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5 Intuition Stones for Indigo, Rainbow, & Crystal Kids (Crystals for Intuitive Children) It’s not uncommon for children born within the past few decades to be more intuitive and spiritually aware, and if your child exhibits these traits – they’re not alone. If you want to more about how you can support your crystal, indigo, or rainbow child with crystal energy, keep reading! Here are 5 healing crystals (along with practical ways to use them) that can help.

Many healers and lightworkers believe we are currently living in a time where more and more people are waking up and expanding their conscious awareness.  This includes children who are born during the last several decades.

These children are often referred to as indigo, crystal, and rainbow children.  Kids in these groups are thought to be spiritually evolved, many of them having unique talents, including a strongly developed sense of intuition.

Opening up to psychic gifts can be a complicated and confusing time for anyone, but for children, this is magnified.  Kids are still discovering how to interact with the world around them.  The way you help guide your child through their psychic discovery can have a big impact on how they cope with this awakening. Letting your child know that he or he is safe and supported banishes fear and empowers your child while he or she is further developing these intuitive gifts. Crystals provide positive energy and the right sense of security for children with advanced psychic skills.  The following five crystals are great starter stones for indigo, crystal, and rainbow children.

When giving crystals to your children, be sure that they are old enough to know not to place them in their mouths if left unattended with the stones.  Crystals can pose a choking hazard, and some are even toxic.  Please be sure to click here to check out our list of toxic stones.

5 Crystals for Intuitive Children:


Amethyst Crystal for Intuition

Amethyst Crystal for Intuition

Amethyst is strongly connected to the Third Eye Chakra as well as the Crown Chakra.  It is known for its ability to promote psychic awareness and develop intuition.  For a child who is just opening up to their psychic skills, Amethyst can provide some support for further developing these gifts.  Amethyst helps you determine that which is coming from guides or the higher self (i.e. true guidance) vs. thoughts that are just mind chatter.  It provides an inner knowing about the information being received and is especially good for aiding clairvoyance and clairaudience.  Give your child an Amethyst pendant to wear to help him or her tap into the messages being received from the Universe.


Azurite Crystal for Intuition

Azurite Crystal for Intuition

Azurite is a powerful Third Eye stone and works to keep the pineal glad free from calcium deposits.  As you age, the pineal gland begins to calcify.  many people believe this calcification of the pineal glad is responsible for the loss of psychic skills in adults who showed some intuitive ability as children.  Place an Azurite crystal in your child’s bedroom or play area (somewhere he or she will spend a good deal of time) to help keep the pineal glad free from calcium deposits.  Additionally, Azurite aids in the connection to spirit guides, ascended masters, and archangels, so if your child shows a talent for connecting to these beings (or even just to “imaginary friends”), this may be a good crystal to keep around.


Charoite Crystal for Intuition

Charoite Crystal for Intuition

Charoite is a soothing and gentle stone for psychic skills.  It allows you to feel the support of your angels and guides so that you know you’re never alone.  This crystal is a powerful one for intuitive children.  It helps them to feel safe and secure when tapping into their inner guidance or in messages from the universe.  Further, it generates a powerful auric shield and is great for psychic protection.  Give a stone to your child to carry in his or her pocket for gentle, yet effective, psychic protection.  It’s like having a guardian angel in crystal form.


Labradorite Crystal for Intuition

Labradorite Crystal for Intuition

Labradorite is one of the best stones for intuitive kids.  It’s highly protective while allowing children to explore their psychic gifts.  Labradorite has a very playful energy.  It’s rainbow shimmer attracts children, even those who are not usually drawn to crystals.  The rainbow colors in this healing stone help keep the aura healthy and the chakras aligned.  With a healthy energy body, intuitive children are able to explore their psychic gifts more deeply, while staying healthy and balanced.  This stone is best used to talk to spirit guides, fairies, or angels.  Give a piece to your child and ask them to hold it to hear the messages these beings have for them.  This is best done in nature in a place that feels happy to your child (like under a big tree or in a meadow of flowers).


Clear Quartz Crystal for Intuition

Clear Quartz Crystal for Intuition

Quartz is often called the “Master Crystal” because of its diversity and ability to amplify energy.  For children who are ready to start co-creating with Universal energy, this is one of the best stones to use.  Quartz crystals take in the positive thoughts from those around them and amplify these messages to manifest things into being.  Give your child a Quartz “wishing” crystal and encourage them to tell their wishes to the stone, then place it beneath their pillow.  Explain that these wishes may take a short time, or a long time to come true, but that they must believe that the Universe is listening with open ears to what they have to say.




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9 responses to “5 Healing Stones for Intuitive Children

  1. Nadine Stone on December 18, 2016 at 9:59 am

    Thank you Ashley, really great information!
    Love and Light!

  2. Lyn on January 30, 2019 at 5:00 pm

    That’s awesome!! I kinda wonder about it. I think I start to introduce to my whole house family and friends. Thank you for sharing…. love and light!!

    1. Charlotte - Love & Light Support on January 30, 2019 at 11:51 pm

      You’re welcome! crystal blessings

  3. Jana on March 23, 2020 at 12:15 pm

    What Crystal would you use for a rainbow child that has struggles with sleep at night? Was told to get a night crystal but don’t know what that is

    1. Jolie Love and Light Support on March 24, 2020 at 12:09 pm

      That’s a great question! Howlite is one of the best, and my personal favorite, for helping with sleep. And it’s nice for children since it is a gentle stone as well. 🙂 Crystal Blessings!

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