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Tarot and the MoonHi everyone! This week, I am so ecstatic to be interviewing the amazing Ethony. Ethony helps Tarot professionals build successful heart-centered businesses through Business Coaching and Tarot Certification, which is one of the reasons I really wanted to interview her today.


I feel like Ethony and I are really kindred spirits in our missions and the type of work that we are here to do on this earth. Ethony is a mother, a practicing eclectic witch, and the creator of many popular Tarot and Oracle Card Decks — including the Bad Bitches Tarot, which you may have heard of. She’s also the Headmistress of the Tarot Readers Academy and has so many more amazing accomplishments. So Ethony, thank you so much for being here with us today.

Ethony: Thank you so much for having me.

Ashley: Now, I’ve listened to a number of interviews with you before and I know that you kind of get asked this question a lot, But…

How did everything start for you with Tarot?

Ethony: I found Tarot through my practicing the craft. So I found Witchcraft, Paganism, and Wicca when I was in high school. I was 15. And I’m aging myself here, but The Craft was very popular. I love that movie still. I was actually doing research for an English paper and I came across this book called The Learned Arts of Witches & Wizards — a book that I still have. It talked about nature and the connection with the natural rhythms of the moon and the sun and the seasons and the mystical arts. I’d always been absolutely fascinated by all of those things. I just felt like I’d come home; I found home. I loved how accepting and open that practice is.

After this, I started to build my tools. The Tarot was one that I found while I was also working in a shop that sold cards. It was a language that clicked because Tarot really is a language. It’s the most amazing thing that connects me to my higher self, with my spirit guides. Yes, it claps back at me at times. I mean it’s been keeping me out of too much trouble. But I found that through my spirituality first. Since then, it has become the main tool that I use throughout my life.

Ashley: You know that really brings us to my next question actually. Because the way you’re describing it is that it started for you just on this path of spiritual self-discovery and Tarot was one of the tools that you discovered along the way.

How can the rest of us as modern mystics, as seekers of spirit, really incorporate Tarot as part of our spiritual practice?

Ethony: Tarot, Oracle cards — any form of using cards in any way — I really find to be a beautiful conversation, a beautiful exchange. So one thing that I find is very helpful, if you’re working on a goal or you have something you’re trying to achieve or an energy you want to set for yourself for the day, grab your favorite deck. You don’t have to know it very well. It doesn’t have to be one that is super popular. Just grab the deck that you feel the most connected to.

In the morning, give that deck a shuffle. Ask yourself, ask the cards, take some deep breaths, and say, “What action can get me further towards my goal?” Or, “What next action should I take?” Or, “What energy am I being asked to focus on today?” And pull just one card. In that way, you are actually becoming a partner with the universe, with your higher self, with your spirit guides, all to move yourself forwards. You’re becoming an active participant in your own spiritual awakening and journey. I’ve found that has led to so many breakthroughs.

Every little, small step adds up to a big step towards making massive change happen.

Ashley: That is so true. And to those of you listening, I just have to say from personal experience, I’ve found this to be a really transformative way to work with cards in my own spiritual practice and in my own just kind of day-to-day routine. I won’t necessarily pull a card or a few cards every single day. But it is something that comes up quite frequently for me and that I really enjoy.

I feel like the more you get used to this idea of making it quick and simple and something that doesn’t have to feel intimidating, especially if you’re first starting out, just by asking that one question, that one little peek into some guidance for your day, it is so, so powerful, and really does help you kind of take the reigns and create a little bit more partnership with the universe. So thank you, Ethony. That’s a beautiful idea.

Ethony: You’re most welcome. I find that it’s the little things that really do help. I am such a witchcraft baby. I love the bells and whistles and the statues and the incense and all that yummy stuff. I adore it. I think that’s one of the reasons why I love witchcraft so much. But you know, we’re busy people. In the morning, all you need is to take those five seconds. And if it disrupts the auto-pilot, thats a good thing, especially when we’re really stressed or we’ve got a lot to do or if people are dragging our energy a million different ways. It means we’re pulling our energy back into ourselves.

It’s about re-centering, re-calming and reconnecting. It’s just such a powerful thing to do.

Ashley: And those times where you do feel too busy or too stressed like you were saying, those are really truly the times where you need that in your life the most. You need that moment of stillness and reconnection.

Let me ask you this, Ethony…

Through your work with so many different people in coaching and certification and Tarot, what’s a common misconception that you find a lot of people have about working with Tarot cards?

