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Interview with Energy Muse“I was lucky enough to be able to interview the amazing women at Energy Muse – Heather Askinosie and Timmi Jandro. I was so pleased to get to talk to Heather and Timmi just after their visit to the Tucson Gem Show when they were still totally flying high on all those amazing crystal vibes.”

Ashley Leavy:  In this week’s show, I have something super exciting. I was lucky enough to be able to interview the amazing women at Energy Muse. Heather Askinosie and Timmi Jandro. I was so pleased to get to talk to Heather and Timmi just after their visit to the Tucson Gem Show when they were still totally flying high on all those amazing crystal vibes.

So, we got to talk about some great experiences from the show, as well as some of their favorite practices for staying grounded and centered in the present moment while they’re bringing back and picking out all those amazing crystals to share with everyone through their website, energymuse.com. We also got to talk about their recent book, which many of you may have heard me recommend several times before. It’s one of my top three favorite crystal books of all time and it’s called, “Crystal Muse“.

We discussed a little bit about some of their favorite crystals from the book and the rituals that they just can’t live without.

It was so exciting for me because I have my own kind of favorite rituals from the book already. It was really great to hear from the authors themselves about which of these rituals are really part of their daily routine and just need to do to help stay centered, balanced and grounded. I just really loved connecting with Heather and Timmi about the book. So, I hope that you really enjoy this interview. I’m going to go ahead and play it and of course, I’ll be back at the end of this show to talk about it with you a little bit more.

Ashley: Hi everyone, today I’m so excited because I’m going to be interviewing the wonderful women at Energy Muse. Heather Askinosie and Timmi Jandro have been gracious enough to share some time with us and talk a little bit about their recent adventures at the Tucson Gem Show. So, ladies, thank you so much for being here.

Heather: Thanks for having us.

Timmi: Thanks, Ashley.

Ashley: It’s my pleasure. Now, you know, I have to tell you I’m totally addicted to Instagram [laughs]. So over the past couple of months I’ve been following a lot of your adventures at the Tucson Gem Show this year. And you, ladies, have really been rocking and rolling, excuse the pun. Shopping your fannies off and finding all kinds of beautiful things. I’d love to know and I’m sure everyone listening would love to know…

What is it like actually shopping for a company as big and amazing as Energy Muse at the Tucson Show?

Timmi: We’ve been going for so many years now. What’s really great about it is we have our specific vendors that we visit every single year. Now that we’ve worked with them for so long, they’re kind of ready for us to come, so things were set-up. This year, we went a whole week earlier than we normally do, so we really got the number one picks. Like, amazing, amazing stuff. But, it’s really hard to capture that whole Tucson Gem Show if you’ve never been there. It’s not like it’s just at a convention center or one location. It’s spread out all over Tucson, so at any given day, we might be driving back and forth all over to different venues to see the vendors that we are going to be buying from.

Ashley: Yes, and you know, I always find that it is hard to explain that to people if you haven’t had the privilege of attending the show. It’s so surreal because it’s literally every fast food parking lot has a tent in it, every hotel is emptied out and is full of crystals and it’s such an amazing and awe-inspiring experience but it’s also, it’s a lot of work. [laughs]

Timmi: Yes, it is. I mean, here you are looking at like the most beautiful things that have been created on this earth and you almost get mesmerized by picking them out because Heather and I really spend a lot of time finding the best of the best.  

It’s not like we just go and say, “Hey, send us those boxes of rose quartz,”. We really try to pick the best of the best so that our customers get the best of the best.

It’s funny for me, I’m — this is Timmi. I am not as well-versed in the crystals as Heather is because I don’t and haven’t really studied them like Heather has. I really work with them by just living with them and kind of by osmosis. If Heather is like, “Try this ritual”, I’ll try it, and if it works, I’ll keep doing it. But, when you go to Tucson, the energy is vibing so high. At one point, just in this last visit, I was spinning out because it’s almost like a vortex of energy because there’s so much energy in each location because of the crystals. You really have to get grounded and/or give yourself a break from that energy. By the time we got home at each night, we were exhausted.

Ashley: Right. What do you do during the day, then? I mean, how do you take brakes? Is it about going out and getting a green juice? Is it about wearing your grounding crystals?

