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spiritual communityWelcome! I’m Ashley Leavy and I’m super excited today because I’m here with Arizona Bell and Morgan Garza of the Spirit Guide’s Magazine, chatting about spiritual community.


I love, love, love this site. You guys, if you don’t know Arizona and Morgan, I invite you to be charmed and endeared by their amazing Instagram, and their amazing website. So welcome to both of you and thank you so much for being here.

Arizona Bell: Thank you, Ashley for having us.

Morgan: Yeah, thank you. We’re super excited.

Could you start by maybe diving in and telling us a little bit about your background and yourselves. How you got started working together and the beautiful things that you’ve dreamed up together and created?

Arizona: All right, Morgan’s pointing to me. This is Arizona Bell so I will take it away. Wow, so Morgan and I have known each other since like middle school. We were in the same grade though and we graduated high school and went our separate ways. We weren’t close in middle school but we knew each other then. I was actually friends of her sister. Fast forward, many years after high school and our late 20’s and we noticed each other from social media doing very similar things and into all of the spiritual things and traveling and a free spirit lifestyle.

So we reconnected together that way. And how we came to do Spirit Guide’s Magazine and everything that has followed since was basically, I had the idea just the name popped in my head, Spirit Guide’s Magazine, new maps for old souls. As we just talked about briefly before we got on, I have a lot of ideas, like that’s what happens in my brain. So I didn’t think anything of it but some ideas aren’t meant for us and some are and that one just wouldn’t go away. So for literally 5 years before Morgan and I and got together and did this project, it was just in my brain floating around.

Spirit Guide’s magazine, new maps for old souls.

Then my mom passed away four years ago and I was like, “Life’s too short, I’m gonna do what I wanna do. I’m done working for corporations I don’t care about and making the big bucks.” You know how it goes, I’m sure. So I called up Morgan and I was like, “There’s nobody I would rather do this project with and it’s an idea that wouldn’t go away, do you want it?” Do you want in?” She was like, “Hell yeah.” So she came up to Sedona Arizona where I was living and stayed in the witched wagon we called it, my RV. We launched this digital magazine for spirituality and from there, it’s just all been a wild ride, right Morgan?.

Morgan: And the rest is history and as many things that are born, this was kind of born in the depths of a little bit of shadows situation for both of us. I had just left a relationship. Arizona was kind of flexing between where she wanted to be and so we really just dove all into Spirit Guides and gave it, gave everything we had. Then life goes in different directions after that. Arizona is in Spain now and I’m in Denver but we’re still doing the damn thing.

Isn’t it amazing how sometimes out of those big, deep, crazy life situations, they really turned into a catalyst for us to grow and create, and heard something new and reinvent things and pull on old ideas.

I love. Arizona, that this was something for you that was floating around there for so long. I think what you said is something that I want everyone to pay really close attention to. It’s an idea that wouldn’t go away like all had those things in our lives. I feel that’s one of those things when you have that kind of persistent presence of one of those ideas or draws or something that you’re feeling really called to. That’s one of those things you almost know as part of your soul path.

You absolutely would write that sometimes life is too short to ignore those things that we’re truly called to do and to keep going about our daily grind when it’s not making us happy. So congrats the both of you for totally making a go with this and putting your full energy into it because it’s really turned into something pretty amazing.

Morgan: Yeah, thank you.

Arizona: Thank you and it’s like her playing on our title spirit guides. I mean those ideas that don’t leave your head, that is your spirit guides. Your ancestors, your spirit team, whoever’s guiding you. Saying, “Hey, this is the direction that is for you.” So thank you for picking up on that. I think that’s something that I came to realize too, this whole process was that the thing, there’s a collective consciousness.

We all have many ideas and sometimes the same ideas at the same time. That’s how it works but the ones that are really meant for us, that is our soul path.

I’m just so happy that Morgan and I listened because I was not listening for a long time, you know? I like that paycheck. I like that all of the things and you know, and one thing I do in my own work in writing is looking at death. It really shows you what life’s about and it’s not about those things.

Ashley: And it’s hard, right? when we get comfortable, we have the paycheck. We’re being supported.