Ethony: There are so many of them. You and I could be on here for a long time. But I find there’s two that still, for some reason, we just cannot seem to kick. The first one is that you can’t buy your own Tarot deck. You must be gifted it. And I say, “Oh, so BS.” Please go buy the deck that you are drawn to. You need to work with it. As I said, it’s a language. It’s a symbol of art. And oftentimes, we are supporting artists with these amazing Indie decks that are out there.

So that’s one major misconception. You can totally buy your own decks. I’ve bought hundreds of them. 

Ashley: I hate to interrupt. But do you know where that superstition came from? Because I own a New Age shop as well in my other part of my life. This is something that I still have a lot of my customers– I overhear them kind of talking about or going back and forth, “Oh, I really love this deck. But I can’t buy it for myself, because the Tarot deck has to be a gift.” Where does that come from or originate? Does anyone know?

Ethony: You know, it was probably written in some book in the blinking 60s or something. And it was just dogdust the entire time. I don’t know. I should actually put on my Sherlock Holmes’ cap and find out. Because it is an enduring one and it’s frustrating. The Tarot group that I run on Facebook has got nearly 18,000 people in it and that question comes up quite a lot still.

The second misconception is that you can’t read the card for yourself because it won’t work.

I’ve written a number of cases on when you should and should not read the Tarot from my view. And if it’s something where you can’t be objective, yes, it’s not going to work for you. Definitely, don’t read the cards for yourself. But it depends on how you use the tool. If it’s for ritual, if it’s for counseling, or coaching, or self-reflection, or journaling, creative writing, problem solving, or even if you want to have a quick like, “How is my day going to go,” totally read for yourself.  

However when we start to do the — life is getting real; life is getting hard; I can’t make the forest, the trees — that’s when it’s good to maybe go and get a reading with somebody else. But you should absolutely read for yourself. Because how else are you going to learn the Tarot anyway?

Ashley: That’s so true. And I know that you’re blowing people’s minds right now with just all the ways that you’ve listed that Tarot can be incorporated into your day-to-day life, like journaling. I know that there’s a few people out there listening going, “Huh. How do I do that? I want to know more about that.” So you’ll have to check out Ethony’s website which will give you all the details.

Now, I have to know one last question before we move on to our main topic today which is Tarot and the Moon or the Lunar Energies…

What is one thing that you personally wish you would have known sooner about Tarot?

Ethony: That you are going to be addicted to it the rest of your life, and all your money is going to go to Tarot decks.

Ashley: True.

Ethony: I swear I work just for the exchange of decks. I mean that’s a half-joke. But I literally do– I just love it. I feel like even if it’s a deck that I may not work with all the time, it’s like carrying around a little art gallery. It’s carrying around somebody’s interpretation of the Book of Life. And that is no small thing. So I have a lot of decks.

I think the thing I wish I’d known before is that you have to allow it to take time.

Allow yourself to take time to learn it, because it’s going to change as you change, as you grow. Being a person meant something very different to me before I got pregnant and had a son and became a mother myself. So that changes and then the archetypes around the Tarot change. You have to allow it to change as well, because it is the Book of Life. It is a reflection about collective experience. So don’t be in such a rush, I guess, will be the one thing to know.

Ashley: I love that analogy with the Book of Life. In so many ways, whenever I’m doing a reading, whether it’s for myself or for someone else, I almost think of it as if I’m telling a story. You know, the cards are telling a story and you’re playing together all these different pieces and finding out who the characters are and what the plot is. And that’s very much, like you were saying, influenced by your personal experience and your life path, your life experiences.

I think some people get a little too restricted in their viewpoints about what cards can or should mean. So I really like that you’re giving people permission to allow that to change and fluctuate as life goes on.

Ethony: Yes. It absolutely will, and as new artists come across these archetypes and interpret them in different ways and as our socio-political landscape changes, so too will the archetypes of the Tarot. 

Ashley: So true. Ethony, I could talk to you about these things literally all day, because I really love to pick your brain about Tarot. But let’s go ahead and dig in to our main topic today which is Tarot and the Moon.

How can Tarot and the Moon work together? And why would we really want to do this in the first place?

Tarot and the moon
Disclosure: The link here is an affiliate link, meaning I may earn a commission if you click through and make a purchase. Yay!

Ethony: So this very much speaks to my witchy roots working closely with the moon. I use the Tarot and the moon as a connected couple. The reason why I do that is it allows me to get my focus for the month, for the moon cycle. I can then figure out how best to use the energies of the moon cycles to my advantage. Because it’s like the universe says, “I’m going to give you the best time of year to do X, Y, Z.” And you can say, “No, thanks.” And let it pass you by. Or you can harness it and really make it work for you.