How do you ladies really stay balanced while you’re doing this big work at the Tucson Gem Show?

Timmi: I think it’s all of the above. I mean, we definitely found one of our favorite elixir places. So, we go and have an elixir that gives us energy during the day. You just have to take a breather. A lot of these venues are outside, so again, just taking some breaths, maybe not shopping for half an hour and just sitting down and having lunch. You want to keep plowing through it all because there’s so much to see. But we even need a break because of what I just told you, it’s just so much energy.

Ashley: Yes, but you know the thing that I love is that, like you said you’re not just going there and scooping up everything that you see. You’re really being strategic and selective and I can tell you it really shows in the types of things that Energy Muse carries and then the quality of your crystals. I would love to know on that note…

What are some your favorite things that you got to bring back from the show this year?

Heather: You know it’s as interesting as I thought it was – if you look at the color of the year, the pantone color of the year is amethyst. It’s this purple color. When we went to Tucson this year, I have never seen so many–I mean there’s a lot of amethyst that has come out of the earth but I’ve never seen so much of it. And so, from this crystal standpoint, I’m thinking obviously there’s a — different crystals are more prevalent sometimes in certain years than others. What I felt is that I think there’s such a spiritual awakening.

There is such curiosity, such wonder going on on the planet right now. I feel that amethyst is this mineral that really helps to awaken that.

And so, how interesting that that will be so plentiful. But we definitely will work with the miners and we’ve been doing this for 17 years. So the questions that we always ask is “How are these mined?” and we try to go direct so it’s not so many hands touching it. But, obvious to the first question is “Hey, what are the new minerals that you have seen?”  or “What’s coming out of the earth now that hasn’t come out before?” And so, we were able to find some new jaspers that we hadn’t really noticed before and some of the ocean jaspers that are coming out, they look different, they have different colorations, they feel different.

Also notice, because I personally was looking for citrine. Real natural citrine spheres. Literally, looked for weeks, for the full week and only found them in one location out of Brazil. What I learned in is that sometimes what we think is always going to be around might not always be around and some of the things that used to not be so plentiful are now unearthing. But, we really connected with a lot of the black tourmaline chunks that came out. This form of tourmaline with this mica and this pyrite isn’t going to be as rampant in the future.

So, what we really do is try to spend as much time educating ourselves on what’s going on within the earth. We make sure that we keep what we purchase balanced so that we’re not just taking, taking, taking.

We’re doing things in a very conscious way. So, it’s a journey of information. We learn by listening to the earth and Mother Nature as to what is coming up for us humans to work with, so that we can evolve, heal and grow during our time here.

Ashley: I just – I love that. Because you know what, in my experience with the show, that’s so true. You can go one year and maybe you see druzy chrysocolla everywhere and then you go back the next year even to some of those same vendors and miners and there’s nothing.


Crystal abundances really do change based on what’s coming out of the earth and what kinds of energies are shifting and changing in our planet.

I just want to mention, you mentioned that you saw so much amethyst and with the pantone color of the year, I actually saw on your blog, you ladies had a beautiful blog post on how to energetically embrace ultra violet, the pantone color of the year. We’ll definitely put a link to that article if that really resonated with anybody listening. Please do go give that a read because I just found that to be a really fascinating article.

Heather: Thank you so much. It’s interesting – there are certain times where we would go and we couldn’t find aquamarine and then there’s times that there is aquamarine everywhere. And if you look at the energy of this year, because obviously we like Chinese Astrology, it’s the earth dog year, but it’s all about truth, authenticity and expressing honesty. So it was kind of cool this year to be able to see more aquamarine than we had in previous years. 

Before, we never really had any of the golden healer mineral and this year, we were very attracted to it, so, we bought the golden healer. We hope to really work with that and do some rituals around it because this is a mineral with some rose quartz that is inside of it. 

Ashley: The golden healer mineral is a beautiful stone. People should definitely keep an eye out for that online in your shop because it’s a really, truly, high vibrational stone.

But like you said, it connects that third chakra with that fourth chakra and you just have this amazing balance of energy. It’s not too forceful and it’s like strength and confidence energy because it’s so balanced with that – those feelings of love and compassion. So, I just love that.

Heather: Yes, it feels good. I wish I could have a whole blanket out of it.


