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I’m so excited to be sharing my FREE introductory crystal mini series — Certified Crystal Healer Prep School!

FREE Crystal Healing Class Series - CCH Prep School 2022 is out now! (BONUS Podcast Episode)

This training offers 3 (totally free) video classes I’ll be sending by email over the next couple of days, designed to help you:
  • Connect with your crystals,
  • Develop your healing skills, and
  • Empower you to feel CONFIDENT when working with your stones.

In video one, you’ll discover how to:

  • Use a Clear Quartz crystal for intuitive intention setting
  • Clear any negative energy that may be holding you back
  • Perform a third eye crystal layout to supercharge your intuition!


What we cover in this first video will set the stage for your journey to becoming a grounded, intuitive and effective crystal healer.  Practicing listening to your inner wisdom is one of the most important skills you can develop as a healer…

When you can tune in to your inner guidance when working with crystals, you’ll be able to tap into even deeper levels of healing, both for yourself and for clients.

Then you can move onto the second training, which is centered around deepening your COMPASSION for yourself & others. In video two, I’ll be leading you through a guided meditation for opening your heart, and keeping your own energy protected at the same time. This is an absolutely essential skill to master in order to become a successful and grounded crystal healer.

In the final video in this series, we’ll work together to build your crystal CONFIDENCE. As part of this lesson, you’ll learn how to start sensing the energy of your crystals more deeply, as well as how to set up and activate a crystal grid for confidence & empowerment. This is all about acknowledging your own gifts & letting your light shine out into the world!

It’s so important to develop these skills as a crystal healer, because when you’re fully aligned with your Soul Path, life unfolds for you with more ease, joy, and deep healing for yourself and those around you.

Trust me, Ashley, this class series is a must-watch!

But, your crystal journey doesn’t stop here. In fact it’s only just begun…
Once you’ve watched the videos in this mini-series, you’ll be equipped with all the foundational steps you need to go out there and start CONFIDENTLY working with your crystals…
What’s next for you on your crystal path?
If you feel intuitively pulled to work more DEEPLY with your stones, I’d love to invite you to join me inside my world-leading Crystal Healing Certification + Advanced Crystal Practitioner programs.
Become a certified crystal healer

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