deck. Purple, gold and white.

We’ve really focused on the core symbols of each card that speaks to the essence of that card, and taken out all of the other bits and pieces, so that you’re staying really focused on what’s in each card, and what it means for you.

In addition to this, we’ve also made the imagery more relatable. We’ve actually changed up some of the genders, so there’s a lot more women in this deck. For example the knight of swords is like Athena the Greek goddess on her horse, it’s awesome. The queen of cubs, she’s a mermaid, because that’s fun. There’s a lot of goodness in here. I’m super excited to bring this out into the world.

Ashley: I can’t wait for this. If you want to see a sneak peek of a few of these cards, Brigit is gracious enough to show us in our video interview for the Crystal Mastery Conference, so be sure that you click the link that goes along with this podcast to sign up for that so you can learn even more about the Everyday Tarot. In addition to this, learn how Brigit uses sacred space, and creates sacred space, and why this is such an important part of setting the stage for reading. Also, how intuition can really be developed with crystals, and how readings can be supported with crystals. She has so much amazing wisdom and knowledge to share. I hope you’ll join us for that.

Brigit, tell everyone where they can learn more about the Everyday Tarot, which will be released very soon, and how they can stay in touch with you online…

Brigit: Yeah awesome. So, to find out more about Everyday Tarot, go to We’ve got a really neat video that talks about the concept of the deck, and the book, and you can read more about those as well as where to purchase and so on. And then of course, if you want to learn more about me, or more about tarot, head on over to We’ve got loads of resources to help people in tarot, to learn the card meanings, you name it. So check that out at

Ashley: And of course, we’ll have links to both of those sites below this podcast on the blog. Brigit thank you so much for taking the time to be here and share your knowledge with everyone. I’m just so grateful to have you.

Brigit: Oh, it’s my absolute pleasure, thank you.



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The Best Crystals to Use During a Tarot Card Reading (An Interview with Brigit Esselmont of Biddy Tarot)
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The Best Crystals to Use During a Tarot Card Reading (An Interview with Brigit Esselmont of Biddy Tarot)
In this Interview with Brigit Esselmont, we discuss all things tarot, and how using crystals in the practice can help you tap into your deepest intuition.
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Love & Light School of Crystal Therapy
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