Ashley: We were talking a little bit about some of the things that you do to stay grounded at the show and I would love to kind of transition and really think about cleansing because I often think about these two things going hand in hand. A lot of times if we’re feeling a little ungrounded or a little spaced out, it’s because there’s so much excess energy in our energy field.

So, I was wondering if you could speak a little bit about some of your favorite crystals for cleansing your space and yourselves…

Timmi: We actually found some amazing black kyanite. If you just look at it, it almost looks fanged out, kind of like a knife. You can use it to literally cut the cords or cut the energy of anything that you might have been attached to. Like I was saying earlier, there are so many energies going on at the Tucson Gem Show. It’s not necessarily bad. It’s just that maybe you need to cut the cord on some of them so that you can decompress. Black kyanite is a really great stone to do that with. If you start kind of at the top of your head and you cut down along your chakras. You’re cutting the cord that could be attached to you at any of the chakra points. So, we would do that often every day.

Ashley: I love that and how quick and simple it is, as that’s something that truly anyone can do.

Timmi: Exactly.

Ashley: I love that. Now what about – I know we’re just talking about energy and energy doesn’t necessarily have to be positive or negative, but many people get kind of hung up on this idea when they’re thinking about crystals for protection. They think about it in terms of protecting themselves from negative energy or bad energy. But really, when it comes to crystals and protection, it’s sometimes more about creating positive boundaries.

I was wondering, do you have any favorite crystals for protecting the energy field or any special jewelry pieces that you designed for this?

Heather: Going back to amethyst, which I feel like is a key as to what we can really unite with in regards to protection, I definitely think that it is about a perception of what we need to maybe address within ourselves as to the energy of protection we need in our lives. And then in regards to that topic, I love amethyst as a jewelry piece – and we have one coming out soon which is – it’s all amethyst. It’s around your neck but it really has this energetic kind of field that connects you all over in this bubble of energy. Obviously, mainly the upper chakras.

But because of amethyst being this transmutative type of frequency, I feel it’s really about self-empowerment. Regardless of what life has in store for us, sometimes there’s harder times and sometimes there’s easier times, we need to learn that a lot of things can happen. We can transmute that with our mental state, or with the words that we say, or how we show up in our perspectives. I think that’s a really powerful way to look at protection.   

Ashley: I just love that. Thank you so much for your insight on now. I think that’s – just such a kind of a fresh way of looking at things.

Heather: Yes, because I feel like right now, as I’m sure everyone else does, there’s a lot of fear in the world.

There’s a lot of uncertainty. There’s a lot of this – such is life, right? We are in the point of consciousness right now. It’s a point of ‘how do we work with this energy of the earth, and really not only connect with the energy of the earth but connect with ourselves’ – because the only way out of all this stuff is in, right? We have to go within to heal that inner child, to heal our own perspectives and self. Using the energy of the earth as a connective tool can really help shift things very quickly if we are willing to go to that inner self that will help us answer a lot of these questions.

Ashley: That’s so true. And I think for a lot of people that the hurdle or obstacle that stops them is feeling like they don’t know the way forward. That’s where I – I really would like to touch on your book a little bit. You have this amazing book out. It’s been out for just a little while now. It’s called Crystal Muse. This is honestly and I have – literally, I wish I could show you picture of my bookshelf.

I have literally hundreds of books on Crystal Healing and this is, by far, is in my top three favorite books of all time.

Heather and Timmi: Wow.

Heather: This made our year.

Timmi: Yes.

Heather: [laughs]

Ashley: – it’s so approachable ladies. I mean you’ve really gone out of your way to make this truly something that anyone can feel comfortable doing and that they can really integrate, like the cutting the cord ritual that you talked about earlier with the black kyanite. That’s in this book. This is a fantastic book and there’s something just like that for just about any topic you could possibly ever hope for. The full title of the book is “Crystal Muse: Everyday Rituals to Tune into the Real You” and I think this is something that really captured my attention about the book, that it is about turning inward.

It is about that reconnection with the self on a soul level by using crystal energy tools. And I just want to thank you so much for the work that you put into this book. But, I would love to know out of everything that you ladies have written in these pages…

What are some of your favorite practices from this book? What’s at least one of these rituals that you couldn’t live without in your daily practice now?

