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Before I left for the Tucson Gem Show this year, one of my amazing crystal teachers, Akeeya, channeled a message that I was to look for the special Pink Quartz. She said I would know it was the right thing because I would find a phantom in one of the crystals. This happened quite some time before I left for the Gem Show, and by the time I left for my trip, I had completely forgotten about my message.

Upon arriving at the show, I was swept up in the hustle and bustle of crystal shopping, but on the second day of my trip, I rememebered Akeeya’s words about the special pink crystals.

I didn’t go out of my way to look for them, I thought to myself, “I will see them if I’m meant to find them.” On the very last day of my trip, I was completely overwhelmed by the energy of these exquisite pink Quartz crystals.

I began to speak to the man running the booth, and it turned out that he was the actual miner of these special crystals. His name was Pradeep and he explained to me that while he was meditating in the mountains, he had an inner-knowing, almost a calling from God (as he described it), to the very place where this special pocket of crystals is found.

He was filled with feelings of bliss upon finding them and was surprised by their unique pink color. He hand mines all of the pieces. He is so grateful for these crystals that he does not dishonor them by using harsh chemical to clean them. Instead, he uses only water and hard work (which takes about three times as long as using chemical cleaning agents). But, as Pradeep said, these are special crystals and they deserve to be treated respectfully.

Samadhi Quartz advertisementWhile my business partner, Diane, and I were shopping, Pradeep’s generous wife treated us to an amazing lunch of home-cooked, vegetarian, Indian cuisine – I was in Heaven.

The kindness, compassion, and generosity of the miner was completely aligned with the energy that I felt from these special crystals.

Above you can see an advertisement made by Pradeep’s brother (who Pradeep says handle the business side of the crystals) in the Tucson MetaGuide. I found this advertisement after returning home (the morning of February 23rd, 2014).

I selected a personal piece and have been meditating with it almost daily since my arrival home. Meditating with these crystals feels as though you are taking a journey to the very heart of the earth. There is something sweet and nurturing about these crystals that makes you feel completely “blissed out” when you are working with them.

It was truly a mystical, magical experience – and one that I will always cherish.

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Ashley Leavy

Ashley Leavy

Founder & Educational Director at Love & Light School of Crystal Therapy
Hi, I’m Ashley Leavy, Founder & Educational Director of the Love & Light School of Crystal Therapy – where our mission is to share the power of crystal healing with people all over the world. I'm here to teach you about using crystals to make positive changes in your life. The Love & Light School offers a broad range of training programs & free resources to support you on your crystal journey. For more information, please visit
Ashley Leavy

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3 responses to “Enter the Heart of the Earth & Experience Bliss with Pink Samadhi Quartz

  1. Site Comment on July 10, 2014 at 7:49 pm

    Did you bring any pink himalaya samadhi quartz back to sell in your shop? If you did I would love one

  2. Site Comment on July 10, 2014 at 7:50 pm

    I enjoy “Divine Confirmation!!!” I’m so very grateful you acquired a special piece for me and hope more pieces are available, especially any with phantoms!!! I love and adore YOU dear Ashley! YOU are FABULOUS! PS…I would like to purchase a copy of your Healing Properties of Crystals & Stones (not in e-book form) and your Auralite book too……(Autographed please!!!!) See you soon!!!!

    1. Site Comment on July 10, 2014 at 7:51 pm

      I wouldn’t have found them without you – it made me extra aware of when I had found the right ones. Thanks so much for all you do!

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