How to Create Your Own Chakra Healing Wand with Crystals

A Selenite Chakra Healing Wand is a great tool to use for opening your chakras, cleansing your energy field, or for use in meditation.  Selenite brings in the healing, universal white light of universal source, amplifying each of the seven color rays brought in by the chakra stones. How to Create Your Own Selenite Chakra … Read More

My Favorite Crystal Companions – Can I Put These Crystals Together?

Crystal Companions: Stone Pairings for Creativity, Spiritual Growth, & More As a crystal healing instructor, one of the things I get asked most frequently is “Can I put these stones together?” Although I don’t think there are any stones that CAN’T be used together, it wouldn’t make much sense to use one stone for energizing … Read More

Can I Use My Crystal Jewelry for Healing?

Have you ever thought about using your crystal jewelry for healing? Imagine this…You’re flipping through a crystal book and happen across an entry that really catches your attention. You read all about the stone and know it’s exactly the energy you need. The only problem is…you don’t have that crystal.  Bummer. Ever had this dilemma? … Read More

An Introduction to Sacred Geometry

Article by Mimosa’s Own Cathy Douglas A note from Cathy about the following article: Sacred Geometry is an extremely complicated, detailed subject that’s hard to deal with in an article of any kind of reasonable length. To be honest, researching it made me feel like my left brain was jousting with my right brain with both … Read More