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Interview with Emma Mildon“I’m so excited to be able to share this interview with the amazing & inspiring Emma Mildon with you! Emma is truly a powerhouse of wisdom on all sorts of spiritual topics, and is a well-known crystal expert.”


Ashley: Hi and welcome to the Love and Light live podcast. I’m so excited today to be interviewing the amazing Emma Mildon. You may be familiar with Emma, she’s the author of The Soul Searcher’s Handbook and the soon-to-be-released Evolution of Goddess. She’s also been featured by The Huffington Post and by Mindbodygreen. She is just an amazing powerhouse of information on different spiritual topics.

I am so excited to be interviewing her because The Soul Searcher’s Handbook is one that’s been on my shelf for a long time. I really love it. I’ve already pre-ordered my copy of Evolution of Goddess and I’m just really excited to talk with her a little bit today about this upcoming book. So Emma, thank you so much for being here with me.

Emma Mildon: Hi. How are you? Calling in from New Zealand.

Ashley: Lovely. That’s the other thing I love. Many people listening, our students, they know my amazing team member Lucy is from New Zealand. So we have big New Zealand love over here.

Emma: I’d love Lucy. We’d probably love each other.

Ashley: For those of you who are maybe not familiar with you or your books yet…

Would you mind just introducing yourself and telling us a little bit about yourself and your spiritual journey, and how you got started with all of this?

Emma: Of course. Yes. I pride myself on being kind of the girl-next-door spiritualist. I began writing after kind of a world odyssey of soul searching. Firstly, I traveled the world and did everything I physically, possibly could in terms of learning and digesting spiritual wisdom. I read every book I could try to get through normally, just the first two chapters until they told me what I should do and think and believe in. And I did courses and learned from masters and healers and authors and shaman.

At that time, I had no idea that actually I was researching my own book. But really, I think in that process of traveling, trying to read books about topics, I mean, coming out the other end and realizing that actually we needed a spiritual book without all the rules. A reference guide that meant that you could take what you like and leave what doesn’t resonate with you.

So yeah, that’s kind of how I started out. I definitely didn’t start out as a writer. Speaking and things like this make me incredibly nervous. I love to hide behind my pages of my book. Writing is definitely dear to my heart. I’ve really just felt passionate about people who need to have this information. Because when I started looking to explore spirituality, there wasn’t really enough to help guide me that didn’t boss me around.

I think being a mystic millennial, I wanted to have a book that gave me the freedom to explore spirituality on my terms.

Ashley: You know, I do think that that is such a true thing for many of us who are a little bit on the younger side who are in that millennial generation. It is about this personal freedom. I think that’s why many of us choose the paths that we do and the careers that we do and things like that. So I definitely relate to that. But I think for really truly anyone listening, we’ve probably all felt this from one time or another when we’re learning about something new. We feel like there’s a specific way things have to be done because that’s what we’re being told and it really impedes on our own spiritual development and spiritual growth.

We were talking a little bit about this before we started recording the podcast. About this idea of feeling like what you should be doing and beating yourself up when you don’t do that. So I think that’s so wonderful that you’ve incorporated more freedom into that original book. And I’m just wondering, did that play a role at all when you started to write Evolution of Goddess? Did you kind of take some of those lessons with you from your last book into the next?

Emma: 100%. I think with Evolution, and I started with The Soul Searcher’s Handbook, I really started to realize that there is no right or wrong approach to spirituality.

Anyone that tells you what you’re doing is wrong, that’s probably someone that you need to sidestep.

There’s no hierarchy. None of us know more than the next person. I mean, actually, you can teach me just as much as I can teach you.

I’ve learned some of the most amazing spiritual insights from the lady next to me on the bus, to a shaman, to the librarian. All of us have so many things to teach. Yeah, I think that was the biggest thing for me as I set up particularly moving into Evolution of Goddess, was helping people to understand that everybody is a teacher and everybody has an impact.

Soul Searcher’s Handbook was about exploring your spirituality, and Evolution of Goddess is about activating your spirituality.

Ashley: I love that about this book, and I’m so excited for it to be released. I’ve already pre-ordered my copy because I can’t wait. Because it’s about this idea of really taking action and starting to kind of step into your power and understand what that means to you personally in your life and how to craft– We were talking about this before the interview too, ritual rather than routine. And so you actually go through an assessment in this book to help us identify our goddess archetype, and then give solutions and practical things that we can do once we discover what the archetype is. So can you tell a little bit about that process? What would that look like for someone going through this assessment?

Emma: Yeah. So basically, we change on the daily. The monthly being feminine. And then obviously, every year, we feel like we morph into a different challenge, a different phase of life. And so changing our archetypes into energy was important because our energy changes. Rather than the thing about labels and saying, “Oh, you’re wild. You’re a queen. You’re the maiden.” None of that. It’s literally the five elements.

So you can be either earth, air, wind, fire, moon energy. And within that, you learn about other goddesses.

So obviously, if I got moon, the big narratives about different moon goddesses and what they were experiencing and learning and how they kind of overcome some of their challenges and evolves in mythology, also modality. So these things about what type of flowers will probably resonate with me or oils or crystals or rituals, or different types of yoga and breathing practices. But also about modern moon goddesses.

So people in our society that you’ll be familiar with that are doing amazing things that are in the same energy as you. It tells you kind of what you need to dial up and what you might need to be aware of. It’s kind of similar to what you’d get in a star sign. It’s just another way for you to really understand what energy might be coursing through your spiritual veins at the time, and how to really bring them into play in your day.

