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new crystal healing bookWant to take a look behind the curtain at how I created ‘Crystals for Energy Healing’?

Keep reading for some behind-the-scenes info on how my new best selling crystal healing book was written and what motivated me to create something so different from any of my other work!

1) Is this a crystal healing book for people who already work with a crystal collection, or is it geared more towards beginners?

It’s great for beginners and more advanced crystal workers alike!

For beginners, there are some great sections that explain, in simple terms, how and why crystals work (but these might also be a nice refresher for more skilled practitioners). I’ve also included some exciting ways to work with crystals that most people (not even other crystal experts) may have ever thought about before – like water divination with stones! There’s some fun, juicy stuff for everyone in this book.

2) The subtitle is “A practical sourcebook of 100 crystals,” but from the table of contents it looks like a lot more than a crystal guide. Are crystal properties the focus, or is this more of a how-to resource?

Crystals for Energy Healing BookWell… both! I have over 200 books in my crystal library, and I’ve read them all.  

It seems like almost all of them fall into one of two camps – either they explain how to work with crystals, or they showcase the properties of stones in a directory style guidebook. With this crystal healing book, I wanted to take the best of both and combine them into one book that was convenient, easy to use, and jam packed full of crystal goodness.


Want to know more?  Check out this video review from Leiah Luna!



3) You’re best known as a teacher of crystal healing through your online school. How does the book line up with the curriculum of your school?

Although some of the basic concepts I discuss in the book are carried through in my Basic Crystal Healing class, pretty much everything I discuss here is brand new material, or at least presenting common information from a new point of view.  

I really wanted to get people thinking about their stones in a new way with this book.

I want to challenge people to start using their stones and to develop deeper, personal relationships with their crystals.

4) Did you write the book with your students in mind?

I hate to sound selfish here, but I really just wrote the crystal healing book that I wish I would have had when I first started my crystal journey… and added some things in that I wish I had known as I grew my relationship with the crystal realm.  

I make the foundation of crystal healing easy to understand, added in some exciting new crystal techniques, and then made it stand out by adding rare and exotic crystal listings to the directory.

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5) Is there exclusive material in this crystal healing book that you haven’t shared anywhere else?

Oh yeah! Working on this project really challenged me to share some of my personal crystal practices, the ones that I usually keep just for me.

Things I may have deemed too “different” to share in the past got placed front and center in the crystal directory.  

crystal healing book ashley leavyI hope the tips I’ve shared really shake things up and get people excited to dive in!  

I also focus a great deal on some truly fascinating crystal history. Even if you’ve made it a point to study the lore and legend of specific healing stones, I know you’ll learn a few new things reading this crystal healing book (because I sure learned some new things while I was writing it – and I’ve been at this for over a decade!).

6) The book is beautifully illustrated. Did you have a hand in creating and selecting images?

This was one of my favorite parts of writing the book. I didn’t exactly get to hand-pick all of the images that are included, but the publisher was wonderful about asking my opinion and making sure that the images really did justice to the text and the points I was trying to get across.  

One of the really cool things about the book is that the publisher actually hired a photographer to take photos of my personal crystal collection for most of the images in the crystal directory.  

So when you read about Aqua Calcite, Okenite, Blue Opal, and Celadonite Quartz (along with MANY more), you’ll actually see a photo of my personal crystals.

It’s super fun for me to get to share my special pieces with people in this way. There are also some amazing charts and graphs that I got to assist with – I think they turned out great!

7) Can you give us an example of a stone included in this book that isn’t found in most crystal guides?

Let’s see… Shiva’s Eye Agate comes to mind from the Spiritual Healing section.  

Petalite from the Emotional healing section of the directory.  

Ooh! And Blue Barite!  You can read about White Aventurine in the section on shielding and protection – as well as Larvikite and Hollandite Quartz.

8) Is this publication a one-time thing, or the beginning of a series?

There are already two books in this series (both to be released May 1st). There is my book, Crystals for Energy Healing, and there’s a great title by Sarah Bartlett called Crystals for Positive Manifestation.  It’s my understanding that there will be more crystal healing books released in this series, and I certainly hope I can be involved with them!

Disclosure: Some of the links here are affiliate links, meaning I may earn a commission if you click through and make a purchase. Yay!

Watch a guided walk-through of the book:

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2 responses to “A Behind the Scenes Look at My New Crystal Healing Book

  1. Allison Evans on May 3, 2017 at 2:12 pm

    Dear Ashley
    You’re an Inspiration. I have been working with the energy of crystal families for over 40 years and you have brought to light knowledge to many of the curious frequencies and emotions of my crystal family, that I had not considered. You have made a difference in my life with caring and interacting with my Crystals. I am Honored to purchase your new book.
    Love and Light,
    Many Crystal Blessings, Ali Evans

    1. Lauren Love & Light Support on May 10, 2017 at 8:47 am

      Thank you SO much for your kind words Ali! We hope you love the new book 🙂 Crystal blessings!

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