There’s nothing wrong with the way that we’re living our lives but if we’re unfulfilled as we’re not being true to ourselves and true to our spirit, it’s really hard.

So, can you please a little bit about what Spirit Guide’s Magazine has become today? What is it like now and how does it work for people who are listening?

Morgan: Well, we started as a publication and now we’re not really publishing articles. We’ve really gone into Spirit Guide’s radio podcasting and interviewing people and the cosmic collective. So we’ve gone more into education and giving people what they want basically, in terms of spiritual growth and development. So we’ve been publishing digital guides rather than public or rather than articles and digital courses too, which has been really, really fun for us. We’ve just done a couple of series now and there were people that we’ve been working with since the beginning, but it’s really turned into more of a focus on education and bringing people together and it’s really fine too.

We just sold out our first international retreat which is actually going to be where Arizona lives in Mallorca. So yeah, it’s taking quite the evolution but that’s what happens when you create something it becomes its own entity. It turns into its own spirit and it has its own soul. It’s like having a kid and you can’t, you don’t know what that kid’s gonna do. So we’re just fortunate to be mothering and nurturing this little baby together.

One of the cool things about the story of your business is that you really have kind of listened to your tribe. You have grown with them and you are really aware of what they want.

Ashley: I feel like as online media keeps evolving and growing and changing, it’s important as spiritual entrepreneurs and heart-centered business owners to really keep on the polls with what our communities are looking for from us. I think it’s so savvy of you to have shifted more into that podcast realm because obviously, that’s what a lot of people are looking for. Really easy to consume content. It sometimes feels a little bit overwhelming when we want to learn something new, to sit down and read 10 articles in a row. But I can definitely speak from personal experience, I know I can easily listen to 10 podcasts in a row and that’s not a problem.

Morgan: Yeah, they fly by. We really did just do less.

Arizona: Yeah and I think the important point here is because it was a little bit hard. I mean I have a background in magazine writing so it was a little bit hard for me to shift into a different media. Also to astray from what we originally thought of in our head but we do have an intuitively led business and very, very early on people told us by their actions that they don’t want products. They don’t want long articles, even if I went in-depth, investigative journalism, our audience wants education as Morgan said. So we listened and that’s a big thing about our membership group, the cosmic collective.

We hold monthly live Zoom calls with practitioners, healers, spiritual mentors teaching people how to deepen their strength or deepen and strengthen their connection to intuition or whatever the case may be. So that’s what people want and it’s changed our lives as well because it turned out we needed it too.

Morgan: Yeah, we always say when we talk to our members when we are really having community conversations that we’re in this too. I mean I cry almost every Zoom session that we have because we go so deep and I’m accessing a part of myself and I feel like I’m in a state space. So it’s not like we put this together because we have our shit together. It really has been eye-opening that it’s for us as much as it is for everybody else and we’re having so much fun with it. So like if you’re not having fun, what are you doing?

Ashley: You know, I want to point out one thing Arizona said, which is that you have an intuitively led business. I think this is something that so many people who are listening can really relate to whether you have your own Reiki practice or you’re an aromatherapist, massage therapist, a crystal healer, a psychic or medium or card reader. Whatever it is you do, if you listen to your intuition and you do the things that are really fulfilling for yourself, and like you were saying, Morgan, this is something that you needed too, you know? I feel like if we really listen to that in our businesses and we pay attention to that, we find it’s like that saying your vibe attracts your tribe.

So whatever it is that you need, chances are your tribe is looking for that same thing. I just think it’s really fantastic that you’ve done so much to connect with people and that’s one of the big things that you do in the cosmic collective.

This is a monthly membership and you also offer annual membership but it’s a really exciting place for people to get together and learn about a variety of spiritual-based topics. So tell us a little bit about a couple of your favorite things that you’ve done so far in the collective?

Morgan: I know there is so many. I mean we have had, big names. We’ve had small names as far as teachers come in and they have all been exceptional and favorites. I don’t know, geez.

Your favorite topics. I won’t make you pick favorite people but favorite topics?