Ashley: I love that. We talked a little bit, Emma, before we started recording about kind of the shift that took place in you and the story behind where this book came from. And I think everyone would really love to hear a little bit about this journey for you writing this book because it was so courageous and brave and just how you went through this process of writing this book and bringing it into the world. Would you tell us a little about that?

Emma: Yeah. I basically finished my tour for The Soul Searcher’s Handbook and I was exhausted. I was literally lying on the bed saying to my partner, “Babe, I’m not ready for any more books. That’s it. I’m done. That was fun. Checked. Done that. Life goal achieved.” Fell asleep with a very satisfied grin on my face, and woke up at about 3:00 a.m. with a violent urgency.

I started scribbling down what actually became the Evolution of Goddess logo, even though I didn’t really understand what it was at the time.

I scribbled like a mermaid, to a fairy, to a queen, to a warrior pose, to meditating. And I was like, “What is this?” And I felt like I got shaken awake which is kind of ironic when you think of what’s happening with society at the moment.

Everything in me was telling me there’s another book and there’s another book now. So the idea of a break never happened. I was on the phone first thing that morning. Not at 3:00 a.m, I waited until a decent hour. And started talking to publishers about this idea for a book. It was about the feminine. It was urgent. I felt like something was happening, something was brewing. My guides, the universe, or whatever label you resonate with differently, pulling strings and pushing me behind me, making me get off my ass and do this. Yeah, luckily enough, I found an editor from Enliven books. Her name is Zena and she really said, “Yes. I 100% know that the world would need this book. Let’s do it.” And so it’s been three years in the making.

I had three years because I wanted the book to be out then. It was never up to me. The book has dropped at exactly the right time when you look at how society has evolved and the rise of feminine from Trump to marches to Oprah. Evolution of Goddess, being in bookshelves in July of this year is perfect timing.

During the process of writing her, I had to evolve. I had to be initiated. I had to make sure I was walking my Evolution talk.

So I really had to kind of burn my spiritual training bra–not in a feminist way–in a feminine way, which is different. I really had to step into awakening and activating at the same time.

So it wasn’t just about meditating as a Christian anymore, it was how I can educate and inspire, motivate the people that come into contact with me daily. How I can help just the people around me and then they can help and they can help in the whole ripple effect. So it was about really getting people to understand that yoga, meditation, crystals, all the self-help books we’re reading are great. But we need to come to a point where we’re activated and actually actively adding this into our day-to-day.

Ashley: You know, Emma, you touched on something that I really want to dig into just a little bit more. This will be my last question for you. You talked about how happy you are with the timing of this book, even though when you were going through the writing process, it didn’t seem like the right timing. But for it to be released this coming July, actually seems really relevant and really pertinent to what’s happening in our world.

I don’t know if you’ve given any thought to this at all, but how do you hope that this book changes things? How do you hope that this book influences others or impacts others who are experiencing a bit of overwhelm with the type of energies that are happening right now?

Like you said, with everything from Trump to marches to Oprah. How do you hope in your heart of hearts that this book changes things for those who read it?

Emma: I hope Evolution of Goddess brings a deep sense of healing and personal healing. I’ve got goosebumps! Really, what I wanted to do is since a lot of people in society that, like me when I started writing Evolution of Goddess, were urgent and angry and frustrated, I want Evolution of Goddess to heal that energy and evolve it into a sense of empowerment and education so that we can move forward in unity, wiser and together.

With all things in life, when you think of The Soul Searcher’s Handbook, my first book, there was a woo-woo scale, right? There was a spectrum and look, this isn’t on the Soul Searcher’s spiritual scale of things. This is a one out of ten. I won’t probably do it. It’s not very woo-woo, out of the box. And then there was the ten, out there, crazy, this is spiritual extreme, happy exploring. And when I think of society at the moment and the feminine, there really is also that spectrum. Again, the scale.

I think wherever you are, there is an element of evolving that needs to be looked at.

And I think that’s why the Evolution logo for me, changing that from a monkey to a man, to a mermaid, to a meditator, all on the same energies was important because we evolve as people. We evolve as a society. And making sure that we evolve together, is probably how we can get to a conscious activated society a lot faster. So no more fighting, no more debating. It’s about education, about healing. It’s about understanding. And I think about energy and being responsible for the energy that we bring to our day and to the people around us and to our world. Yeah, I think that’s the biggest thing about Evolution of Goddess for me. It’s about us evolving as people in every phase and everyday.

Ashley: Emma, I have to thank you for just the positivity that you just brought to that message because so many of us especially as women, but even as feminist men, we are in that place of frustration. We are in that place of hurt and it truly is time for healing and to move past that and evolve past that and grow past that and do bigger beautiful things in this world. And I really truly do feel so inspired just by talking to you. Already, I cannot wait for the release of this book. So, thank you for everything that you do and everything that you’ve shared.

Emma: Oh, thanks Ash. I love talking to you. I could have talked to you all day, babe. You’re great.

Ashley: You are seriously like a spiritual soul sister. I resonate with you on so many levels and I adore the work that you’re doing. Thank you for sharing your voice. Thank you for putting yourself outside of your comfort zone and doing crazy audio podcast and video and just getting your unique voice heard, because I think you have some really powerful things to share. So thank you so much for taking the time and opening up from your heart and soul and sharing with us today.

Emma: You are very welcome. It’s my pleasure.

Ashley: That was the amazing Emma Mildon, author of Evolution of Goddess which is available for pre-order now.

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Interview With Emma Mildon
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Interview With Emma Mildon
I'm so excited to be able to share this interview with the amazing & inspiring Emma Mildon with you! Emma is truly a powerhouse of wisdom on all sorts of spiritual topics, and is a well known crystal expert.
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Love & Light School of Crystal Therapy
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