Timmi: Thank you, Ashley, for all those kind words, because we really did try to be vulnerable in the book with sharing our stories and going within to share it with everyone so that people know that it is honest and authentic. And then we gave remedies or rituals or recipes, whatever you want to call it, where the common ingredient is a crystal, so that you can work with them and be able to get a result.

So, one of the things that we, I mean, I personally love doing is I work with a lot of selenite. I really wasn’t a very good sleeper after I had children and really simply, I mean, selenite is something that I wear around my neck every single day. And it’s something that you could place underneath your pillow or on your bed side because selenite is a stone that we mentioned in the book that’s like liquid. It’s a very good stone to help you tap into calming down and also getting better sleep and it really, really works.

So, I really couldn’t go a day without my selenite. It’s like my best friend.

Ashley: [laughs] It’s such a good one too.

Heather: Yes. I gave myself a challenge too this year because I think, I don’t know if you know but I am a recovering crystal addict. And so, what I promised myself this year is that I would take one crystal for 365 days and work with it every day – or work with the concept of it. My one crystal was rose quartz this year. And so, how can I work with one stone – and I’m not saying I don’t work with other ones – but just taking that as a theme and utilizing it as a daily practice.

The other day we just – we did something pure. It’s called ‘keeping the love alive’, and I did this ritual to my husband. I used rose quartz and rhodonite with it, but I used it as a touchstone, so that I remember to be honest and communicate my feelings and not allow resentments to build, because then I blow up down the road over something that’s irrelevant.

I’ve just really found that this practice of taking one crystal and utilizing it as a tool for whenever I need to go back to “Hey, what do I want to think about this or that?” and if I come from a place of love I think I’m going to be okay. I think ‘keeping the love alive’ in the love ritual in our book – whether you’re single, married or looking to attract a relationship – is a really powerful chapter. It can be utilized in many different ways with the main theme of rose quartz as your tool or your touch gem or crystal ally.

Ashley: Ladies, thank you so much for sharing that. I can’t tell you how cool I think that concept is.

Working more intimately with one stone for a whole year means that you can really get to know it on a deeper level and how it can work for you. It’s such a beautiful thing – we should all give it a try.

Heather: You know what? It’s kind of cool, I have to say, as somebody who loves every crystal on the planet. It just kind of – I think it’s like any relationship. The more you invest, the more you can go deeper within and the more that you learn different facets of something. It’s like a good friend.

Ashley: Yes. In different facets of yourself too I’m sure.

Heather: Yes. Absolutely.

Ashley: Amazing. Ladies, thank you so, so much for taking time to join us today and share a little bit about your Tucson adventures and some your favorite crystals and of course your beautiful book, Crystal Muse.

Heather: Thank you for always being so nice. Thank you so much.

Ashley: Well, that is it. That was my interview with the amazing Heather Askinosie, and Timmi Jandro of Energy Muse. I hope that you found a lot of value in this episode. If you want more information or links to the book and blog post article that we discussed, please learn more on our website. If you did enjoy the show today, the biggest compliment you can give me is to leave a quick rating and review over on our iTunes. While you’re there, be sure to subscribe through that link as well so that you’ll never miss a future episode of the show.

That brings us to the end of this episode of the Love and Light Live Podcast. I’m your host, Ashley Leavy and I’ll be back with you on our next episode. Until then. Crystal blessings.



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Interview with Heather & Timmi from Energy Muse
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Interview with Heather & Timmi from Energy Muse
Have a listen to this week's podcast, a wonderful interview with Energy Muse. I was lucky enough to talk to Heather Askinosie and Timmi Jandro about their visit to the Tucson Gem Show when they were still totally flying high on all those amazing crystal vibes.
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  1. Hillary on March 8, 2018 at 10:04 pm

    Wonderful info! Looking forward to next week ‘s interview series!

    1. Lauren Love & Light Support on March 9, 2018 at 6:27 am

      Hooray! So glad you’ll be joining us next week, Hillary! <3 Crystal blessings!

  2. Patricia Long on May 5, 2018 at 6:23 pm

    Thank You very much Ladies I so enjoyed this interview & I’ve picked up some very handy tips regarding the delightful Crystals You have discussed. Bless You All. Patricia. <3

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