I’ll give you an example. So at the beginning of the moon phase, we have the new moon. The new moon falls on an astrological sign every month. Those signs hold, as you know, energies. They hold elemental deacons. They hold different types of energies. And we can work with those energies along with the Tarot, and see where best our focus should be.

There might be something that we should actually put off maybe for the next moon phase. We can work with the universe to set our goals. Because as the moon’s strength grows to the full moon, and if anyone listening works with magic, you can then work your magic to the full moon or work on the full moon with your magic. You’re basically going, “Here is my goal.” Or, “Here is what I want to achieve right at the beginning.” And at the full moon you’re like, “This is the power punch for the month, for the remaining cycle for this to actually manifest.”

It’s about becoming a manifesting partner with the universe.

Ashley: This is so interesting to me right now. I literally just, this morning, I finished up my most recent book and it’s all about working with crystals and the phases of the moon and the moon when it’s in different zodiac signs. So the fact that Tarot can also be applied to these same principles of lunar energy is really exciting for me. I think the more we can see how all of these tools are related and interconnected, the broader our understanding of the universe around us becomes.

Can you give an example of where you made a connection between the Tarot and the lunar energy being in one particular sign? And how that played out?

Ethony: Yes, absolutely. We just had the new moon in Scorpio early on this month in November when we were recording. And that was on a Wednesday, so mid-week, which has its own energy as well. I find that even doing specific Tarot readings, my clients on those days are very interesting, very helpful.

So on a new moon in Scorpio, I was doing some past life readings because Scorpio talks about death and transition. It talks about transcendence. It is the death card in Tarot. And it’s a beautiful gateway to be able to tap into past life readings. So that was a really interesting day to be able to say, oh, I’ve got a bunch of readings to do for clients. But I’m going to put aside those readings for that day and carry them out at the sign with the new moon in Scorpio when the moon is at its darkest and in the space of renewal, when the Tarot is in the death station. So yes. Something like that is a way that you can definitely connect the dots.

Ashley: I love that. Thank you for sharing that really practical, tangible example for how this would apply in a real-life situation. I think that helps everyone kind of piece it together a little bit more.

Ethony, oh, my gosh. I really could talk to you all day. I’m loving this. But I know that you’re a busy, busy person with all the amazing things you have going on. Speaking of which…

Can you tell us about some of your latest projects, where people can find you online, and how they can stay in touch?

Ethony: Absolutely. So if this is something that if you’ve enjoyed or you want to learn more about working with the moon, I actually have a free guide that I put out every year called Tarot by the Moon. And I have Tarot spreads for every new moon and every full moon throughout the year. It’s a 30-page printable you can get as a freebie, which you can find over on ethony.com.

You can also find me @ethony on Instagram and on Facebook @ethonytarot. You can lastly find me at the tarotreadersacademy.com. Those links will certainly help for those people who want to use the energies of the moon. This is the biggest thing that I try to do for the community every year for free. What’s better than to go, “Oh, this is the moon of how to work with dream magic.” “Oh, this is the moon I can use to work on mastering my relationships.” “Oh, this is the moon that is great for money magic.” And those are some of the things that I talk about in the guide.

Ashley: Those spreads that you share in that guide and on Instagram are phenomenal. So definitely give Ethony a follow. I do want to give a shout out as well… Ethony has a great quiz on her website to find out your Tarot reader personality which is pretty fun if you want to give that a try.

So Ethony, thank you again so much for taking the time to be here with us and share all of your amazing Tarot wisdom.

Ethony: Thank you so much for having me.

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Tarot and the Moon: An Interview with Ethony
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Tarot and the Moon: An Interview with Ethony
This week I'm interviewing the amazing Ethony about her incredible wisom on Tarot and the moon and how you can bring this beautiful practice into your life.
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Love & Light School of Crystal Therapy
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  1. Olori on January 20, 2019 at 12:35 pm

    Awesome interview ?

    1. Charlotte - Love & Light Support on January 20, 2019 at 11:52 pm

      Thanks Olori! Crystal blessings

  2. Kristin on January 31, 2019 at 8:52 am

    I really loved this interview. I got so much great information. I am only beginning to use tarot and oracle decks, and this gave me some helpful ideas. I feel much more confident about listening to the cards and sensing their energy and message. Thank you for this.

    1. Charlotte - Love & Light Support on January 31, 2019 at 5:48 pm

      This is so wonderful to hear Kristen! crystal blessings

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