Morgan: That’s so difficult. I was getting into numerology. That was cool for me personally. Something we’ll do. Yeah, numerology was great. We do, and this is the cool thing, it’s like a buffet. It’s like sizzler for spirituality, you can get whatever you want, you know? A little bit of everything.

Ashley: Write that down. Oh no, you didn’t.

Morgan: Yes I did. That’s a good one. For me, my interest personally lies in mediumship and afterlife and spirit communications. So we often have on mediums doing live readings and then doing a little education and people really like those ones. I really like that because that’s the world I work in personally as a speaker and writer. But we literally had astrology, numerology, breathwork, guided meditations, tapping etc.

Arizona: Angels, yeah tapping.

Morgan: So you know, it’s a little bit of everything and yeah, it’s hard to pick favorites. It is.

Ashley: I think that’s really exciting though because it not only gives you an opportunity to sample a lot of different things. If you don’t know quite what you’re interested in or where your true passions may lie in this world but you know that you’re kind of interested in some of these more metaphysical approaches to spiritual practice, it also allows you a safe comfortable space to connect with other people and explore those different things. And maybe discover a new passion that you didn’t even know that you had.

Arizona: Exactly.

Morgan: Yeah totally and the cool thing is we have everyone who was just starting out on their spiritual path and really doesn’t know much about what they want. Then we have practitioners who are also members and have held sessions as well.

So it’s a really cool combination of schools of thought and different levels and where people are out on their spiritual journey.

It’s really great to see everyone helping each other as well. Like in our private Facebook group, we have the best conversations and it’s just beautiful.

Arizona: Yeah and all those, and that I think the one thing you know, we do have people from all different age ranges all different experience levels as members and as part of this community. But everybody is devoted to education and is devoted to learning and embodying. Not just intellectualizing but embodying these things we’re learning. So that’s where everybody kind of overlaps and it’s really cool to see that form in a community.

Morgan: Yeah and dudes, I wanna toot our own horn on the fact that this isn’t a community for women. There are so many things that are just exclusively for women out there and this isn’t it. Men need this kind of education and connection as well and they want it. We have some rad dudes and it’s really cool.

Ashley: I have a personal curiosity-based question, what has this taught you about community building for our spiritually-minded community? Because a lot of times I feel like at least what I hear from our students is that they didn’t necessarily have a place where they felt like they really fit in.

It’s a lot of traditional religious paths. People have churches or synagogues or mosques. They have places that they can really go to find that community. People with alternative spiritual belief paths sometimes have a hard time finding like-minded people.

They don’t really know where to turn and I’m just curious if you’ve gotten any feedback from people about that aspect and what that has taught you about bringing people together in this way?

Morgan: Yeah, we’ve gotten a lot of feedback like that. A lot of people who joined are like, “I was raised really religious.” I was as well. So there’s that disassociation and orphanism that you go through when you leave something that you’re more brought up in. But yeah, a lot of people have said that they do feel like this is their home and they found their place and they didn’t feel like this before. In terms of your question of what we’ve learned by building this community, I would say we really just created what we wish existed and through that we’ve attracted and given a home to people who are just like us.

Arizona: Yeah and I would just add to that, I agree with everything Morgan said but what I’ve learned is that there’s a lot of people out there like me, meaning spiritually a lone wolf. I was not raised religious. In fact, I was an atheist before I had my spiritual awakening. I’ve never known community and it’s something that I have always craved. Now my north node is in Gemini like I’m supposed to be this, like learned to be a part of community things. It’s not my specialty, I can be alone all day long and not have a problem with it.

So for me, learning that I needed this too and that there are so many other people out there that feel like they don’t have a place, whether they were religious or whether they weren’t before.

It’s really hard like you said to find that community and especially if you’re in a place that maybe it’s harder to access, like I know a lot of people in our group in middle America where there’s not of much of this going on. I’m in Spain so there’s a language barrier and also a lot of Catholicism. So it’s really good that we can do this virtually. So for me the thing that I really learned about it is how important community is.

