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Chrysoprase, also known as Green Chalcedony, is a cryptocrystalline variety of translucent to opaque Quartz ranging from mint green to moss green in color.

healing properties of Chrysoprase. Photo of a white bowl filled with small Chrysoprase crystals

A Crystal Message about the healing properties of Chrysoprase: “I allow compassion to fill my heart and motivate me to acts of self-love and self-reliance.”


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Chrysoprase affirmation "I allow compassion to fill my heart and motivate me to acts of self love and self resliance"

Common Healing Properties of Chrysoprase:

  • Encourages hopeful attitudes
  • Promotes truthfulness
  • Fuels creativity in artistic endeavors
  • Encourages you to become more outgoing and to take healthy new adventures
  • Instills a sense of virtue in your day to day life
  • Dispels judgmental attitudes from the self and from others
  • Aids in forgiveness, compassion, and empathy
  • Promotes hope
  • Helps you to communicate in a positive and encouraging matter
  • Enables you to speak up and give helpful, constructive criticism
  • Creates an energy in your environment that encourages restful sleep
  • Enhances the way you feel love and compassion for others
  • Facilitates spiritual growth
  • Helps keep you motivated to maintain healthy habits
  • Encourages self-reliance
  • Helps you to manifest prosperity and abundance
  • Assists in removing energetic emotional baggage held in the aura



Photo healing properties of Chrysoprase with two hands holding a green crystal
Colors: Translucent to opaque mint green ranging to moss color (often with tan or brown matrix included)

Zodiac Signs: Capricorn, Virgo, Taurus, Scorpio

Elements: Earth

Companion Flowers: May Apple

Companion Essential Oil: Eucalyptus

Companion Stone: Pink Smithsonite

Common Origins: Australia, Kazakhstan, Poland

Notes: Also known as Green Chalcedony. May be synonymous with Mtorodite (Mtorolite). This stone is energetically aligned with the days of Friday and Sunday.

Wanna’ Get Science-y? Click Here to get more information about this crystal!

More Information on the Healing Properties of Chrysoprase:


healing properties of Chrysoprase


This stone carries the vibrational energy of love from Mother Gaia. It is intrinsically linked to the care of the earth’s flora and fauna. Work with this stone any time you’ll be working with plants or animals. This crystal also inspires hope to grow within you as it relates to projects you’re creating and nurturing in your life.

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The best time to work with this stone is during the April Growing Moon! To connect with the energy of this Moon, think about a project you’ve wanted to begin but that you haven’t started yet. Take 3-5 minutes to brainstorm ways in which you could make some progress and gain momentum toward completing this project.

How to work with Chrysoprase

Spend about 3-5 minutes writing your ideas down on some paper:

  • make lists of supplies you’ll need of actions to take
  • draw some sketches or doodles to illustrate your ideas
  • leave space to express your hopes and desired outcomes for this project

Then fold your journal pages in half with the ideas and magic on the inside and draw a beautiful tree on the outside of the pages. You may even want to use some colored pencils, markers, or crayons to really bring the tree to life.  Then, place a Chrysoprase stone atop the paper over your drawing of the tree and hold space and set an intention for your project to grow and take root.


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Infographic of Chrysophrase with bullet points of it's healing properties


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Healing Properties of Chrysoprase: A Crystal for Compassion & Self-Reliance
Article Name
Healing Properties of Chrysoprase: A Crystal for Compassion & Self-Reliance
The healing properties of Chrysoprase will aid in allowing compassion to fill your heart and promote self-love and self-reliance.
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Love & Light School of Crystal Therapy
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