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Crystals for karmic healingToday, I am so excited to be interviewing once again, the amazing Nicholas Pearson. I’m talking to Nicholas today about a book we actually haven’t gotten to discuss very much yet, “Crystals for Karmic Healing.”


Nicholas, welcome. How are you?

Nicholas Pearson: I’m excellent. Thank you so much for having me on your new podcast. I’m really looking forward to this.

Ashley: Well, thanks for being here. Just for those people who are listening who maybe haven’t been fortunate enough to listen in on one of our interviews before…

Can you give us a quick background of how you got started working with crystals and about your journey as an author and a speaker?

Nicholas: So, I started really young, as I think many of us do, picking up rocks everywhere I went. My grandfather really saw this love I had for all things stone and he gave me my first piece of quartz. It’s thanks to him I have this addiction to this day. When I was in high school, I was in a really rigorous kind of academic program. So, I was really into the science and culture and history and everything that was surrounding rocks. That was not a far cry from delving into spirituality, which already interested me.

I think, when it came to the world of crystals and crystal healing and the folklore around it, that was the perfect marriage of both of these avenues of interests for me. So by the time I was a senior in high school, I started teaching workshops. It eventually got to the point where I wrote a book. Now a few more books and here I am!

Ashley: We were just talking before we started recording and you are on, is it book number six right now?

Nicholas: I am. I’m writing book number six and book number five is going to come out next year. We’re just starting to shape up all the details. It’s actually the first time I’ve gotten to really talk publicly about book five which is called “Stones of the Goddess: Crystals for the Divine Feminine.”

Ashley: I cannot wait for that. I think that it is so needed in the world right now. You always bring just the best, freshest perspectives to everything. I think it does have to do with that love of science and history that you weave into the pages. You tell this amazing story. I always feel like I’m in this amazing classroom when I read through one of your books. It’s so in-depth but in a way that is totally approachable and understandable. You have a way of providing so much clarity on a subject. I’m really excited.

I have to ask, what prompted this topic of the divine feminine for you?

Crystals for karmic healing
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Nicholas: Well, it started as one of these little tiny ideas in the back of my head that just wouldn’t be quiet. I have always loved earth-based religions and spirituality, and the idea of the sort of imbalance we have in the world between the divine masculine and divine feminine is getting more and more apparent with each passing moment. When we really connect to crystals they are part and parcel of Mother Earth herself.

When we pick up our favorite piece of quartz or put on our favorite strand of beads or beautifully faceted diamonds, these are the bones of the Earth Mother.

So the bones of the goddess who gave birth to everything that we have, everything that has material form. So, it just seemed like a really natural way to try to usher in a little bit more awareness of the divine feminine. Even more, to elevate it so we can really reclaim that power for healing worldwide today.

Ashley: Well, thank you so much for bringing this book into being. I do think it’s really forming now and I can’t wait for its release. So you have to keep us all posted. But today, like I mentioned, I wanted to dive into your book “Crystals for Karmic Healing.” This one is getting a reputation in the crystal healing community for being one of those must have books. I really do think it’s going to become a classic in the genre. In this book you touch on things like past life regression, meditation, cutting karmic cords, releasing cellular memories, working with your guides and angels and accessing the Akashic Records. You really just touch on so much.

Could you talk a little bit about your view on karmic healing and what it really means in our lives? 

Nicholas: Sure. Well, I mean, for starters I think we kind of dive into the word karma because there are some really charged impressions of what that means and how it influences us. In short, our word in English karma comes from Sanskrit karman, which means action or deed. So it’s just the idea that everything we do causes ripples. Those ripples are not inherently good nor are they inherently bad, they just are.

Our souls use that sort of karmic patterning, karmic activity to measure our development. So as we are on this evolutionary path to reunite and reclaim our energetic energy, we kind of sign up for different lessons we want to learn from incarnation to incarnation. The great news is that every lesson there is for your soul to learn, you get to take pass/fail. The bad news is that you’re taking it pass/fail until you can finally pass it and that’s why sometimes we have these really persistent lessons in life.

If we explore the idea of alternate lifetimes, it’s why we often see many things that repeat from lifetime to lifetime because we have to master those before we can move on. It’s a necessary part of our soul’s growth. It’s like, when you’re in high school and you really hate biology and you take biology and then you take it again, then you take it again. That’s what your souls doing with things like poverty, or unconditional love, or healing family relationships. Whatever that is, there’s a reason we see them over and over again.

One of the beautiful things about working with the mineral kingdom is, generally speaking, if they’re left to their own devices, the only sort of karmic decision any crystal makes is to be present.

Everything that comes after that is an act of service and service inherently generates what we call merit. This is that kind of positive karma that outweighs the negative deeds. Or it’s the kind of energy that outweighs the lessons we have yet to learn. So working with them automatically and kind of unconditionally elevates our consciousness. It helps us tap into that potential to balance our own karmic scales. 

