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When working with crystals, it’s easy to get excited and dive in! However, there’s one simple thing that you can do to make sure the time you spend with your stones is successful and worthwhile… Starting by clearing energy!

Photo of Ashley with a selenite wand

This step seems to often be overlooked or get skipped over, but no matter whether you’re creating a crystal grid, performing a stone layout, or meditating with your favorite crystal – properly cleansing yourself, your stones, and your space goes a long way toward ensuring a positive outcome from your crystal work.


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You see… Energy is all around you. And, although cleansing typically gets associated with the idea of removing “negative energy” from your crystals, it goes so much deeper than that. Cleansing your own energy field helps to clear away all of the excess energy (the psychic debris or energetic clutter) that surrounds you and which may get trapped in your field.

By clearing this energy overflow, you’re removing energetic clutter so that you’re better able to connect with your crystals and tune into your own inner guidance. This is important because that clutter can get in the way when you’re working with your stones and may even block your ability to receive and interpret important intuitive messages. Basically, the energetic debris that’s stuck in your field makes it harder to connect to your stones and to the world around you. Getting rid of excess energy better prepares you to connect with the crystals you’ll be working with next (whether in a layout, grid, meditation, etc).

3 ways to cleanse with a selenite wand. How to Cleanse Selenite

One of the quickest and most effective methods for energetic cleansing uses JUST ONE crystal – Selenite. My favorite tool for this technique is the Satin Spar variety of Selenite in the shape of a natural wand, sometimes called a blade or a stick.

Photo of Ashley holding a selenite wand

Begin this process by holding the Selenite in your dominant (sending) hand – this is the hand you write with. Then use the wand to “sweep” any negative or unwanted energy out of your field by holding the crystal like a comb (parallel to the ground) about 2-4” away from your physical body and making long strokes through your aura. While you’re performing this sweeping action with the crystal, hold the intention to remove any energy that’s not for your highest good. Repeat this action on the front, back, and sides of your body until you feel all of the excess and unwanted energy has been cleared from your field.

#1 Sweep the aura. How to Cleanse Selenite


If you need accommodation to make this technique more accessible, you can adapt it slightly to use a distant healing approach. Instead of sweeping the energy of your physical body, try working with a representation of your body (an illustration, photo, etc.) and sweeping that instead. This allows you to perform the technique if you’re unable to reach areas of your physical body.

If you’re performing a crystal healing session for someone else, this technique is a great way to begin the session.

You’ll just need to adapt the technique a little bit to perform it on another person. Hold the Selenite over your client’s body (they can be standing, sitting, or lying down for this) about 2-4” away from them and slowly pass the Selenite wand through their energy field. Again, be sure to hold the intention to remove any excess or unwanted energy from their field as you do this.

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A sweeping technique also has the added benefit of assisting with energizing or grounding a person it’s being performed on. If you move the wand from the feet upward toward the head, it’s very energizing since the energy is moving up through the body. Whereas if you sweep from the head down toward the feet it’s a really grounding and balancing technique. So consider which of these may be most helpful and move the wand in that direction as you sweep through the aura.

Graphic with "How to run a Crystal healing session"

But the applications for this technique don’t stop with clearing the energy of people! You can similarly use your Selenite wand to sweep and clear the energy of your space. Start by choosing a corner of your room and hold your wand (parallel to the floor) up toward the top where the wall meets the ceiling. Then draw your wand down the walls toward the floor to clear the energy. Continue this sweeping action as you walk around the space, clearing each wall from the top toward the bottom.

#2 - Clear your space. How to Cleanse Selenite

Then go along the base of each wall near the floor, using your wand to sweep the unwanted energy toward the nearest exterior door or window to remove it from your space.  You don’t have to reach all the way up to the ceiling or all the way down to the floor to sweep the energy thoroughly, a general sweeping motion will do just fine. If you’d like, you can repeat this process in each room of your home or workplace to cleanse the entire space.


#3 - Cleanse your crystals. How to Cleanse Selenite.

You can even use this same technique to quickly cleanse your crystals. Though this isn’t my go-to method for cleansing, it does work in a pinch. Simply use your wand to “sweep” the unwanted energy from a group of stones by holding the wand parallel to the floor and passing it over the stones several times. If possible, you may wish to sweep this energy toward an exterior door or window just as with cleansing your space.

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2 responses to “How to Cleanse with a Selenite Wand

  1. Autumn Breeze on February 20, 2023 at 12:26 pm

    Can’t wait to try the room cleansing technique. I love satin spar selenite, very soothing to meditate with (esp. my egg). I hope my massage wand will do in place of a raw blade. I’ll have to try this technique with kyanite, too. That’s my favorite aura cleanser, and I have some lovely raw specimens.

    1. Cortney Love & Light Support on February 22, 2023 at 5:37 pm

      Hi Autumn, you can definitely use the massage wand instead of the selenite blade, both will work. Happy Cleansing! <3

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