Ashley: I can totally relate to that. I think I definitely share a very similar story that feeling kind of all is a little bit more on the outskirts. I’m also a little bit of a loner. In terms of my spiritual path that also just my day to day life. I’m the same way. I could be by myself all day long and I’m totally okay with that. But it’s really rewarding and fulfilling to have that community aspect and somewhere it turned in. One thing that it’s kind of been making me think about is, how much community can be part of self-care?

I know self-care is a big thing that you’re both really big on, and I’m wondering if you can tell us a couple of your favorite self-care practices?

That help you personally as spiritual business owners that other people might be able to adopt?

Morgan: Being alone. I think that is really important. Although we’ve created a community, I think it’s really like I need to be alone. I need to spend the time that I’m not working alone, you know, just free time. For me, it’s really journaling and I think journaling is my number one in nature. Other ways that I like reconnect and get rid of whatever is holding on and cleanse myself is probably family too. It’s a really big self-care for me and my parents live in Denver too. So whenever I get to hang out with them, it’s like an energetic reset for me.

Arizona: Yeah and I think we run basically immediate company. We are constantly on phones, on computers, on devices and so for me, it’s really important to unplug into and I’m really bad at it. Morgan can tell you this, but it’s important that we do this.

Morgan: But we should go lower.

Arizona: Yeah, but it’s something that I’m learning on this journey and that’s one of my big self-care goals because I’m good at self-caring in various ways.

One of the goals that I’m working on is to unplug and to be more present around people in front of my face. When I actually do have people in front of my face and I’m not alone.

So I think that unplugging aspect is important.

Arizona: Exactly.

Ashley: Thanks for sharing that because I think that’s something probably a lot of us can relate to as well. We’ve gotten so accustomed to our screens and this is not the first time this has come up on one of our podcasts for sure. This is something we probably all need to work out a little bit because they’re evermore a part of our day to day lives. But setting aside that time and even if we’re not perfect at it, even if we’re not good at it yet, just having the goal to get better all the time I think is pretty cool. So thank you for really sharing that about yourself.

All right, I have to know because this is Spirit Guides Magazine, what are some ways, and this is the big loaded question. What are some ways that you like to connect with spirit?

What are some ways that people listening can connect with spirit? Kind of a secondary follow-up, does this always have to be a big to-do or what are some things that are really simple and quick that anyone can kind of make 5 or 10 minutes for?

Arizona: I will say and again I was an atheist so this sounds funny but prayer and meditation is what I do. Shortcut connects me fast you know? It’s like the thing is a prayer is asking and meditation is listening. That combo for me thrown a little gratitude and I feel more connected to my spirit team than anything else that I do.

Morgan: Yeah, it’s definitely the asking aspect and what you’ll hear so many practitioners talk about when they’re asking how to connect to a spirit guide is, just ask. You have to ask for the connection to be made and it’s like you don’t get anything that you don’t ask for. So yeah, I set in meditation and I have visuals of my spirit guides. I’ve just created these physical forms for them and they live in certain places in my mind. And when I want to see one, I go to the right side and when I wanna see another, I go to the left and then I have two, in the middle.

It’s really just tapping into your imagination too and letting that run free and not questioning it and not thinking that you’re making anything up and not feeling like it silly ’cause you’re just in your head. No one’s listening. It doesn’t matter, you know? It’s nothing to be embarrassed about so imagination I think is a huge thing that we tend to forget about ’cause we’re not kids anymore. Our inner children need that imagination to run free. So yeah, asking in meditation and just sitting and seeing what happens.

So to our listeners, I want you pay really special attention to one super key thing Morgan just said which is, you don’t get anything you don’t ask for and that is so true.

The way that we cultivate more and more of that receiving energy is to communicate what it is that we’re looking for but also going back to what Arizona said about keeping regular gratitude practice. This is such a fulfilling part of my own day personally ’cause it’s something that I do either first thing in the morning when I wake up or last thing right before I go to bed or someday it’s both. The naming of three things that I’m super grateful for that day, it has made me such a happier, healthier person and it’s made me feel so much more connected to myself. I’m so glad that, that is something that you share as well and thanks for saying that.

