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What are crystals?

Crystals are minerals with a regularly-repeating atomic structure (a crystalline lattice or blueprint).

In what ways do crystals heal?

Because of the perfect, stable structure of a crystal, it has a unique vibrational frequency or energetic resonance. By bringing this stable energy frequency into the human energy field (which isn’t always so perfect), the human body and energy field will go through the process of entrainment, mimicking or matching the perfect energy frequency of the crystal. This is what allow the healing to take place. For this reason, crystals can be used to treat anything with an energy field (be it human, plant, or animal).

What are common beliefs about healing with crystals?

Crystals have the ability to absorb/receive, store, and transmit light energy. Many people think that they can even hold on to our thoughts or prayers; this is called programming. When you “program” a crystal with your thoughts, it amplifies your good thoughts, intentions, or affirmations to work for healing.

Can anybody do this?

Absolutely! The key is directing the crystal energy with positive intention.

Where can you find crystals today?

There are many New Age shops or rock shops in the greater Madison area, including Mimosa books & Gifts. You may also want to check online auction sites for purchasing crystals, but be cautious as not all dealers are selling the real deal.

Can they help with things like healing cancer, liver disease, diabetes?

Since crystals work on an energetic level, guided by intention, they can be used to treat the root cause of any physical ailment (as well as be used for emotional, mental, and spiritual healing). However, since crystal healing is a type of alternative medicine, it should be used with the understanding that it is not a substitute or replacement for traditional, allopathic medicine.

What are common ways people use crystals to heal?

Most people will start using crystals by “programming” them with positive intention and then carrying them around (in purses, backpacks, or pockets). You may also place them in areas of your home where you spend a lot of time. Some people choose to meditate with their crystals. If you go to see an experienced crystal healing practitioner, he/she may perform laying-on-of-stones by placing the crystals on and around your physical body in order to promote change in your aura or energy bodies.

When did people start using crystals to heal?

We know for sure that the ancient Egyptians, Sumerians, and many North and South American indigenous tribes used healing crystals, but some sources say the roots of crystal healing can be traced back as far as 25,000 years ago!

How have crystals been used to heal throughout the years – has the practice changed at all?

Many of the ancient uses of crystals have been lost, but the resurgence of their use by healers in the past 50 years or so has progressed in leaps and bounds. At the start of modern crystal use, primarily Quartz crystals were used for healing. Currently, most healers choose to use all members of the mineral kingdom for healing (including non-crystalline minerals).

Is there currently a wide following of this?

Yes – and it’s growing every day!

Do certain crystals have certain healing properties?

This is debatable. Most modern crystal healing practitioners feel that certain crystals or minerals have innate healing qualities, while others believe that only Quartz crystals should be used for healing. Still others think that the type of crystal is not as important as the act of guiding its energy through intention.

Can you give some examples?

Sure! Check out these posts.

Some might say the healing power of crystals in in the mind. How would you respond to that statement?

This is partly correct – crystals do work for healing by consciously directing their energy for healing. Until there is more research done on exactly how they work, it can be neither proven or disproven. However, I encourage people to try it for themselves (if they are open to the experience) and listen to their own inner truth.

Others might say this has been linked to witchcraft or magic – does it have any connections with the occult?

Anything can be used for good or evil. It is about intention. However, crystals have mostly positive use. They are even mentioned in the Bible over 200 times (and never in a negative way).

If people were interested in learning more – where should they go?

There are tons of great online sites. I am the founder and educational director of the Love & Light School of Energy Medicine (with classes locally and online). Visit our website for more information including classes, free articles and videos, mp3s and more.



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An Expert's Opinion on Healing Crystals: Interview with Ashley Leavy by Amy Alder
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