Ashley: Wow. You know, I had a spiritual teacher earlier in my life who talked about this. Not quite as eloquently as you do, but he gave this example where he would say… This is, I’m speaking of DaEl Walker of the Crystal Awareness Institute.

Nicholas:  Yes. Yes.

Ashley: He would say, “The universe first pokes you and then the universe nudges you and then the universe shoves you and then the universe hits you over the head with a brick.” 

Nicholas: Yes.

Ashley: Until you learn your lesson. I think that’s so true. And yes, I’m sure most of us can think of something that we’ve been repeating in these patterns in our lives.

So why is it important for us to actually resolve this karma?

Nicholas: You know, ultimately some of this responsibility is personal but a lot of it is planetary. We are poised at this really unique moment in the evolutionary process of planet Earth where we can do a whole lot of growth in a very little bit of time. Generally speaking, when a world like ours is ready to move on to its next chapter of evolution it has to actually transcend all of the collective karma that there is.

So when we clear our own karmic patterning, when we let go of that baggage that we carry around and we transform it, we therefore are contributing less karma to planet Earth and everybody benefits from that. So, sometimes it’s hard to make those changes for ourselves, especially when we’re kind of in that place where we serve others so much. But healing yourself, taking care of your own karma, putting yourself first really is doing a service to everybody. That’s why it’s so vital to do this kind of work. 

Ashley: I really like that explanation. Thank you. Now, let me ask you this…

I know this is really hard because there are so many ways to approach resolving this negative karma, but if you had to choose just one or two stones, or one or two of your favorite approaches to get started, what would they be and why?

Nicholas: So, this is something I teach very openly in my classes. I think if you want the shortcut to transforming your karma, there are two things you can do. One is be of service and the other is to use the violet flame. So I talk a little bit about the violet flame in this book as well as in my first book. It has this sort of intimate relationship with amethyst. So get yourself some amethyst.

But the beauty of the violet flame is it not only helps separate us or cut these karmic entanglements but it transforms them. So it’s like when you’re looking at the karmic scales we have those lessons that are yet to learn on one side and those lessons that have been learned on the other. It actually takes that, maybe idea of poverty consciousness or that idea of forgiveness, and it puts it from the not so pleasant side of the scale onto the pleasant side. So we’re really getting not just healing but total transformation and that’s why it’s so wonderful.

If we can be of service to others we can generate what’s called merit and there are lots of stones that allow us to do that while living our personal truth. I think amazonite is a great one because it really allows you to express the real you, instead of the you other people think you ought to be. Sherwood is another one that’s really good on that path to service. Naisha Ahsian writes about that and that has always struck this beautiful chord with me. But even if we just need some clarity in life, dig out some clear quartz and do some deep work with it that way.

Ashley: So, what are some ways that you would recommend people to really connect with these stones?

Would you say meditation? What would be a really simple way for most people to get started? Because this is a subject that I think might be, at first glance, kind of intimidating for someone.

Nicholas: Yes. I definitely understand that. So, I think when it comes to any form of healing or spiritual growth, when it involves the mineral kingdom, the simplest and easiest thing they can do is to meet your stones in meditation. The more intentionally and more conscientiously we work with our stones, the more conscious and intentional our results are going to be. So it’s one thing to put on your favorite pendant, slip on a ring, put a stone in your pocket, put under the pillow… but how conscious are we of that energetic and spiritual relationship?

The easiest way to build that rapport with your stones is in quiet contemplation. We don’t even really have to call it meditation. If meditation seems like something that is not in your skillset, I promise it can be. Shut off your phone, turn off the television, find some good natural light and just stare at how pretty your rocks are. You’re going to start to notice things that appear in your mind, you’re going to start to see the stone reflecting things in your own causal patterns, your karmic patterns, as well as the mental, emotional, and every other aspect of you.

The nice quiet time that we have while sitting with our stones really prepares us for more advanced work that we’re going to do later on.

Ashley: I love this. One thing that I would like to add about this is just the more that you do this in your life, the more natural it starts to feel. The first few times you sit down and do this it might seem a little strange. Or it might be hard to slow down, or just be in the stillness. Once you start to routinely make time for this as part of your daily practice or your weekly practice or whatever works for you, it just starts to feel so good. To the point where it’s something you look forward to. It’s something that just fills up your well. I love how that’s your simple go-to way because I couldn’t agree more with that. It’s just such a fantastic way to connect with your crystals.

Nicholas: Absolutely. You know, it’s such a simple thing. It’s deceptively simple. But it can produce some really big, profound results. 

Ashley: That’s very true. So Nicholas, kind of the other side of the coin in this book is really how it dives into discovering your soul’s purpose.

