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Rhodochrosite is an ore of manganese. It is an excellent stone for dismissing negativity, releasing our emotions, and restoring balance to the soul.

A Crystal Message about the Healing Properties of Rhodochrosite: “I call forth my inner crystal healer and I go deeper with my crystals than ever before.”

Healing Properties of Rhodochrosite

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Common Healing Properties of Rhodochrosite:

  • Healing Properties of RhodochrositeStimulates remembrance
  • Encourages you to rise to your full potential
  • Balances light and shadow
  • Opens the emotional center
  • Promotes deep, unconditional love
  • Helps you find inner peace
  • Encourages empathy and a compassionate attitude
  • Instills confidence
  • Provides comfort and support during difficult times
  • Helps you while you work to heal emotional pain
  • Smooths energy
  • Facilitates emotional balance


Colors: Pink & white lacy banding, to deep, translucent, gemmy magenta

Zodiac Signs: Taurus, Cancer, Pisces

Elements: Earth, Fire

Companion Flowers: Stargazer Lily

Companion Essential Oil: Geranium

Companion Stone: Rhodonite

Common Origins: Argentina, China, Colorado (USA)

Notes: Rhodochrosite is a good companion stone to Rhodonite. When used together, the two stones will enhance each other’s energetic qualities.

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Healing Properties of Rhodochrosite

More About Rhodochrosite:

Healing Properties of RhodochrositeLike Rhodonite, Rhodochrosite is an ore of manganese. Although they are similar in color, you can usually tell rhodochrosite because it often forms as a stalactite, showing distinctive circular banding. But it can also take a gemmy, semi-translucent form. In whatever form, it’s an excellent stone for dismissing “negativity”, releasing our emotions, and restoring balance to the soul.

Rhodochrosite Lore:

Another name for rhodochrosite is “Inca rose,” and it’s said that the Inca believed it to be the petrified blood of their former kings and queens. They used this stone for funerary jewelry and items. It grows as a stalactite, often forming interesting bullseye, zigzag and circular patterns, and is found near silver ore. Great quantities of it were left behind in Inca silver mines — mines abandoned many centuries ago — untouched by the silver miners. This is perhaps not too surprising, since the elements in it can interfere with silver mining. In the US and Europe, rhodochrosite used to simply get tossed on the slag heap, until modern rock hounds started picking it out for collector specimens, jewelry and other decorative uses.

Rhodochrosite’s association with the heart chakra comes from India, where it’s valued as a crystal for love and for strengthening the heart. It’s also said to be helpful for finding balance, and for regulating many inner organs. And Rhodochrosite is also said to be beneficial for memory! Rhodochrosite is the national stone of Argentina. In South America, it’s even said that somewhere under the Andes mountains lies a giant, heart-shaped piece of rhodochrosite, which “beats” once every two hundred years.


One Way to Work with Rhodochrosite:

You can use rhodochrosite in a drumming meditation to release negativity. Set the crystal in front of you, close your eyes, and drum to the beat of your own heart. (If you don’t have a “real” drum, it’s fine to use a box or piece of furniture as a substitute.) Gradually, drum louder and with more intensity, until you feel the negativity detaching from you, ready to be released. Slowly decrease the intensity of your drumming as you watch the negativity recede until it is so faint you can no longer hear it. Open your eyes and thank the stone and the drum for helping you in this work.


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Healing Properties of Rhodochrosite



Healing Properties of Rhodochrosite: A Crystal for Emotional Release
Article Name
Healing Properties of Rhodochrosite: A Crystal for Emotional Release
The healing properties of Rhodochrosite make it an excellent stone for dismissing negativity and restoring balance to the soul.
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Love & Light School of Crystal Therapy
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    Thanks Ashley! That was a lot of info. I love that it balances light & shadow. Rhodochrosite really is a very pretty stone & does quite a lot doesn’t it!

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