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Blue Apatite is a variety of Fluorapatite with a hexagonal crystal structure.

Common Healing Properties of Blue Apatite:

  • Promotes feelings of peace and tranquility
  • Facilitates meaningful communication
  • Balances the emotions by helping you to remain focused on the present moment
  • Stimulates the power of foresight through precognitive dreams
  • Helps you to step outside of your comfort zone and try new things
  • Encourages exploration of new places and new ideas
  • Encourages you to acquire new perspectives and integrate new knowledge


Notes: Also known as Moroxite, Blue Pyroguanite, Blue Fluocollophanite, Blue Kietyogite, Blue Estramadurite, or as Blue Agustite. Although Blue Apatite does form naturally, much of the VERY vibrant blue Apatite stones on the market have been heat-treated (especially from Madagascar). I’ve also seen references to Blue Apatite being artificially irradiated to enhance its color (especially in Russia).

Common Origins: Madagascar, Russia, Brazil

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More About Blue Apatite:

This crystal encourages you to explore the world around you, either physically through travel, or intellectually through learning new things and expanding your knowledge base. Pair it with Howlite to help you keep an open mind during new adventures and experiences. Blue Apatite gives you a gentle nudge to step just outside of your comfort zone, while helping you remain in the moment so you don’t miss out on the present experience by dwelling on the past or worrying about the future.

Blue Apatite stimulates the mental body, making this the perfect crystal to connect with the cunning Crow animal familiar. Work with this stone when change is on the horizon and you need to call upon your intellect and wit to help you navigate the path ahead. To connect with the energy of the Crow, place a small scrap of black cloth in a dish to form a makeshift nest. Then, place one Blue Apatite stone in the nest. Ask the Crow familiar to share its guidance with you to provide a new perspective on your current situation.

Gemini Moon Ritual & Meditation with Blue Apatite:

Gather a natural Selenite wand (about four to six inches long), a few small Blue Apatite stones, a few small Howlite stones, and either some copper wire or some jeweler’s glue to create a Gemini Moon crystal wand. Arrange the Blue Apatite and Howlite stones along the length of the Selenite wand in a design that’s pleasing to you. Attach the stones to the Selenite using the jeweler’s glue or copper wire (beads work best if wrapping the stones with wire). Allow the glue to dry according to the instructions on the product. When your wand is finished, hold it in your hands, close your eyes, and place it over your heart parallel to your spine. Allow the energy of the wand to open you to new experiences and positive life lessons that await you. Make mental note of any symbols, words, or images that you see as they may be important to your journey.


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