In your perspective, how does discovering your soul’s purpose relate to karmic healing? How are these two intertwined?

Crystals for karmic healingNicholas: So my experience, my understanding of this is that each of us kind of comes with a set of karmic lessons that we’ve got from lifetime to lifetime or even from day to day. Those really serve as ways to either highlight patterns that we really need to resolve – things that it’s time to let go of once and for all, or new skills that we need to attain so we can go out there and really live our truth.

You know, we’re kind of woven into existence from the heart-mind of creator. Out of the fundamental energies, the sounds, the sights, the colors. We could call them the seven rays. In gemstone therapy, we call them the color rays. But when this first, most primordial part of us is created we call that our spiritual blueprint. Written into your blueprint is the highest potential that you could ever achieve. It’s like when you plant an acorn it is inherently programmed to become the oak tree, but environmental factors can get in the way of that and that’s true of our own lives as well.

So, if we really want to dig deep into karmic healing, the natural extension of that is to really live to the highest potential that you’ve got.

When all of the karma falls away, the light of your blueprint shines through. You’re going to be a more confident, a happier, a healthier, a more well-adjusted human being. You’re going to be able to elevate others to that same place.

Ashley: I think that’s something that we all, in some way, we strive for. We’re kind of pushed toward that. We’re pushed toward that divine blueprint, toward that kind of energy of perfection, in a way. You hinted that a little bit when you started to talk about looking at karmic healing on more of a global scale, and resolving planetary karma.

How is it that we are all a part of this planetary karma and why is this important? How do we each play a role in this concept of resolving planetary karma?

Nicholas: You know, to a certain degree, we have that personal responsibility. But every time we have these big ripples on planet Earth, we could talk about acts of war and genocide and other atrocities. We could also talk about the sort of mythopoetic truths like the fall of Atlantis or the fall of Adam and Eve and all these things that are kind of etched into our psyche. Whether factual or mythic, it really doesn’t matter. They represent a sort of deeper karmic pattern. Sometimes the actual people, the souls that are involved in that, resolve their personal part, and yet the environmental patterns are still there. So you kind of have this ambient karma that people have finally released and let go off but it’s still there.

Then there comes really lovely, wonderful human beings. Those sensitive souls who kind of, as they’re stumbling through life, find one of these pieces of ambient karma and they’re like, “Oh, gosh. No one’s going to resolve this. Well, I better take this on. This is my karma now.” There are probably a lot of us, myself included, who have done this consciously or unconsciously in their lifetimes. I’m sure a lot of our listeners have, too. But, we can’t just do that absentmindedly. We have to have the tools that equip us with everything we need to resolve that karma once and for all. Otherwise, we pass the buck. We either take that with us to the next lifetime as our own karma or we drop it somewhere else for someone else to take on.

So when we really resolve planetary karma, we are transforming global consciousness. We are healing some of the most deeply wounded parts of the collective human psyche.

That does really great work for us one and all. It’s something that is so vital in today’s world. I mean, you can see all the transitional strife, all the oppression, all the discontent everywhere you turn in the media. I really, sincerely believe that these are symptoms of a deeper problem. Crystals are one of the ways that we can tackle that problem. Certainly not the only way that we should rely upon, but they can be really helpful facilitators for many of us who otherwise might feel powerless.

Ashley: Now, I see so clearly the tie into the new book.

Nicholas: Yes, absolutely. 

Ashley: I see that all clearly now. I see how it’s almost like, becoming aware of the problem and making resolutions to stop perpetuating that cycle of planetary karma, but needing the tools to really understand how to do that. I look forward to reading about that in your next project!

Nicholas, thank you so much for being here and just the depth of such a short conversation is something that I can’t express enough gratitude for, so thank you. 

Nicholas: Thank you for having me, as always it’s a pleasure.

Ashley: Can you just tell everyone before you go where they can find you online and how they can stay in touch? I’m sure everyone is going to want to anxiously await the release of your next book.

Nicholas: Absolutely.

You can find me on Facebook and Instagram as The Luminous Pearl. But you can also check out my publisher’s website, My books are available everywhere books are sold, everywhere you go.

So, yes, feel free to look me up. I promise there will be some details released very soon.

Ashley: I just have to throw out there one really fun thing about Nicholas on Instagram. People send him pictures from all over the world of his book in a bookstore somewhere. It’s really fun just to see how far and wide crystal healing can spread through this world and how much change and transformation has taken place. So again, Nicholas, thank you so much for being here.

Nicholas: Thank you.


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Crystals for Karmic Healing: An Interview with Nicholas Pearson
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Crystals for Karmic Healing: An Interview with Nicholas Pearson
This week I'm talking to the wonderful author and healer Nicholas Pearson about his brilliant new book, Crystals for Karmic Healing.
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Love & Light School of Crystal Therapy
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