So okay, circling back now finally, I want to touch back one more time on the cosmic collective because this is the way that people can keep in touch with both of you each and every month, it’s a really exciting place to be. So can you tell us just a little bit about exactly what people get when they join you for a membership?

Morgan: Yeah, we have live sessions nearly every week actually. So we have between 45 practitioners a week that we hold sessions on Zoom.

Morgan: That we have in a variety of topics so it’s gonna be workshops.

It’s going to be guided meditations. It’s going to be experiential. You’re going to learn something and you’re going feel something. You’re probably going cry along with me.

We also have giveaways each month that are exclusive to members and special discounts on practitioners offerings as well. So many of the practitioners that work with us, create special offers for the members specifically. Tons of people always take advantage of that because they’ve just had an incredible session with our practitioners that they want more. We also have a private Facebook group and discounts on our own digital guides and courses as well. Am I missing anything Arizona?

Arizona: That’s the big stuff. The big focus is our live Zoom sessions like Morgan said, about 4 to 5 per month with just really great top-of-the-line teachers and our giveaways. I just want to share a proud mother moment. Mother of the cosmic collective. We just had our big last give away. We had a give away for April and we gave away a spot to our retreat. That sounds like we’re really generous but we aren’t. We are generous but somebody, an anonymous donor who was in the collective purchased the spot to give to somebody else in the collective.

Ashley: Wow.

Arizona: So it is a community of compassionate, giving, kind, spiritual people putting this into practice. That was such a proud moment for us to know that we created a space where somebody is going to give away a life-changing trip to somebody, wow. So yes, that’s what the collective is all about. We do these educational programs but people is what makes it. I mean the group is amazing.

Morgan: Yeah.

So it’s not just a community. It’s also the opportunity to get introduced to new practitioners and spiritual teachers. Pretty much each and every week throughout a month.

Morgan: Yeah.

Ashley: So for a little more than five bucks a week people are getting this amazingly transformative training.

Morgan: Yeah. exactly. When you consider the cost of seeing a practitioner for an hour, it can run upwards of $100 and $200, depending on who you see. Sometimes $1,500, it can be insane and you can gain access to incredible practitioners for the price of one organic salad!

Arizona: If you’re in L.A. seriously, yeah. We also, one thing we do, we make sure that ’cause we do so much education. We know people like readings too and readings are really expensive. Meaning it could be a mediumship reading, angel reading, intuitive reading. A numerology reading, whatever it is, they’re expensive. So we make sure to put one of those in per month. People have gotten mediumship messages and psychic messages from practitioners that literally changed the course of their life. I’ve watched it in front of my face. So that’s the cool aspect too? Usually, as Morgan said, I mean I’ve paid hundreds of dollars for readings like that. So it’s really cool to get it like this, you know?

Ashley: Oh me too. Yeah, I’ve definitely paid tons for readings and for different like healing arts modalities and things like that.

One of the things I really love about this is not only do you get access to that. But it’s really about self-empowerment for everybody who’s attending.

It’s really about learning how to do this work for yourself on some level and incorporate that into daily practice. So thank you both so much for sharing about your passion. About your creation, about what it is that you’ve done and built and shared with the world. I’m just so grateful and so honored that you’ve taken the time to be here and share a little bit about it with us today.

Morgan: Well, thank you inviting us, Ashley. It’s so fine to talk about ourselves because we’re always on the other end of the mic. It’s really fun to switch roles for a little bit so thank you for the invite.

Arizona: Yes thank you so much, Ashley. Your podcast is awesome and I can’t wait to be a regular subscriber so thank you.

Ashley: Oh, it’s my pleasure to have you both here and for all of you listening please, be sure to check out and also at the Cosmic Collective. As always there will be links on our blog at love& So thank you all for listening and Morgan, Arizona, thanks again for being here.

Morgan: Thank you.

Arizona: Thank you.



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Intuition & Spiritual Community: An Interview with the Founders of Spirit Guides Magazine
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Intuition & Spiritual Community: An Interview with the Founders of Spirit Guides Magazine
I'm chatting with the founders of Spirit Guides Magazine about spiritual community and what that means.
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Love & Light School of Crystal Therapy
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