Healing Properties of Vera Cruz Amethyst

A Crystal Message About the Healing Properties of Vera Cruz Amethyst: “I gently deliver you with life lessons and important messages from your guides and angels to assist your spiritual growth while on the earth plane. I connect you with the violet ray of divine knowledge and wisdom, stimulating your inner knowing.” Common Healing Properties … Read More

Creating & Using Crystal Medicine Bags

Medicine is considered to be any number of objects or energies that can help heal physical, emotional, mental, or spiritual wounds so that you can continue to evolve and grow as a person. Healing crystals are considered to be a very special kind of medicine. The tradition of using crystals in medicine bags extends to … Read More

Healing Crystals in the Buddhist Tradition

The beliefs about crystals within the Buddhist tradition are incredibly varied. There are numerous references to crystals in Buddhist texts, manuscripts, and mantras (phrases which invoke power or are used for prayer). The most widely known of these is the Tibetan Buddhist mantra, “Om mani padme hum” which roughly translates to “The jewel is in … Read More

Pendulums for Beginners: 6 Helpful Tips for Successful Dowsing

ARTICLE BY MIMOSA’S OWN KELLY MAHIEU (CLICK HERE TO VISIT KELLY’S WEBSITE) Although the art of dowsing has been in practice for ages, there are many people who have never even heard of it. Many of Mimosa’s customers are familiar with pendulums, but it’s still not uncommon for a curious shopper to approach the counter every once in a … Read More